Solution to memory leak problem caused by handler in Android _java

In common Android programming, handler is often used when doing asynchronous operations and processing return results. This is usually how our code is implemented. Copy Code code as follows: public class Sampleactivity extends

Easy to implement extensible custom Android wheel Time selection control _android

There is a functional module in the project needs to use time to select the control, but the Android system itself is too ugly, can only optimize their own, combined with Wheelview to achieve the wheel selection date, as if the online also quite a

Android uses Vitamio to build its own universal player (4)--Local playback (fast search, data storage) _android

Objective Keywords: Vitamio, Vplayer, Android player, Android AV, Android open source player This chapter of the Android universal player local playback of the main functions (cache playlist and A-Z quick query function) completed, and play

Android Development Audio Components (Vitamio FAQ) Detailed introduction _android

First, Vitamio Introduction What is 1.1 Vitamio? Vitamio is the Android platform video audio playback component, supporting the playback of almost format video as well as the mainstream network video streaming (HTTP/RTSP/MMS, etc.), detailed

Android ormlite Change database default location _android

Objective The Ormlite database is placed by default under databases, and sometimes you may need to use a database of preset data, and you may need to change the default path. Body 1, Inherit ormlitesqliteopenhelper: public class

Android Autocompletetextview Auto Prompt text box instance code _android

Automatic prompt text box (Autocompletetextview) can enhance the user experience, shorten the user's input time (Baidu's search box is this effect). First show you the effect of the picture, if you feel good, please refer to the implementation code:

Android Service (Background services) detailed _android

1. Concept: (1). Service can be said to be a running activity in the background. It's not a separate process, it just needs to be applied to tell it what to do in the background. (2). If it implements the interaction with the user, it needs to

Android development of the IDE, ADT, SDK, JDK, ndk, and other noun explanations _android

1. IDE: The abbreviation of Intelligent Development environm. That is, the intelligent development environment. is a development tool. The common IDE has Adt-bundles and Android studio. All two need to configure JDK. 2. ADT: The abbreviation for

Android custom control realizes sliding switch effect _android

Custom switch controls Android custom controls typically have three different ways1, inherit the inherent Android control, on the basis of Android native control, to add functionality and logic.2, Inherit viewgroup, this kind of custom control

Android drawerlayout Layout class with Sideslip (1) _android

Drawerlayout As the name implies is a management layout. You can use it in a similar way to other layout classes.Drawerlayout with a sliding function. As long as the layout in accordance with the provisions of drawerlayout layout, you can have the

Android Horizontalscrollview A submenu Drag the instance code horizontally _android

Objective Online listview Drag up and down examples have, the effect is also very good, but the project should be dragged sideways, as long as the bite the bullet oneself write (mainly not found suitable), reference article 1 modified and come,

Double buffering technology realizes the application _android of Android artboard

What is double buffering technology? Double buffering technology is when the user interface is complete, there will be a buffer to save the results of user operations. Why use double buffering technology? Take the development of Android games, the

Textvie get the width of the display string Android development _android

This article by the judge TextView to display the width of the string is more than I set the width, if more than the execution line, the specific code explained as follows: Other parts of the project also have such a requirement, so use that piece

Troubleshoot an Android mediarecorder recording video with Too short a problem _android

Specific performance: Call Mediarecorder's start () and stop () interval cannot be less than 1 seconds (sometimes more than 1 seconds), otherwise it will collapse. Error message: Java.lang.RuntimeException:stop failed. At

Android takes an instance code of a picture from the system gallery _android

This article illustrates how Android takes pictures from the system gallery. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: In your own application, take pictures from the system gallery and intercept them, and then return to your

Android approach to parsing XML based on Pull method _android

The example in this article describes the way Android parses XML based on pull. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Pull parsing is similar to sax parsing and is lightweight parsing, embedded in the Android kernel pull, so we

An asynchronous implementation of an Android HTTP network request _android

Objective We all know that the response time of network operation is uncertain, all network operations should be handled in an asynchronous operation, and for module decoupling, we want network operations to be handled by specialized classes. All

Android Development Login Case _android

Layout - - Java Code Package com.itheima.login; Import Java.util.Map; Import Com.itheima.login.util.UserInfoUtil; Import; Import Android.content.Context; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import

Android Custom ListView Implementation Dropdown Refresh _android

Present the effect chart first Today's app, which does not have the point of sliding refresh function, is simply too outdated. Because of the need for more, so naturally open source is also more. But if you want to quote open Source Library, it

Exploring the Android theme Switch day and night mode _android

The rapid popularization of smartphones has greatly enriched our entertainment life. Now everyone likes to go to bed at night before the mobile phone, but the application of daytime mode is often too bright, the eyes have more serious damage. As a

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