Android uses a virtual machine to install APK (Graphic tutorial)

1. Start a virtual machine 2. on the "E: \ Android Development Environment \ Android SDK \ platform-tools.pdf" page of my android SDK, copy the apkto be installed to this directory (the same folder as adb.exe ). 2. Click the start button in the

Implementation principle and code of adding checkbox to listview by Android

The main interface CheckBoxinListViewActivity. java code is as follows:: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class CheckBoxinListViewActivity extends Activity { /** Called when the activity is first created .*/ Private MyAdapter adapter; Private

10 UI design skills to improve the visual appeal of Android applications

In Android Application Development, style and design may not be the most critical elements, but they do play an important role in determining whether the Android application is successful or not. The following are the UI design skills for 10 Android

Android Keyboard Events and screen events operating principles and interaction implementation

When customizing views or playing games, we often use keyboard-triggered events and screen-triggered events! Keyboard-triggered events (such as onKeyDown (int keyCode, KeyEvent event) and screen-triggered events (onTouchEvent) in a custom View ))

Differences between Update views of Invalidate and postInvalidate in android

There are two sets of methods to update the view in Android: invalidate and postInvalidate. The former is used in the UI thread itself, the latter is used in non-UI threads. Android provides the Invalidate method to refresh the interface, but

Usage and common methods of Chronometer for android

In the Android SDK, a timer is provided for us. This timer is called Chronometer. We can use it as a component of Android, and it also has its own unique method. The following is an example of how to use the timer and common methods. Like other UI

Android SDK obtains running applications.

To add this function to the framework, write an appliction to obtain the running application: Let's take a look at the figure first: This app is mainly used to obtain non-system applications and some common system applications, display them in a

Android source code learning-factory method mode application and advantages

Factory method mode definition: Define an interface for creating an object, but let subclasses decide which class to instantiate. Factory Method lets a class defer instantiation to subclasses. Defines an interface used to create objects, so that the

For android, press the power key to end the call (stop the call)

First, we found that most of the android smartphones we use now are hanging up when you call the phone by pressing the power key, which is generally being set. I mainly add this function to the native source code for learning .... First look at a

Implementation principle and code of hidden items in android Setting

We all know that Programmers sometimes spoof things, just like in android, programmers hide this item in setting: We can find "about mobile phones" in which there is "android version, When we click "android version", an image (spoof typeThis is the 2

Android source code learning-Application of Singleton mode and advantages

Singleton mode definition: Ensure a class has only one instance, and provide a global point of access to it. Dynamically ensure that a class has only one instance, and instantiate it and provide the instance to the entire system. As shown in (from

Calendar project practice in android development tutorial (III)

Ii. Create a style The table line displayed in the calendar is implemented by filling the border of the graph with Cell. To ensure uniformity, we first define the color and line of the border line. In addition, you must define a system fill

Calendar project practice in android development tutorial (2)

1. Create an Android Project In the create dialog box, enter the App attributes. Select the latest SDK version, which is not compatible with the version. Select Holo Dark as the topic. Next, use the default settings Next, use the default settings

Calendar project practice in android development tutorial (1)

I decided to start learning about software development on the Android platform and use calendar as a practical project. After one week, it was basically completed. In order to summarize and take notes, and learn from friends in need, I will start to

How to drag and scale large images in android

Due to the recent busy project, the blog has never had time to update. Today, I have to update two articles consecutively. The drag-and-drop scaling of this image is also used in my project. I will sort out the source code and give it to you. I hope

Android 9PNG image creation process (Graphic Introduction)

In the process of android development, we often make the interface look inferior to a lot because there is no good artist image distortion. Sometimes we may want to use drawable-hdpi, ldpi, although the image with different resolutions can be

Android asynchronously loads images and caches them locally.

Accessing Network images in android projects is very universal. If we need to access the network to obtain images every time we make a request, it will consume a lot of traffic and the image occupies a large amount of memory, if there are too many

Implementation principle and code of the menu bar at the bottom of android

The previous project has been completed, and this week is basically okay. So I sorted out the previous projects and wanted to encapsulate some general components, in this way, similar projects do not need to be repeatedly invented, which also saves

Implementation principle and code of android bookshelves

In the past, ireader has also achieved the effect of bookshelves, but it is not easy to use using listview. Most of them are implemented using the gridview, and there is little information on the Internet. Some open-source e-books focus on reading,

Details about the camera and Image Library instances of the android Calling System

Android mobile phones have their own cameras and libraries. Our projects sometimes use uploading images to the server. Today we have a project that uses this function, so I recorded my code and shared it with you. For the first time I wrote a blog,

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