A small example of the welcome page for android Development

First, you must write the xml file, which is also the most important. Then, add a thread to the activity with a latency of 2 seconds to jump to the main interface. The thread code in the activity is as follows: (check whether the network is enabled

Android Thread introduction and Examples

A very important mechanism in Android is thread + message. Of course, the thread is not unique to android. Next, let's briefly talk about what should be paid attention to when using the thread. We use the simplest method to create an android thread +

Code sharing of square rounded corner listview in android Development

First look: First, you have to write a class named CornerListView. [Java] Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/** * Rounded ListView example * @ Description: rounded ListView example * @ FileName: CornerListView. java */ Public class CornerListView

Sample Code for android to automatically adjust the font size based on the resolution

There are too many mobile phone devices and the resolution is different. Most methods to adapt to the font on the Internet are to define the values320 × 480 or value-hdpi method for processing.The first type is miserable. The resolutions of many

Example of how to display webpage loading progress in the Custom title bar of Android

This time, we were working on Lephone adaptation. The test group submitted a bug: the text in the title bar was not completely displayed for a long time. In fact, this was not a bug, this problem has not appeared on other machines in the past, but

Example code of android GridView multi-Choice

The Code is as follows: Main. xml Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Xmlns: tools = "http://schemas.android.com/tools" Android: background = "#000000" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Tools: context = ".

Cause Analysis and Solution for switching between stereo and single channel during video playback by android

Some customers use third-party video players and switch between stereo and single channels. After the switch, it is found that it does not work. The reason is that by default, the HAL layer does not handle the commands sent from stereo to mono, so

Android FM automatically closes the headset after playback.

1. Modify FMRadioService. java Add: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public static final int MSG_EXIT_FM = 1234; Private Handler sHandler11 = new Handler (){ @ Override Public void handleMessage (Message msg ){ FMRadioLogUtils. d (TAG,

Android game loaded activity jumps to the game Main Menu activity implementation

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class LoadActivity extends Activity { @ Override Protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) { Super. onCreate (savedInstanceState ); RequestWindowFeature (Window. FEATURE_NO_TITLE); // remove

Android ImageButton does not display text when the Drawable image is displayed

Many people have questions about ImageButton provided by Android. When a Drawable image is displayed, text is no longer displayed. There are three solutions: First:That is, text is written into the image, but this will increase the size of the

Android control (button) Alignment Method implementation

1. android: orientation Layout direction. Horizontal is used to arrange all child elements horizontally from left to right. vertical is used to arrange all child elements vertically from top to bottom. 2. Differences between android: gravity and

Android uses a direction sensor to obtain the relative angle of the mobile phone. Example description:

1. How does the android coordinate system define the x and y z axes? The X axis direction is from left to right along the horizontal direction of the screen. If the mobile phone is not a square, the shorter side needs to be placed horizontally,

How to handle various touch events in android

Android has two classesAndroid. view. GestureDetectorAndroid. view. GestureDetector. SimpleOnGestureListener(In addition, android. widget. Gallery seems to be a better OnGestureListener)1)Create a class that inherits the SimpleOnGestureListener and

How does android enable Cell broadcast by default?

In nvram_cust_pack.c, COMMON_NVRAM_EF_SMSAL_COMMON_PARAM_DEFAULT Copy codeThe Code is as follows: kal_uint8 const COMMON_NVRAM_EF_SMSAL_COMMON_PARAM_DEFAULT [] = { # If defined (_ CS_SERVICE _) & defined (_ SMS_OVER_PS_SUPPORT __) 0x03,/* bearer

Android WakeLock usage code example

Android provides a class named WakeLock in android. OS. powerManager. in WakeLock, from the perspective of name, WakeLock is the meaning of the wake-up lock, which can control the backlight switch of the screen, so it is in the power management

Android uses ViewPager to implement sliding Ad Board instance source code

• Android-support-v4.jar, a software package officially provided to us by Google that is compatible with Android devices of lower versions and contains APIs that can only be used in Android3.0 and later versions. ViewPager is one of them. With

How to set the default channel for residential broadcasting in android (50 and 60 with dual-card Support)

The default channels are 50 and 60, and dual-card is supported. Add the code to the PhoneApp. java file: Import package at the beginning of the file:Copy codeThe Code is as follows: import android. provider. Telephony;Import com. android. internal.

Android IntentService implementation principle and internal code sharing

Many netizens may find that there is an IntentService in addition to the Service in Android. What are the differences between them? In terms of inheritance relationships, IntentService is a subclass of Service. The internal implementation Code

Brief Introduction to Adapter in Android

The Adapter in Android is very useful for customizing the display list, such as SimpleAdapter. Its constructor is: Public SimpleAdapter (Context context, List> data, int resource, String [] from, int []) The meanings of its parameters: 1. context,

Steps for Android to use a direction sensor to implement a compass

Step 1:Create a new project Compass and import a Compass image to the res/drawable-hdpi directory. Step 2:Design the application UI, main. xml Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: orientation = "vertical" Android: layout_width =

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