Android Note: nesting ListView in ScrollView

A few days ago, due to project requirements, another ListView should be placed in one ListView, that is, another ListView should be placed in each ListItem of one ListView. However, at the beginning, we will find that the placed small ListView is

Android Note: in-depth explanation of defining complex strings from right to left

The language we use, whether in Chinese or English, is read from Left To Right ), therefore, we are very accustomed To reading from Left To Right ). Once you encounter a Right-To-Left reading, you will be very unaccustomed To it, even more

Android Development Notes: Data Storage Methods

Data is the core of Shenma platform, Shenma development environment, Shenma software program. For the development platform, if you have good support for data storage, it will greatly promote application development. Generally, there are three Data

Usage of the original Android resource file

BackgroundLike applications on other platforms, apps in Android also use various resources, slice, and strings and place them in the corresponding folders of the source code, such as/res/drawable, /res/xml,/res/values/,/res/raw,/res/layout

Detailed explanation based on Android Local Code Generator

When developing with AndroidNDK, it is annoying to create a local code folder, generate a local code file, and create a compilation file for the local code. Especially when implementing local methods, it is also annoying because the local method

Communication between Android components-deep understanding of Intent and IntentFilter

Understanding Intent and IntentFilter -- Understanding Intent and IntentFilterIntent (Intent) is a very important component in Android. It is a bridge and link connecting different applications and also enables component-Level Reuse (Activity and

Android NDK development: Detailed description of the configuration Environment

I. Windows:The following software must be installed in a Windows development environment: Java JDK Apache ANT Build System Android SDK Cygwin Android NDK Eclipse IDE 1. install Java

How does Android update the UI thread in other threads

Method 1: Activity. runOnUiThread (Runnable)(Experience: This is the best practice. Wherever you want to refresh the page, Activity. runOnUiThread (new Runnable () {Public void run () {update UI }} ); Method 2: The subthread calls Handler's

Android SDK-Precautions for 64-bit Linux

Because the machine memory is broken, I changed the memory and re-installed a 64-bit Fedora16, dropping the original 32-bit Fedora15. So I encountered a very interesting thing when I re-installed the Android SDK. First, the SDK Installation File and

How to solve Android SDK download and update failure

Recently I changed my computer and started to build an Android development environment. The following error always occurs when I download the SDK: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Failed to fetch URL

In-depth explanation of Android Browser configuration management

Settings is an interface provided by WebView to the upper-layer App for configuring Webview. Each WebView has a WebSettings. To control WebView behaviors, you can only use WebView. getSettings () gets the reference of the WebSettings object, and

Android Development Notes: Message loop and logoff

Understanding LogoffLogoff is a tool used to add a MessageQueue to a thread and wait cyclically. When there is a message, it will arouse the thread to process the message until the thread ends. Normally, logoff is not used, because for system

In-depth explanation of communication between Android Handler and thread ITC

In 《 In-depth analysis of message loops in Android HandlerHandler is used to operate the Message Queue inside the thread, so Handler can be used to communicate with ITC between threads. This method is safer and more efficient, which can greatly

In-depth analysis of message loops in Android Handler

Handler is a class used to operate message queues within a thread. This is a bit difficult. Let's talk about it slowly. As mentioned in the previous article, logoff is used to create a message queue for a thread. That is to say, logoff can make

Android development Note: how to replace Integer Set with Enum (Enumeration type)

Many Android APIs use integer sets as parameters. Let's take a look at the instance. LinearLayout is a well-known basic UI element. It has a direction attribute and can be set using the following methods: Copy codeThe Code is as follows:

In-depth understanding of the impact of the communication mechanism between Android components on Object-Oriented features

Features of componentsFor the four components of Android, Activity, Service, ContentProvider, and Service, there cannot be Setter and Getter, nor can you add interfaces to the component. The reason is that all components are called to the system

Android Development Notes: usage of Dialog

Dialog is a control that is required by any system. It is used as an auxiliary window to display some messages or to request the user to take an action. It is no exception in Android. For more information, see the document. Precautions for use1.

Android Survival Guide: precautions during development

1. Declare a system configuration change event for the ActivitySystem configuration change events refer to screen conversion, regional language changes, screen size changes, and so on. If the Activity does not declare to handle these events, the

Android Survival Guide: Explanation of Bug strategies and ideas

Now there are more and more demands for maintaining and customizing Android, and more people are working on it. There are many bugs and unreasonable issues in the source code directly released by Google, especially native applications, such as Mms,

In-depth questions about Android threads

An application has only one thread.By default, a process has only one thread, which is consistent with other languages, such as C/C ++ and Java. That is to say, in the Android Application, a process has only one thread, and all components run in one

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