Android real-time access to volume decibel value detailed _android

Basic knowledge The most familiar unit for measuring sound intensity is decibels (decibel, abbreviated to DB). This is an dimensionless relative unit , and the formula is as follows: The molecule is the measured sound pressure, the denominator

2 ways to listen for missed calls in Android _android

Here is the main summary of how to monitor the problem of missed calls1.1 using broadcast receivers BrocastreceiverRealize the idea:Static registration listens for Android.intent.action.PHONE_STATE broadcast receivers will trigger onreceive when the

Android Get phone Address Book, SIM card contact and call Dialing interface method _android

Android Get phone Address book contact information Copy Code code as follows: private void Getphonecontacts () { Contentresolver resolver = This.getcontentresolver (); Get Mobile Contact Cursor phonecursor = Resolver.query

Android Development Self-study roadmap _android

The Android platform is an operating system platform built on Linux, based on the Java language. Its development involves many aspects, but it is not complicated, the road map above seems to need to learn a lot of content, but in fact, each little

Android adjusts screen brightness implementation code _android

When adjusting the brightness of the screen, set the current activity brightness, and then save the brightness of the system. 1 onCreate () Check the system brightness and set the Seekbar: private void Screenbrightness_check () {///First

Android WebView Application Interface Development Tutorial _android

The WebView component itself is a browser implementation, Android5.0 enhanced WebView is based on chromium M37, which directly supports WEBRTC, Webaudio, and WebGL. Developers can use aggregation (polymer) and material design directly in WebView. I.

Android makes simple ordinary shopping cart _android

This example for you to share the Android ordinary shopping cart production process for your reference, the specific content as follows 1. The latest project has added similar shopping cart features, as shown in the following illustration: When

Android ScrollView sliding to achieve the imitation of QQ space title bar gradient _android

Today, we're going to look at the scrollview-scrolling view, the scrolling view and the horizontal scrolling view (Horizontalscrollview) and the vertical scrolling view (ScrollView), which are mainly studied vertically today. I believe that we often

Ubuntu for Android Simple Introduction to the Hardware Abstraction layer (HAL) _android

The Android hardware abstraction layer, in short, is the encapsulation of the Linux kernel driver, which provides an interface to the lower level of implementation detail. support for hardware is divided into two tiers, one layer in user space,

Android uses fragment to implement the Tab tab effect _android

Using fragment to Implement the Tab tab effect: Will Radiogroup and fragment collection, implement Tab tab effect, here is the most critical of several files: 1.FragmentTabAdapter class: /** * @Description: * @Author: Nate Robinson * @Since: 2

Android How to Customize View Properties _android

The example of this article introduced the Android custom view properties of the method for your reference, the specific contents are as follows 1. Customize one's own view class to inherit from view public class MyView extends View {public

Android new Features page Viewpager drag to the last page and drag to open other activity (three methods) _android

Android new Features page, Viewpager Drag to the last page and drag to open other activity. There are many ways to implement, the effect is more good is to the last page and then drag and drop the blue bar to jump activity Way one: Get the

Android imitation Baidu Wallpaper Client building main frame (i) _android

This is a good tutorial, after I learned to take out to share, originally wanted to write a post, but found that the efficiency of their own blog a little different, in order to let everyone see the comfortable point, so separate to write, we first

Android realizes automatic SMS Verification code filling function _android

Android applications often involve registering the login function, and many of the registration or modify the password function often need to enter the SMS authentication code, usually, the user received the SMS need to minimize the application to

Android takes the Contentobserver method to automatically obtain the Verification code _android

Android automatically obtains the authentication code the two ways are Broadcastreceiver and contentobserver respectively, two kinds of ways need to register, cancels the registration two stepsRemember to add permissions, this article describes the

Android Registration Login Real-time automatic access to SMS authentication code _android

Android applications of automated testing will involve registering login function, and many of the registration or modify the password function often need to enter the SMS authentication code, so it is necessary to automatically obtain the Issued

Android realizes iOS camera sliding control _android

iOS compared to Android, the animation effect is one of the advantages, the iOS camera switch when the slide animation is very good, looking at is a 3D effect, and changes feel very natural. Android can also be through the graphics below camera can

Android using AM command to implement in the command line to start the program detailed _android

In Android, in addition to starting a program from the interface, you can start the program from the command line, using the command-line tool AM. Copy Code code as follows: usage:am [subcommand] [options] Start an activity:am start [

Android Touch and gesture Operation Gesturedetector_android

Now the smartphone dare not say hundred are touch screen, it should be more than 99% for touch screen, touch screen for us to operate without a keyboard, no mouse mobile phone system has brought a lot of convenience. When the user touches the screen,

Analyze several possible _android of the Android memory leak

Objective Memory leak simply means that you have applied for a piece of memory space and have not been released after use. Its general performance is the longer the program runs, the more memory consumed, the end of the total memory, the entire

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