Difference between gravity and layout_gravity in Android

Android: gravity: sets the content location on the control. Android: layout_gravity: Set the display position of the control relative to the parent control. See the following:CodeSegment Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: Orientation =

Android Note: details about the release of various advertisement platforms for apps

There are many Android advertising platforms and different markets have different levels of acceptance for each platform. Android Developers should consider the following two issues if they want to integrate advertising:(1) What advertisements are

How to exit the Android program by pressing the back key

The main purpose is to enable the program to exit when you press the back key. Implementation ideas:1. The event is triggered when the back key event is captured. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: @ Override Public boolean onKeyDown (int keyCode,

How to parse xml files using sax in Android

SAX is an xml parser with high resolution speed and low memory usage. It is suitable for Android and other mobile devices. An event-driven file is used to parse an XML file. That is to say, it does not need to parse a complete file. In the process

How to Use ToggleButton of Android Control

The ToggleButton status can only be selected or not selected, and different display text needs to be set for different states. The following uses ToggleButton: Directory structure Main. xml layout FileCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Android:

How to store data using SharedPreferences in android

Most of the time, the software we develop needs to provide users with the software parameter setting function, such as our commonly used QQ, users can set whether to allow strangers to add themselves as friends. For saving software configuration

How to Use the pull parser to operate xml files in Android

I. Use the Pull parser to read XML files In addition to using SAX or DOM to parse XML files, you can also use the Android built-in Pull parser to parse XML files. The Pull parser is an open-source java project that can be used for both android and

Introduction to Android image processing instances (figure)

1. Image Processing 1. rounded corner Image Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/** * Convert to rounded corner * * @ Param bmp * @ Param roundPx * @ Return */ Public static Bitmap convertToRoundedCorner (Bitmap bmp, float roundPx ){ Bitmap newBmp =

Android TableLayout data list echo clearing Implementation ideas and code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // echo of the Data list Public void shujuList (){ List customerList = dao. findALL (); TableLayout tl = (TableLayout) findViewById (R. id. tlLayout ); Log. I (">>>", String. valueOf (tl. getChildCount ()));

Usage of ContentProvider in Android Development

Preface Content Provider provides a unified interface for data storage and data retrieval. It can share data in different applications, in the previous article about how to use SQLite developed by Android, SQLite can only share data in the same

Android development-XML File Parsing

  Preface This article describes how to parse XML files in Android. It mainly uses the SAX mechanism, which is called Simple API for XML. It is both an interface and a software package. As an interface, SAX is a standard interface for event-driven

How to dynamically change the dialog box value in Android

The usage is as follows: Activity. showDialog () inspires Activity. onCreateDialog () to create a Dialog and display it to facilitate unified management of multiple Dialog. Note: When Activity. showDialog () is used to display the same Dialog,

Android LinearLayout layout instance code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Linear layout configuration. In this label, all components are lined up from top to bottom. --> Xmlns: android = "http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android" Android: orientation = "vertical" Android: layout_width =

Android pull-down refresh ListView introduction and implementation code

In general, we found that the difference between the pull-down refresh list and the General List is that when the scroll bar is at the top, pulling down the whole list will be pulled down, the prompt for releasing and refreshing is displayed. From

Getting started with Android

@ Drawable/icon@: Represents R. javaDrawable: internal class drawableIcon: the object whose id is iconThe id of the drawable internal class in the R. java file is the constant corresponding to the icon value. Android: label = "window title">

Introduction to Android CALL SendMes Test

Intent: When the Activity with the same Intent limit is found, startActivity () will start the Activity.Phone BROADCASTER:Intent. setAction ("android. intent. action. CALL ");Intent. addCategory ("android. intent. category. DEFAULT ");Intent.

Questions about Android SDCard Storage

Use Activit's openFileOutput () method to save the file, which is placed inside the mobile phone;Note: create an image file for the SDCard in the simulator. You can create an image file in the simulator or install the tools directory in the android

Android File Operation Method

Common data storage and access methods:FileSharedPreferences (preference parameter settings)SQLite DatabaseContent provider)Network Activity (Context)The Context. getCacheDir () method is used to obtain/data//cache directory.The Context. getFilesDir

Implementation of parsing and saving based on Android XML

Parse XML files:On the Android platform, you can use the pull parser that comes with SAX, DOM, and Android to parse XML files;The pull parser provides various events using parser. the next () method enters the next element and triggers the

Usage Analysis of Android SharedPreferences

SharedPreferencesIt is used to provide software parameter settings when developing software. The xml file is used to store data, and the file is stored in the/data//shared_prefs directory; Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Public void savePreferences (

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