Example of how Android gets the file extension and removes the file extension

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows :/* * Get the file extension through Java File Operations * */ Public static string getextensionname (string filename ){ If (filename! = NULL) & (filename. Length ()> 0 )){ Int dot = filename. lastindexof ('.');

Android countdown code

, Change the time every one second. Xml: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Xmlns: tools = "http://schemas.android.com/tools" Android: layout_width = "match_parent" Android: layout_height = "match_parent" Android: paddingBottom = "@

How to Use ListView to draw a custom table in Android

What can be implemented first The effects to be achieved are as follows: 1. columns are not fixed: different columns can be generated based on different data sources. 2. The table content can be used to merge columns according to the definition

Android magnifier ShapeDrawable

First, you can specify the drawing shape when ShapeDrawable is constructed, Second, you can use shape. getPaint (). setShader (); to specify the Shader. The shader can accept an image and a matrix. So the problem is solved smoothly :) The specific

Android pop-up activity setting method

How to set the Activity size so that your window will no longer look full screen. Some netizens may know how to implement Theme. Dialog Based on Theme, but tell everyone how to set Activity to no longer display in full screen. Android Theme is

How does Android obtain images from the server?

[Java] Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public static Bitmap getBitmapFromServer (String imagePath ){ HttpGet = new HttpGet (imagePath );HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient ();Bitmap pic = null;Try {HttpResponse response = client.exe cute

Enable and cancel the android sliding unlock vibration effect

If you need to enable or cancel the shake Effect of sliding and unlocking Based on the touch vibration switch in the settings, you need to make the following changes. In the LockScreen method of the LockScreen. java class Copy codeThe Code is as

Simple Example of android live wallpaper calling

After the call, the dynamic wallpaper is actually displayed behind the Activity, while the Activity is transparent, so that you can see the following dynamic wallpaper. if the Activity is not transparent, nothing can be seen. Two interfaces are used

A small example of how Android gets thumbnails of images and videos on the SD card

How to determine files? You can use Cursor to traverse the database and compare the value of the INTERNAL_CONTENT_URI field. This is a Uri, which stores the complete path of the multimedia file on the Android mobile phone SD card. [Java] Copy

Optimization for loading network resources in Android can be solved using (thread + cache)

There are also a lot of articles on this aspect on the Internet. The basic idea is to solve this problem through thread + cache. Some optimizations are proposed below: 1. Use a thread pool 2. Memory Cache + File Cache 3. In the memory cache,

Android layout_weight usage and Examples

Directly upload code and images. Scenario 1:[Html] Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: layout_width = "match_parent" Android: layout_height = "match_parent" Android: orientation = "horizontal"> Android: id = "@ + id/titles"Android:

Android bitmap compress (image compression) Code

With the development of mobile phone hardware, android camera functions become more and more powerful, and can find high-resolution images.In some scenarios, you need to take photos and upload them to the service. However, because the image size is

A simple example of the android camera function

In android, the camera function system has been provided and can be directly used in apps. When a mobile phone downloads a photo app from android play, it determines whether the mobile phone supports the app. No. Download is not supported.There are

Usage of android CursorLoader

The work content is concentrated in the Contact module. This application queries a lot of data. It uses the CursorLoader tool to greatly simplify Code complexity. Android 3.0 provides the Loader mechanism. At that time, google's API was just a brief

A small example of the welcome page for android Development

First, you must write the xml file, which is also the most important. Then, add a thread to the activity with a latency of 2 seconds to jump to the main interface. The thread code in the activity is as follows: (check whether the network is enabled

Android Thread introduction and Examples

A very important mechanism in Android is thread + message. Of course, the thread is not unique to android. Next, let's briefly talk about what should be paid attention to when using the thread. We use the simplest method to create an android thread +

Code sharing of square rounded corner listview in android Development

First look: First, you have to write a class named CornerListView. [Java] Copy codeThe Code is as follows :/** * Rounded ListView example * @ Description: rounded ListView example * @ FileName: CornerListView. java */ Public class CornerListView

Sample Code for android to automatically adjust the font size based on the resolution

There are too many mobile phone devices and the resolution is different. Most methods to adapt to the font on the Internet are to define the values320 × 480 or value-hdpi method for processing.The first type is miserable. The resolutions of many

Example of how to display webpage loading progress in the Custom title bar of Android

This time, we were working on Lephone adaptation. The test group submitted a bug: the text in the title bar was not completely displayed for a long time. In fact, this was not a bug, this problem has not appeared on other machines in the past, but

Example code of android GridView multi-Choice

The Code is as follows: Main. xml Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Xmlns: tools = "http://schemas.android.com/tools" Android: background = "#000000" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Tools: context = ".

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