Analysis of Android development optimization: a detailed explanation of Interface UI optimization (3)

Sometimes, our pages may contain some la S. These la s are hidden by default. After a user triggers some operations, the hidden la s are displayed. For example, an activity is used to display the list of friends. After you click "import" in the menu,

Code for dynamically adding a Panel framework to Android

This is a framework, but it is not that complicated. It is just a base class that is easy to expand. But at least it is framework code. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package arui; Import android. app. Activity;Import android. OS. Handler;Import

Solutions for making Android projects into jar packages and resource files

It should be noted that, when the jar package and resource package are provided to third-party developers, the code of our project cannot be similar to R. layout. main, R. string. name and so on. Therefore, we cannot directly use the R file. Instead,

Analysis of Android development optimization: Tips for code optimization

Generally, programs are written under the pressure of the Project Plan. The Code completed at this time can complete the specific business logic, but the performance is not necessarily optimized. Generally, excellent programmers constantly rebuild

Implementation Code for enabling or disabling the network connection of the listener System in Android

Very simple, so you can directly look at the code Copy codeThe Code is as follows: package xxx; Import android. content. BroadcastReceiver;Import android. content. Context;Import android. content. Intent;Import

Analysis of Android development optimization: a detailed explanation of Interface UI optimization (2)

If we rewrite the same layout in every xml file, one is code redundancy and poor readability, and the other is difficult to modify, which is very unfavorable for later modification and maintenance. Therefore, in general, we need to write code with

Analysis of Android development optimization: a detailed explanation of Interface UI optimization (1)

Usually, many controls are used on this page, and controls use a lot of resources. The Android system has many resources, including various strings, images, animations, styles, and la S, which can be directly used in applications. This method has

Resolve the implementation of multi-touch in Android Development

In actual development, the most commonly used multi-touch technology is the zoom-in and zoom-out function. For example, some image browsers can use multiple fingers to zoom in or out the images on the screen. For example, Some browsers can also zoom

Android call history Backup implementation code

(1) Preface By default, Android provides the contact backup function to the SD card (the code is in com. android. in the vcard package), we can export the contact. the vcf file is stored in the SD card. If you change your mobile phone, you can

Android notification summary and analysis

Category There are several types of notification: 1> normal notification    1. Content title 2. Large icons 3. Content 4. Additional content information 5. small icons 6. Time 2> large layout Notification Figure 1 The large layout notification is

Android automated testing experience sharing UiObejct. getFromParent () Usage

1.UiObejct. getFromParent () usage: Find the desired sub-object from the parent object of the current object. The sub-object and the current object should be at the same level. As shown in: Max inactivity before lock is a known condition, and 4

Android automated testing experience sharing in-depth UiScrollable

UiScrollable is a UiCollection and provides support for searching for items in a scrollable user interface (UI) elements. This class can be used with horizontally or vertically scrollable controls. UiScrollable is a UiCollection (this is not

Android uses listview to complete the sliding effect (similar to the qq sliding Interface) by adding it to the viewpage)

File Name: page. xml Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Xmlns: tools = "" Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent"> Android: id = "@ + id/listview"Android: layout_width =

Based on the android example Program (bitmapfun), efficient loading of pictures makes people speechless

There is an article on how to load images more efficiently in the android Development Guide. The address is. During a minor version upgrade of our project, we tried to use a git open-source project afinal (bitmapfun package version) to load images,

Android Note: Practice and Analysis of Several App Debugging commands

In Android application development, we will use various types of code debugging. In fact, after Android development, we may encounter some random problems, such as high cpu and memory leakage, we cannot perform simple code debugging. We need a

Android Note: Application for download and compilation of CM9 source code

Recently, the company began to modify the framework based on android4.0 ICS. The company's mobile phone is not suitable for home testing and does not have the kernel permission.From a personal perspective, I have two mobile phones, one is Htc G9

Android-based design pattern-detailed explanation of SDK source code policy pattern

The rule mode is actually very simple (Do you feel relaxed when you hear this sentence ?).For example, the official team will tell you that there is an ISort sort () method for sorting, and then the folks will do their best to achieve this sort

Android Note: App modularization and engineering extension applications

1. RequirementsWhether on the. net or java platform, a reasonable layered architecture is one of the most common modular ideas.Dll and jar files are everywhere.One day, the tx team told me that we are now going to build three Forum clients on

Android Note: details about the release of various advertisement platforms for apps

There are many Android advertising platforms and different markets have different levels of acceptance for each platform. Android Developers should consider the following two issues if they want to integrate advertising:(1) What advertisements are

How to exit the Android program by pressing the back key

The main purpose is to enable the program to exit when you press the back key. Implementation ideas:1. The event is triggered when the back key event is captured. Copy codeThe Code is as follows: @ Override Public boolean onKeyDown (int keyCode,

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