Android Image Rendering (2) Problems of zoom in and out on the canvas

The border size of the image is not changed when the image is zoomed in and out on the canvas in Android! The source image is as follows: After the image is zoomed in, the border of the original image remains unchanged! Therefore, if you want

Summary of UI development materials on the android interface (with a data package)

Introduction: Summary of UI development materials on the android Interface 1. android_uidevelopment topic .rar2. android ..rar For the Android platform's resource class android. content. res. resources may be unfamiliar to many netizens. Let's

The Current Status and obtaining method of the android APN

In the vast majority of Android machine etc path to store a apns-conf.xml file, indicating that the current machine uses the APN information through the root machine can be pushed out to see, the specific path can be searched CopyCodeThe Code is as

Android Image Rendering (7) cliprect local drawing/cutting source drawing Summary

Miscellaneous: read a lotProgramYuandu has the habit of writing a blog. It seems that I have to practice it too. No matter what the writing is, write it if you have learned something. Content Description: I have been learning how to create game

Android Image Rendering (5) Save the canvas as an image of the specified format/size

Edit (scale down, graffiti, etc.) the image and save it as an image of the specified format and size. Post firstCode : Copy code The Code is as follows: bitmap BMP = bitmap. createbitmap (480,800, config. argb_8888 ); Canvas canvas = new canvas

Horizontal and vertical scrolling ListView developed by android (fixed column headers)

To meet project requirements, we need a table that can be horizontally rolled and vertically rolled. In addition, the presentation view of large data volumes (rows) must be considered. After a few days of research, I finally made a demonstration.

Cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3 cross-compiled to android error Solution

I used a cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3 before get a day is not successful today to download the latest ndk8 update the sdk again is actually successful, I don't know whether the tool version is correct or what is wrong, Sort it out here: First, all the tools

Android Image Rendering (6) obtaining local images, taking pictures, and other image resources

Obtain image resources from the SD card or take a new image. Post Code first Get Image: Note: If you take a photo and obtain it, you can specify the image storage address, which is not described here. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: CharSequence [

Android Image Rendering (4) custom a SurfaceView Control

You can use custom controls (such as buttons) to customize a SurfaceView. For example, a dynamic graph (custom) or a toolbar similar to that in the UC browser. Example: Custom class code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class

Android Image Rendering (3) canvas screen flushing problem records

When drawing a dynamic image in the canvas, if a fixed background image is used, only one small genie is moving! In this case, you have to re-draw the background image without frame, reducing the efficiency! I tried various methods and eventually

Android Image Rendering (1) image mirroring using multiple methods

There are many ways to create image images in android. Today we are learning! The two methods are as follows:: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // method 1 Matrix matrix = new Matrix (); Matrix. postScale (leftOrRight, 1, bmp w/2, bmp h/2); //

An error will be reported if the file name is Chinese or blank during android download.

The project encountered a problem where the file name to be downloaded is Chinese and there are spaces. If the connection is not processed for download, an error will be reported. To solve this problem, you only need to encode your url and then

Data Process Analysis of phone calls in Android

1. the starting point of all the processes is to press the dialing key after dialing. The code for this step is TwelveKeyDialer in the/android sourcecode/packages/Contacts/src/com/android/contacts/directory. in the java file, the related code is as

Details about android web service calling (cxf) instance applications

Google provides support for the development of Web Service for the ndroid platform, and provides the Ksoap2-android 1. You can directly log on to the supervisor to download the package; My current is

Serial programming principles and implementation methods for Android Development

When talking about serial programming, we have to mention JNI. we have to mention the file descriptor class in Java API: FileDescriptor. Below I will analyze and explain some knowledge points and source code of JNI, FileDescriptor, and serial port

Principle and usage of detecting Cursor leakage in Android

Introduction: This article describes how to detect the Cursor leakage in Android and how to use it. It also points out several common error examples. Some leaks are hard to detect in the code, but exceptions will inevitably occur after the program

Comprehensive summary of services in Android

1. Service Type By location: Category Differences Advantages Disadvantages Application Local) The service is attached to the main process, Services are attached to the main process rather than independent

Android dialog border removal white border Implementation ideas and code

Create a styles. xml file in the values directory and write the following code: Copy codeCode: Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> When calling, use the AlerDialog interface class.

Android calculates the resolution, pixel, density, screen size, and DPI of the pad or mobile phone.

Basic mobile phone resolution knowledge (DPI, DIP computing) 1. terms and concepts Terms Description Remarks Screen size) It refers to the actual physical size of the mobile phone, such as the commonly used 2.8 inch, 3.2

Intel HAXM accelerates the running of Android simulators.

The Android simulator has always been known for its slow running speed. This article describes how to use Intel HAXM technology to accelerate the Android simulator so that the simulator runs more slowly than a real machine, completely solving the

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