Android uses Vitamio to build its own universal player (6)--Online playback (playlist) _android

Objective The new version of Vplayer from the design into the development phase, the development cycle is expected to be one months, which means that the new version of the Vitamio will be released, developers can and this series of articles, like

Android neutron thread and UI thread communication _android

Detailed explanation of communication between the Android neutron thread and the UI thread 1. In multithreaded programming this piece, we often have to use handler,thread and runnable these three classes, then the relationship between them do you

Android Network Request Library Android-async-http Introduction _android

Android Network Request Library: Android-async-http Open source FrameworkA previous article describes the way the client requests server-side-post. Today, we introduce an open source Library-android-async-http library requesting server.1.

Android three Menu Instance Analysis _android

The examples in this article describe the three kinds of menus for Android. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: The Android menu is divided into three types: Option menu, context menu, submenu (Sub menu) A

Android implementation of ListView paging method _android

This article illustrates how Android implements ListView paging. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Recently did the next ListView pagination, with pagination on the web is a meaning, the need for those

The synchronization method of ListView data refresh in Android _android

This example describes the synchronization method for ListView data refreshes in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: public class Main extends Baseactivity {private static final String tag = "

Android implements the URI to obtain the real path conversion to the file method _android

This article is an example of the Android implementation of the URI to get the real path into file method. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Uri uri = Data.getdata (); String[] proj =

Android uses include to invoke internal component methods _android

The examples in this article describe how Android uses include to invoke internal components. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Example one: Sublayout.xml mail.xml How to invoke the component

Android Add (Create), delete, and determine the existence of desktop shortcuts _android

This article illustrates the way Android adds (creates), deletes, and determines whether a desktop shortcut exists. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: /** * To determine if the desktop has been added

Android phone take photos or choose Gallery image as Avatar _android

Package; Import; Import; Import Android.view.View; Import Android.widget.Button; Import Android.widget.ImageView; Import Android.widget.Toast; Import

How to import open source libraries in an Android studio project _android

Two days ago, Google released the official version of Android Studio 1.0, and more people began migrating to Android studio for development. However, many of the online open Source Library, control, etc. or the previous development based on eclipse,

3 Full-screen methods in Android and 3 ways to get rid of the title bar _android

First, remove the title bar method First: A method that is often used when getting started Copy Code code as follows: Requestwindowfeature (Window.feature_no_title); Remove the title bar note This must be written in the front of

Android uses level two cache, asynchronous load bulk load picture complete case _android

I. Description of the problem Android applications often involve loading a large number of images from the network, in order to increase the speed and efficiency of loading, reduce network traffic will adopt two-level caching and asynchronous

Android to write simple web crawler _android

First, the basic knowledge of web crawler Network crawler through the Internet, the network of related pages crawl all over, this embodies the concept of crawling. How the crawler traverses the network, the Internet can be seen as a big picture,

Android property animation to achieve cool login interface _android

We talk about our often written login interface, this interface I believe that a lot of people have written, and there is no difficulty, but if you want to achieve a more unusual effect, it will take a little thought, first look at the effect of the

Customizing a view in Android is a detailed approach _android

The examples in this article describe a way to customize a view in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Android Custom View implementation is relatively simple, nothing more than inheriting the parent class, and then

Android Official dropdown Refresh Control swiperefreshlayout use detailed _android

Most of the people who might have developed Android have used many open source components that have been pulled down, but today the official V4 support Package Swiperefreshlayout feel pretty good, especially to share. Brief introduction:The

Android app's welcome Interface implementation code _android

This article describes in detail how to implement the micro-letter initiation interface in the following figure. The starting interface of this class is characterized by the lifetime of the entire application, which occurs only when the first entry

Android to achieve the effect of alphabet rain _android

First look at the effect: First, the realization principle In the implementation process, the main consideration of the entire interface consists of a number of letters of the sub-bus bar, so that a fixed number of letters encapsulated into a

Android Combat Aircraft Game Menu Page Design (1) _android

This article aims to achieve control of small aircraft moving around, dodge bullets, hit boss. This section implements the Start menu interface 1. First of all, the resource files are handcuffed. 2. Divide the game status public static

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