Introduction to using Android "today's event today"

This is the most important principle for efficient work.There is nothing more comfortable than removing some items from the to-do list.As an efficient person, you need an excellent to-do list management tool. An excellent to-do list can help you

Android determines which mobile operator the SIM card belongs.

CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: [Java] Public String getprovidersname () { String STR = "N/"; Try { This. imsi = This. telephonymanager. getsubscriberid (); System. Out. println (this. imsi ); If (this. imsi. startswith ("46000 ")) STR =

Reduced webview Control for Android Control

CopyCode The Code is as follows: Package com. weizhu. Lan. view; Import com. weizhu. Lan. util. myprogressdialog; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. App. alertdialog;Import Android. content. context;Import Android. content.

Android Development Notes: Implementation of Splash

What is Splash?Splash is a screen that starts before the application starts. The above section briefly describes the vendor, manufacturer's LOGO, name, version, and other information of the application. Most of the information is a picture, the

Android Development Notes: application details of AsyncTask

Introduction and basic usage of AsyncTaskFor details about the introduction and basic usage of AsyncTask, refer to the official document and Android Development Notes: multi-threaded AsyncTask. A problem caused by AsyncTaskLast week, I encountered

Android Development Notes: multi-threaded AsyncTask

Understanding AsyncTaskAsyncTask is a class added by the Android 1.5 Cubake for asynchronous operations. Previously, Thread in the Java SE library can only be used to implement multi-Thread Asynchronization. AsyncTask is the asynchronous tool of the

AnDroid FrameLayout-based Usage Details

Today, when learning to implement the drag effect of moji weather, we can see that we use the rewrite FrameLayout. I flipped through the book and suddenly wondered why FrameLayout was used. In FrameLayout, in my book, space will never be used

Introduction to AnDroidDraw + DroidDraw for Android program uidesign

AnDroidDraw is an Android application integrated with DroidDraw, which allows you You can also preview your GUIs on an Android device. 1. First download and install DroidDraw, the version I use is droiddraw-r1b222. Download androiddraw.apk and

Resolution of getting phone status in Android games to pause or continue the game

Anyone who knows about smartphones knows that one of the most widely used mobile phone operating systems is the Android open-source mobile phone operating system. How should we implement the call listening function in this system? Here we will

Parse Android resource files and their reading methods

In Android development, Sam can process resource files in two ways. One is to place all resource files and JNI programs in a separate resource package. When they are used, they are read using files. Alternatively, you can directly use the C ++ Layer

In-depth understanding of Android Matrix theory and usage

Previously, I learned about matrices in linear algebra and had some knowledge about the basic operations of matrices. I learned how to use matrices to change images when I used GDI + some time ago, after reading this article, I will summarize it

Three solutions for timer implementation based on Android

In Android development, the timer generally has the following three implementation methods: I. Use the Handler and thread sleep (long) Methods 2. Use the postDelayed (Runnable, long) method of Handler 3. Handler, timer, and TimerTask Next we will

Android user interface development: TextView instance

TextView is a control used to display text labels. Copy codeThe Code is as follows:/* TextView settings * // * Get the TextView object */ Textview = (TextView) this. findViewById (R. id. textview ); String string = "TextView example! "; /* Set the

Android Implementation of image loop playback

Most of the time, we need to display images on the client and dynamically display the images, that is, constantly switching the images. Next we will look at the specific implementation method. First, we need...Most of the time, we need to display

Conditional database Android: simple use of sqllite

SQLite Analysis SQLite is a lightweight, embedded, and relational database. It has been applied in iPhone, Android, and other mobile phone systems. SQLite is highly portable, easy to use, small, efficient, and reliable. SQLite is embedded into the

Android asynchronous image loading instance code

The main process of Asynchronously loading images is to determine whether there is an image in the cache. If there is an image in the cache, it will be returned directly. If not, it will be downloaded and cached. The following is an asynchronous

Implementation of gesture Interaction Based on Android

Having nothing to worry about, pondering the gesture interaction in Android, I found that there are not many articles on gestures on the Internet, and many references are of little value. This blog post is shared with you. In view of the fact that I

Set Summary based on permissions in android

To read security-sensitive items, the program must declare related permission requests in androidmanifest. xml. The complete list is as follows: 1. android. permission. ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIESAllow read/write access to the "properties" table in

Android notes: onConfigurationChanged

Engaged in Android development, it is inevitable that some advertisement sdks will be embedded in the application. After many sdks are embedded, almost every requirement is found in AndroidManifest. the xml declarative Activity advertisement SDK

How to download the android sdk source code on linux and windows Platforms

This article consists of two parts:. Part 1 describes how to download the source code of the android sdk. Part 2 describes how to add the source code of the android sdk to eclipse. Part 1 how to download the source code of the android sdk 1.

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