In Android, the button implements the onclicklistener event in two ways.

CopyCode The Code is as follows: Package com. Demos; Import Android. App. activity; Import Android. OS. Bundle; Import Android. View. view; Import Android. View. View. onclicklistener; Import Android. widget. Button; Public class getscreenactivity

Implementation of edittext rounded corners in Android

1. Add the XML file rounded_editview.xml under drawable. CopyCode The Code is as follows: Android: Shape = "rectangle"> Android: Top = "10dp" Android: Right = "10dp" Android: Bottom = "10dp"> 2. Reference this XML in the background

How to enable other Android Intent applications

We know that the Intent application can start another Activity. Can we start another application? The answer is yes. 1. First, we create an Android app named AnotherPro, which has no content and is used to open another app. 2. Create a project to

How to Use Android Location to obtain the current geographic Location

In Android applications, you often need to obtain the current geographical location. For example, to obtain a person nearby, you need to obtain the current location of the user. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public Location getLocation () {//

Introduction to the use of inter-process communication interfaces based on Android AIDL

AIDL: Android Interface Definition Language, which is a description Language of the android internal process communication Interface. Through this Language, we can define the communication interfaces between processes. ICP: Interprocess

Get a running Service instance in Android

Public class ServiceList extends Activity {@ Overrideprotected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {super. onCreate (savedInstanceState); TextView TV = new TextView (this );ActivityManager activityManger = (ActivityManager) getSystemService

Simple implementation of Android youdao dictionary

The program interface is as follows! 1. layout file: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: layout_width = "match_parent" Android: layout_height = "match_parent" Android: orientation = "vertical"> Android: id = "@ + id/editText"Android:

Implementation and Application of the Android TabWidget switching card

TabWidget is similar to the interface for viewing the phone book in Android. Different content is displayed through multiple tabs. To achieve this, you must first understand TabHost, which is a container for storing multiple Tab labels. Each Tab can

How to view and display Android network images

Our applications retrieve image data from the network more or less and then display it. The following example shows how to obtain images from the network! First, let's take a look. The interface has three controls, one EditText, one Button, and one

Implementation of horizontal movement of Android ViewPager album

When we download QQ For The First Time and open it, we will have a new user guide, which will be several images, plus some text instructions, sliding to the right until the end, early in the morning, I studied the ViewPager control on the

How android gets screen pixels and code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: private void alertScreenDialog (){ DisplayMetrics dm = new DisplayMetrics (); GetWindowManager (). getDefaultDisplay (). getMetrics (dm ); String optStr = "cell phone screen resolution:" + dm. widthPixels + "x" + dm.

Android layout XML parsing error Solution

Tip: Org. xmlpull. v1.XmlPullParserException: PI must not start with xml (position: unknown» timeout @ in java. io. InputStreamReader @ 47ec2770) Org. xml. sax. SAXParseException: PI must not start with xml (position: unknown xm @ 3:5 in java. io.

Android Application signature steps and related knowledge

This article mainly describes the theoretical knowledge of Android Application signatures, including: What is a signature, why is it necessary to sign an application, how to sign an application, etc.. 1. What is a signature?If this is not a question

Android custom format display Button Layout

First paste the source Http:// Http:// Http:// Then let's take a look at the

Android TextView and ImageView

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: layout_width = "match_parent" Android: layout_height = "match_parent" Android: orientation = "vertical"> Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Android: layout_width = "wrap_content" Android:

Android image effects: black and white effects, rounded corner effects, Gaussian blur

1. black/white Effect Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/** * Convert a color chart to a black or white chart * * @ Param bitmap * @ Return returns the converted bitmap. */ Public static Bitmap convertToBlackWhite (Bitmap bmp ){ Int width = bmp.

Code for android layout proportional layout

To create a child View with a proportional size, you can set the width and height of LinearLayout to fill_parent, set the width or height of the Child View to 0, and then set different weights (weight) for the child View ), in this way, the size of

How to achieve the dynamic effect of pointer sliding in android

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "wrap_content" Android: background = "# fff" Android: paddingBottom = "5dp" Android: paddingLeft = "5dp" Android: paddingRight = "2dp" > Android: layout_

Memory Optimization for images in Android

1. Operate the image itself Try not to use setImageBitmap, setImageResource, BitmapFactory. decodeResource to set a large image, because these methods are completed through the createBitmap on the Java layer after the decode is completed, requiring

Android-Summary of precautions for Screen Adaptation

1. Use LinearLayout and RelativeLayout whenever possible. Do not use absolute layout. 2. Try dip and sp instead of px. 3. provide different layout files and images for different resolutions. For example: 4. Set multi-resolution support in

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