Solution for converting view to bitmap and getdrawingcache = NULL in Android

1. Preface In Android, views are often converted to bitmap. For example, screenshots are taken and images are generated for the entire screen view; coverflow needs to convert a page-by-page view to bitmap to achieve complex graphic effects

Android: Using surfaceview to draw stock sliding straight lines to solve latency problems

1. Background You need to draw stock trend charts for recent projects and draw indicator lines that can slide with your fingers to precisely view stock prices and dates. As shown in: The white line in is the stock indicator line, used to

View the source code in myeclipse for Android

View the source code in myeclipse for Android When developing Android, it is difficult to view the source code.ArticleLater (both versions earlier than 2.0 and different from the configuration of my latest 2.2 version), but it still gave me some

Full parsing of sdcard creation in Android Simulator

Create sdcard for AndroidTwo Methods: ADB command in cmd and IDE Interface1. Run CMD and enter mksdcard-l MyCard 100 m f: \ mysdcard. IMG in the tools directory.1. Run the mksdcard command to create a new Virtual Disk Under drive F for the simulator.

Android simple data storage sharedpreferences

Sharedpreferences is a tool class for storing simple data in Android. As you can imagine, it is a small cookie. It stores simple data types (Boolean, Int, float, long, and string) in the application by using key-value pairs.ProgramIn the private

Android Desktop shortcuts

1) Create /** * IsProgramCreate a desktop shortcut */ Private Void Addshortcut (){Intent shortcut = New Intent ("com. Android. launcher. Action. install_shortcut "); // Shortcut name Shortcut. putextra (intent. extra_shortcut_name,

Android SDK update failure Solution

Recently, when the company configured the android development environment and the android SDK was not updated successfully (the Google website was blocked), it tried various methods and finally succeeded. The solution was to modify C: \ windows \

Superb 3D special effect program management function android

Amazing 3D special effect album function Android (lower) Tank, I spent some time reorganizing it yesterday. I added a lot of comments to make everyone understand. After finishing the work, you can implement a superb 3D effect on the basis of the

Implementation of multi-layer dynamic nested layout in Android

1. Concept: when developing complex interfaces, especially tablet pages, the interface layout is often much more complex than the mobile phone layout. In this case, nested layout is required. At the same time, to achieve a certain effect, local

Android expandablelist extension usage (based on baseexpandablelistadapter)

1. Introduction Based on the baseexpandablelistadapter extension's expandablelist usage, there are currently two popular online methods: the first is to input two arrays to the baseexpandablelistadapter, and the first is a one-dimensional array

Android Game Development: Building a game framework (4)

6. Game framework After all the basic work is done, let's finally discuss the game framework itself. Let's take a look at what work we need to do to run our game: The game is divided into different screens, each of which executes the same

Android Game Development: Building a game framework (3)

5. Image module (graphics) The last module is the image operation module, which is used to draw images to the screen. However, to draw images with high performance, you have to understand some basic image programming knowledge. Let's start with

Performance Optimization in Android Development (excerpt: Transcript of Chen Yunxiao's speech)

Hello everyone! I'm Chen Xiaoyun. In fact, I have also done some research on html5. now we are also doing some research. When I used HTML5 to develop some things on G3 a year ago, I found that native does not support HTML and began to develop

Android Game Development: Building a game framework (2)

4. Audio module (audio) Audio module programming has always been a complex topic. Here, we do not plan to use some advanced and complex audio processing methods, mainly playing background music. In writingCodeBefore, let's take a look at the basic

Android Game Development: Building a game framework (1)

Generally, the basic framework of game development includes the following modules: Window Management: This module creates, runs, pauses, and restores game interfaces on the Android platform. Input: This module is closely related to the Windows

Android ndk Development

I. background of ndk generation Since its birth, the Android platform has supported C and C ++ development. As we all know, Android sdks are implemented based on Java, which means that third-party applications developed based on Android sdks must

Android memory monitoring tool ddms-> heap

To monitor the memory usage of an application process using heap, follow these steps: 1. After eclipse is started, switch to the ddms perspective and confirm that the devices view and heap view are all open; 2. Connect your phone to your computer

Android: A two-touch case

The following is a two-touch case code: package com.zzj;import;import android.os.Bundle;import android.view.MotionEvent;public class AndroidTestActivity extends Activity { private float x0, y0; private float x1, y1;

Android relative layout attributes

RelativeLayout LayoutAndroid: layout_marginTop = "25dip" // distance from the top to android: gravity = "left" // spatial layout location android: layout_marginLeft = "15dip // left margin // relative to the given ID control android: layout_above,

An Android Socket example

1. Introduction Socket is essentially a Java encapsulation of the TCP protocol on the transport layer (Note: UDP uses the DatagramSocket class ). To implement Socket transmission, you need to build a client and a server. In addition, the transmitted

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