Solution for Android to set the location of the android View to the lower right corner

When developing Android, we need to place the zoomcontroller of the map in the lower right corner of the map.By default, we drag the control in eclipse to the editor, and the control is located in the upper left corner of the screen. You can use

How does Android enter the data folder on the device background?

As we all know, when developing an android project, we need to store data in the data folder of the virtual device when it comes to data access and interaction. Previously, I learned how to upload files to devices in related books. As mentioned

Full Screen Android screen implementation code

Remove the title bar: Requestwindowfeature (window. feature_no_title ); This is what the API says: Int feature_no_title flag for the "No title" feature, turning off the title at the top of the screen. Full Screen: Getwindow (). addflags

An example of how Android gets the screen direction and keyboard status

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Configuration config = getResources (). getConfiguration (); If (config. orientation = Configuration. ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE ){ // Landscape screen, such as 480x320 } Else if (config. orientation = Configuration.

Android linear layout LinearLayout instance code

Layout file: res/layout/activity_my.xml Copy codeThe Code is as follows: [html] Xmlns: tools = "" Android: id = "@ + id/LinearLayout" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height =

Summary of learning experience based on android startActivityForResult

From last night till now, I finally debugged A startActivityForResult example. Some of my online experiences were too complicated or vague. A main interface (main Activity) can be connected to many different sub-function modules (Child Activity).

Differences between Intent and Bundle values in android

For example, I want to jump to interface B or interface C from interface.In this case, I need to write two intents. If you want to transfer the value involved, your Intent will write the method of adding the value twice. If I use one Bundle to

Android Development Notes: rewrite button Method

Directly rewrite the following three methods in the subclass of the Activity class: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: // Rewrite the onCreateOptionsMenu () method. The menu bar is displayed.@ Override Public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu (Menu menu )

Android development Note: rewrite onBackPressed () of the Return key

In android development, when the trigger condition is not met, press the return key. Especially when the current Activity needs to send messages to a previous Activity. That is, when Activity1 jumps to Activity3, if startActivityForResult is used,

Android development Note: How to shield Button setClickable and setEnabled

Today, if you want to temporarily disable the buttons, you can press them only when certain conditions are met. At first, I thought it was setClickable. Please refer to the manual: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public void setClickable (boolean

LinearLayout for Android layout Control

LinearLayout is a linear layout control. Its child controls are arranged horizontally or vertically, and all widgets or other containers are arranged according to their relative positions. When the boundary is exceeded, some controls will be missing

Android Development Notes: one-minute explanation of how to use Logcat to debug programs

This is a very simple problem, but every time it is used, it will always be a bit messy. Here we record the steps of Logcat: 1. Declare the tag variable in the Activity (the name is actually casual, as follows: Private static final String tag = "

Implementation of Android auto-Start Service

Android auto-start is probably the simplest in the mobile operating system. We only need to listen to a Broadcast (Broadcast) started at the startup. First, write a Receiver (that is, a broadcast listener) that inherits BroadcastReceiver, as shown

Android development Note: how to draw a ring on ImageView

It is actually very easy to draw a ring. There are three ideas below. Here we will talk about one of the methods mentioned on the Internet. The idea is to first draw the incircle, then draw the ring (the ring width is the width of the paint.

Code example for controlling Android LED light color

Many Android mobile phones are equipped with LED lights. For example, HTC mobile phones provide response instructions when charging and sending new text messages. In fact, they are very simple parameters of icationicationmanager, next, Android123

Android Development Notes: Handler Runnable and Thread differences

In java, You can implement multithreading in two ways. One is to inherit the Thread class, the other is to implement the Runnable interface, and the Thread class is defined in the java. lang package. As long as a class inherits the Thread class and

View self-painted controls for Android UI development

In many cases, if you want to design a beautiful Android UI, you must consider the self-painted controls to display class views on the Android interface, we can use the inheritance extension to override related methods to draw our graphics. First,

How to display Multiple widgets in the FrameLayout layout with the custom View of Android

To display a View component such as a Button on a custom View, complete the following tasks: 1. overwrite the structure of the parent class in the Custom View class (note that there are two parameters) Copy codeThe Code is as follows: public class

Android development Note: how to safely stop a Thread

After research, I recommend this method: Copy codeThe Code is as follows: /* Custom thread */ Class MyThread implements Runnable { Public void run (){ // TODO Auto-generated method stub // Define your own Variables While (! Thread.

How to modify the Bitmap of Android

The Bitmap of Android is similar to that of the Image of j2ec2.If I want to read an image from the resource, and then draw a bit of information on the image, such as text. How can I draw a picture on the screen? In j2s, As long as Image.

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