Implementation idea and code of saving window screenshots into files in Android Simulators

The content of the android simulator is rendered using OpenGL, so the normal programming (such as printwindow () will be a black screen. This is because the painting is placed in framebuffer. One way is to use ADB to reverse the guest framebuffer

Android Interface Design (content is displayed on the right of the hidden menu on the left of the app design trend)

RelatedArticleAndroid popwindow implementation left-side pop-up menu LayerHttp:// 13 essentials of mobile app DesignHttp:// This article describes the future mobile app design trends in 20

Shield The Home Key/disable the Home Key in Android or use your DIY

You can disable the Home key first, then process the key value in onkeydown, and click ProgramClose or DIY it with you. CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: @ override Public Boolean onkeydown (INT keycode, keyevent event ){ If (keyevent.

Log usage and simple principles in Android Development

In the process of program development, LOG is a widely used mechanism used to record program execution processes. It can be used for program debugging or product Operation Event Recording. The Android system provides a simple and convenient LOG

How to Implement pop-up menu layer and PopupWindow on the left of android popwindow

PopupWindow can achieve the floating layer effect. The main methods are: You can customize the view, use the LayoutInflator method; you can display the animation when it appears or exits; you can specify the display position. In order to present

Usage of font library in Android programming and precautions

The TextView font support is limited in the Android operating system. By default, the typeface attribute of TextView supports three fonts: "Sans", "serif", and "monospace, if no font is specified, the system uses "Sans" as the text display font by

Android development skills-my menu (custom menu)

The Android SDK provides a default menu creation mechanism. However, although menus created through this mechanism are fully functional, the interface effect is a bit "earthy ". If a program with a gorgeous interface is matched with a menu with a

Android development tips-click the link in the tag or TextView control to pop up the Activity (Custom Action)

In sections 5.2.1 and 5.2.2, the label and special texts (such as URLs, phone numbers, and emails) automatically recognized by TextView are introduced. You can click these tags to trigger different actions. Although these click actions can meet

Android development skills: Entering text and emoticons like QQ

Like TextView, EditText can also be mixed with text. The difference is that TextView is only used to display the text-and-text mixing effect, while EditText can be both displayed and mixed-input text and images. Let's first review the QQ chat input

Android development skills-ViewStub control inertia loading

In section 4.5.6, we introduced a label that can reference another layout file in the layout file and overwrite all Layout-related attributes of the root node of the referenced layout file, it is an attribute starting with android: layout. The

Two Methods for Embedded resource files in Android Projects

Method 1 Stored in the res/raw directory. For example, a binary file of cwj. dat can be read directly. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: InputStream is = context. getResources (). openRawResource (R. raw. cwj ); Method 2 The assets folder in the

Android custom Android menu background code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class MenuEx extends Activity { Private static final String TAG = "android123 "; @ Override public void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState ){ Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState ); SetContentView (R. layout.

Code for determining whether a network is available in Android (whether it is a 3G or Wi-Fi network)

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: ConnectivityManager mConnectivity = (ConnectivityManager) getSystemService (Context. CONNECTIVITY_SERVICE ); TelephonyManager mTelephony = (TelephonyManager) this. getSystemService (TELEPHONY_SERVICE ); // Check the

Code for calling the four animation effects of Android

(1) The main. xml Code is as follows: (declare four button controls) XML code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: id = "@ + id/widget32"Android: layout_width = "fill_parent"Android: layout_height = "fill_parent"Xmlns: android =

Android layout attributes

Android: id specifies the corresponding ID for the control Android: text specifies the control text. Use strings. xml whenever possible. Android: gripper specifies the basic position of the control, such as weightlifting, right, Android: padding

JSON summary in Android

1. JSON (JavaScript ObjectNotation) Definition:A lightweight data exchange format with good readability and ease of writing. Mainstream technologies in the industry provide a complete solution (similar to regular expressions and supported by most

Android built-in style (android: theme)

Android: theme = "@ android: style/Theme. Dialog": the Activity is displayed in the Dialog box mode. Android: theme = "@ android: style/Theme. NoTitleBar": The application title bar is not displayed. Android: theme = "@ android: style/Theme.

How to overlay the TabHost icon (48 × 48) and text in android

During development, sometimes the icon is slightly larger. For example, when it is 48 × 48, the text will be superimposed with the icon. The solution is as follows: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: TabWidget tw = tabHost. getTabWidget (); For (int

Implementation Code of the Android file download progress bar

Main. xml: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: orientation = "vertical" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" > Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Android: text

How to dynamically load. jar in Android

First, the first one is the production of jar files, which are directly stored in Java. package the class file. the jar file can be used, but the Dalvik VM of Android does not recognize the byte code of Java, so it cannot be packaged directly.

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