How to enable slide on the Right of Android listview

Many developers do not know how to enable the quick scroll slider of the listview list control. Here, the android Development Network tells everyone that the secondary scroll slider only needs one row.CodeThis can be done. If you use XML layout, you

An easy way to get an image when you know the image name in Android

1. Place the image in sdcard, CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: bitmap imagebitmap = bitmapfactory. decodefile (PATH) (path is the image path, and the directory is/sdcard) 2. The image is in the res folder of the project.Copy codeThe Code is as

How to adjust the brightness by using the android hidden API

After Android 1.5, the brightness adjustment API is hidden, but the android source code can still be implemented as follows: CopyCode The Code is as follows: ipowermanager power = ipowermanager. stub. asinterface (servicemanager .

How to disable status bar on the portrait screen of android Image Library

The action of the Image Library on JB and JB2 is: horizontal screen full screen display, and vertical screen display status bar. How to make the portrait screen do not show the status bar. Modify toggleStatusBarByOrientation () method in

Press the power key to turn off the screen and then display the keyguard when playing the slide in the android Image Library.

When the Image Library plays a slide, press the power key to disable the screen and then highlight the screen. The slides continue to play and no keyguard is displayed. How to display the unlock page after the screen is highlighted. The

Android startActivityForResult usage

StartActivity (Intent) is used to redirect activities)But what if the following conditions are met?Activity1 jumps to Activity2, but does it need to return to Activity1 in Activity2? Some people may say: I can use startActivity () again in Activity2.

Android webview simple browser implementation code

File main. java Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package com. HHBrowser. android; Import android. app. Activity; Import android. OS. Bundle; Import android. OS. Handler; Import android. util. Log; Import android. view. View; Import android. webkit.

A small example of Android Image Processing (type conversion, proportional scaling, reflection, and rounded corners)

1. Zoom in and out the image Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public static Bitmap zoomBitmap (Bitmap bitmap, int w, int h ){ Int width = bitmap. getWidth (); Int height = bitmap. getHeight (); Matrix matrix = new Matrix (); Float scaleWidht =

Android simple camera program instance code

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: class surface extends SurfaceView implements SurfaceHolder. Callback { SurfaceHolder sfholder; Camera camera; Bitmap bitmap; Public surface (Context context ){Super (context );// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

Code for setting the Android scene mode

You should be familiar with setting the scene mode. However, in Android, how can you set the scene mode through your own program? There are many kinds of scenes, that is, you can use the built-in system, you can also use custom mode. However, when

Implementation Code of the Android reflection Algorithm

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class MirrorView extends View { Paint m_paint; Int m_nShadowH; Drawable m_dw; Bitmap m_bitmap; // Xxxx Matrix mMatrix; Int shadowHeight; Public MirrorView (Context context, Bitmap bitmap ){ Super (context ); M_

Share the problem that applications developed on Android tablets cannot be displayed in full screen

Originally, the LCD should be 800*600, but always get the result of 600*600.After several days of hard work, we can solve the problem: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: " Package = "myb. x2.app2" Android: versionCode = "1" Android: versionName = "1.0"

Android gets a small example of running tasks and services

To obtain a running task, you must first declare that all the activity tasks of the activity Object Manager (ActivityManager) belong to this task, and then obtain all the activity objects by obtaining the service, then, you can obtain all running

Android correctly obtains the pixel size of the screen.

I believe most people have read many articles about getting screen pixels when reading this article. From other articles, we know that the screen pixels are obtained based on the DisplayMetrics class.The specific calculation method is width =

Simple code for the top toolbar and bottom Toolbar of Android

To put it bluntly, there is a picture of the truth. The two toolbars are implemented by layout. Code for bottom toolbar layout: Code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Android: background = "@ drawable/bottom" Android: layout_width =

Example of horizontal and vertical scrolling of android listview

There are a lot of code on the Internet to solve horizontal and vertical scrolling of android listview. I didn't follow what they said (I didn't find O (else _ blank) O ~) I am using Add HorizontalScrollView Java code Copy codeThe Code is as

Simple code for conversion between Android Bitmap and Drawable

Many developers say they do not know how to convert Drawable and Bitmap of Android. The following two simple and efficient methods are provided by Android123. 1. Bitmap to Drawable Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Bitmap bm = xxx; // xxx is

Android TextView attributes

Android: autoLink: determines whether the text is displayed as a clickable link when the text is URL link, email, phone number, or map. Optional values (none/web/email/phone/map/all) Android: autoText if set, the spelling of the input value is

Several instance methods for passing objects by Intent in Android Series

In Android, there are two main ways for intent to pass objects: Bundle. putSerializable (Key, Object) and Bundle. putParcelable (Key, Object); of course, these objects have certain conditions. The former implements the Serializable interface, and

Android linear layout LinearLayout instance code

Layout file: res/layout/activity_my.xml Copy codeThe Code is as follows: [html] Xmlns: tools = "" Android: id = "@ + id/LinearLayout" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height =

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