Build Android ndk Development Environment

Android applicationsProgramThey are all developed in Java. Android ndk enables us to use C/C ++ native development on AndroidCode. There are two reasons to use ndk: one is to rationally reuse existing code, and the other is to improve the

Android. mk usage and basics

An android. mk file is used to describe your Source code . Specifically, this file is a small part of GNU makefile and will be parsed once or multiple times by the compilation system. You can define one or more modules in each android. mk file. You

[Android tutorial] Build an android ndk Environment

ArticleDirectory 1. Download 2 cygwin Installation 3 cygwin environment Verification 4. Configure the ndk path 5. compile the project to generate the. So file 6. Integrate the C/C ++ development environment in eclipse

[Android] edittext focus in listview

[Android] edittext focus in listview Skyseraph Apr. 21st 2013 I. Description: Recently, a project needs to develop a table-like interface to display and configure parameters. Android does not directly support

Create AVD and sdcard in Android

1. Create AVD In Android SDK 1.5In development after version, at least one AVD must be created, and each AVD simulates a set of virtual devices to run Android applications. Program . Whether you create a new AVD under eclipse or command line, the

Android Application Interface Design Suggestions

compared with iOS, There are various inconsistencies in the Android system interface, and the application interface itself lacks unified specifications. Although the openness of Android has brought the greatest possibility for apps to play

New Android journey (9) custom line chart

If you want to implement a line chart, but do not find the appropriate control orCodeThere is only one basic look. On the basis of it, some improvements have been made to make it more flexible. You can transfer parameters, set positions, coordinate

New Android journey (11) Insert a new view into the existing page

In some specific situations, you cannot use static methods to define the view used in the page. For example, a custom graph is an independent view. To insert it into a page as a part, you need the following methods: Linearlayout L = new

New Android experience (1) Development Environment Installation

General situation: Install the android development environment. There are many tutorials on the Internet, including installing eclipse, JDK... There are no other problems. The most troublesome thing is to install the SDK, because the installation is

Beginner's journey to Android (2) beginner's questions

1. Add and run the control, but there is a main. Out. xml always reports an error, saying there is no content Cause: Unlike vs, eclipse is closely related to the files currently opened, so there is a problem. Switch to the Java file and run

Use git and repo to obtain the android source code

In some cases, we need to check the android source code or recompile it. Currently, only Android source code can be compiled on Linux or Mac OS, But windows is not supported. so this article introduces how to obtain the android source code on Ubuntu.

Android message prompt box and dialog box

In some cases, a prompt message, such as an error message or a short message, needs to be displayed. Android provides two pop-up methods: toasts and alerts.   Toast is a short message prompt. It automatically disappears after a period of time

Android layout Layout

There are many controls in an android view. How can we control their location arrangement? We need containers to store these controls and control their location arrangement. Just like Div and table in HTML, Android layout also plays the same role.

The main. Out. xml file is generated during Android program debugging.

I recently started to learn about Android and found several demos to study the functions of Android.CodeStructure.   When debugging a demo today, I modified the layout file layout \ main. xml and run Ctrl + F11. the following error is returned:

Use of Android autocompletetextview, spinner, and listview

This article mainly describes the use of the autocompletetextview, spinner, and listview controls.   (1) autocompletetextview Autocompletetextview automatically completes the text box. It inherits from edittext and can input text like edittext.

Android project structure (project structure)

Introducing Android Hello android Next, I will briefly introduce the android project structure in the first two articles. An android project includes Java source files, resource file slices, XML-based layout files, and third-party jar

New Android journey (10) nested layout

If you want to put four buttons on the interface, they exist in the form of 2*2, but there is no way to implement them quickly. After a try, we can use the nested method. One linearlayout is nested with two linearlayout. The outer linearlayout uses

[Android] Download Android 4.2 source code (Ubuntu 12.10)

ArticleDirectory Installing some soft Installing Repo Initializing a repo Client Getting the files Problem [Android] Android 4.2 source code download (Ubuntu 12.10) cutting-edge Recently, I have been studying NFC. Different

[Android learning topic] Build an android Development Environment

ArticleDirectory Installation Steps (online and offline) Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Android learning topic] Build an android

Android game development-notes sorting-surfaceview game framework sorting

I have been reading android game programming from scratch recently,ArticleI wrote well. I felt that the author told me about the knowledge and problems I learned, and I learned a lot after reading it. In this article, I will take a note of the fifth

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