Implementation Code for conversion between DP and PX in Android

In the XML layout file, we can set both PX and dp (or DIP ). We usually choose to use DP to ensure the layout of machines with different screen resolutions is consistent. HoweverCodeHow to deal with it? Many control methods only provide the method

Implementation of Android jiugongge

1. xml code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: orientation = "vertical" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: layout_weight = "1.0" Android: background = "@ drawable/yellow" > Android:

Implementation of emojis supported by Android Development

Recently, the project needs to support emoticon. The addition and resolution of emoticon are basically based on the SmileyParser of Android,Directly paste the Code: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class SmileyParser { Private static

Android Date and Time Format internationalization implementation code

In multi-language versions, the date and time format is a headache. Fortunately, Android provides DateFormate, which can be formatted Based on the default format of the specified language region. Directly paste the Code: Copy codeThe Code is as

Usage of android debugging tool DDMS

For details, see DDMS is a bridge between IDE, emultor, and real android devices. Developers can view the running process/ready-to-use status on the target machine through DDMS. They can go to

How to hide and display a soft keyboard and a non-automatically pop-up keyboard in android

1. // hide the keyboard (InputMethodManager) getSystemService (INPUT_METHOD_SERVICE). hideSoftInputFromWindow (WidgetSearchActivity. this. getCurrentFocus (). getWindowToken (), InputMethodManager. HIDE_NOT_ALWAYS ); 2. // display the soft

Detailed explanation of drawable. xml values based on various colors in android


Detailed explanation of how Android can obtain information about the cpu, memory, version, and power of the system

Android obtains information about the cpu, memory, version, and power of the system. 1. CPU frequency and CPU information:/proc/cpuinfo and/proc/stat.By reading the file/proc/cpuinfo system CPU type and other information.Read/proc/stat all CPU

Display jump and implicit jump instances of the selected menu in android

I checked a lot of information and found that it is still incomplete. Simply sort it out, at least make sure that my practice is correct, so as not to mislead readers, but also to record myself! Introduction Android provides three menu types:

Android project: details on how to reference another Android Project

Now we have an Android Project. We want to expand the function of A, but do not want to develop on the basis of A, So we created another Android Project B and wanted to reference A in B. One idea is to make project A pure Jar package so that other

How to resolve the use of custom fonts in Android

1. The Android system supports three fonts by default: "sans", "serif", and "monospace ". 2. Other fonts can be introduced in Android. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height =

How to optimize Toast content display using toast. cancel () in Android

A bug found during the product testing process is that after the tester repeatedly clicks a button and triggers toast, the toast content will always be displayed in the queue and cannot disappear quickly. This may affect your use. Toast has a cancel

Explanation of how Crash reports are provided based on Android applications

Why do we need feedback on the Crash report? For Android applications, we should try to avoid Crash. Although zero-Crash is the ultimate goal pursued by programmers, the reality is that programmers can only minimize the occurrence of Crash, and it

How to add custom HTML tags for TextView in Android

TextView in Android supports some Html format tags. This includes common font size and color settings and text links. It is easy to use. You only need to use Html class conversion.For example: TextView. setText (Html. fromHtml (str )); However, in

How to cut an image into multiple images in Android

The following are two encapsulated classes for image cutting. For reference and learning only. One is the ImagePiece class, which stores a Bitmap object and an int variable that identifies the ordered index of the image. Copy codeThe Code is as

How to enable the Service automatically after it is disabled in Android

First, users may regard this practice as a rogue software. Most of the time, programmers do not want to turn the software into rogue software. No way, the leaders have the say. When using some Android applications, we may find that some services

Analysis of Android development optimization: Memory Optimization for Bitmap

1) reclaim the Bitmap memory in time The Bitmap class has a recycle () method. The method name indicates recycling. Here I have doubts. The Android system has its own garbage collection mechanism, which can occasionally recycle unused memory space,

How to Use ViewFlipper for sliding pages in Android

1) View switching control-Overview of ViewFlipper The ViewFilpper class inherits from the ViewAnimator class. The ViewAnimator class inherits from FrameLayout. View the source code of the ViewAnimator class. We can see that this class is mainly used

How to automate the packaging process of different channels by adding channel information for Android applications

Why do we need to add channel information in the application? The release of Android applications must face various markets, which are called channels. Sometimes, we need to know the channel from which the application is downloaded. For example, we

How to automatically create a desktop shortcut after the Android app is started

Otherwise, Android is especially open. In Android development, this requirement can be achieved by sending a broadcast. Here is a piece of encapsulated code. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class ShortcutUtil { Public static void

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