Android menu items

As you are familiar with, Android supports most traditional menu options, including icon, shortcut, checkbox, and radio button, as described below: checkboxes and Radio buttonscheckboxes and radio buttons are visible in the extended menu and

Android real machine debugging method

1. Set the Android phone to USB debugging mode. Step: menu ---> Settings ---> Application Program---> Development, select [USB debugging] 2. Connect the mobile phone and computer with USB, and ensure the success. Step: Run C:/ADB devices in Windows

Textview attribute Android: ellipsize achieves the flashlight Effect

In the Android system, textview must meet the following conditions to achieve the running horse effect: 1. Android: ellipsize = "marquee" 2. textview must be displayed on a single line, that is, the content must be larger than the textview size. 3.

Android: how to display network images

Displaying a network image in Android is actually super simple. The following is a very simple example: Step 1: 1. Create your activity. In this example, viewwebimageactivity is described. 2. In viewwebimageactivity Code String imageurl =

MD5 encryption in Android

There are a lot of materials on the Internet about MD5 encryption in Android, but the test is always different from the MD5 encryption in the website. Later I learned that the encoding method is incorrect, so I wrote one myself. Private Static final

Android uses intent to call pictures, videos, audios, recordings, and photos.

// Select intent = new intent (intent. action_get_content); // "android. intent. action. get_content "intent. settype (contenttype); // view type string image_unspecified = "image/*"; intent wrapperintent = intent. createchooser (intent, null);

Android uses imageview to display local and online images

Imageview is android Program A commonly used component that displays an image on the screen. Define an imageview in Ui XML as follows: public void oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate) {super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setcontentview (R. layout.

Bitmap, drawable, and byte [] interchange in Android

1. View drawable-> bitmap Source code Print the HELP Resources res = getresources (); bitmap BMP = bitmapfactory. decoderesource (Res, R. drawable. sample_0); 2. bitmap ----> drawabledrawable drawable = new bitmapdrawable (BMP); in addition, I

When Android calls the system text message intent, it will pre-fill the receiving number and content

Some time ago, the world called the intent of the SMS that comes with the system in an application, but the recipient's number never passed, CodeUri smstouri = Uri. parse ("smsto: 123456"); intent sendintent = new intent (intent. action_view,

Use of the trafficstats class in Android traffic statistics

For Android traffic statistics, you can easily obtain the trafficstats class added to Version 2.2. In fact, the trafficstats class also reads the text of the file object system type provided by Linux for parsing. In the trafficstats

Android photography and photo upload

Package COM. android. cist. camera. view; import Java. io. bytearrayoutputstream; import Java. io. inputstream; import Java. util. hashmap; import Java. util. map; import android. app. activity; import android. app. alertdialog; import android.

Android animation effects: translate, scale, Alpha, and rotate

2011.10.28 Note: If you need to stop the widget at the position after the animation, you need to set the Android: fillafter attribute to true on the set node. By default, after the animation ends, the system returns to the position before the

Android Remote Image Retrieval and local cache

Overview for client-server applications, obtaining images remotely is a commonly used function, and image resources often consume a large amount of traffic. For applications, if the problem cannot be solved, the user will crash and the mobile phone

Android gravity sensor Programming

Add the dosomething (x, y, z) function called by the handler function when the listener is created when the gravity changes. This method is called by the listener when the phone skew changes. What we need to do is to fill in this method for our own

Android monitors incoming and outgoing calls

To listen to Android calls and answer calls, you only need to write a receiver inherited from broadcastreceiverimport android in step 2. app. service; import android. content. broadcastreceiver; import android. content. context; import android.

Android API: SMS service and Contacts

Android API supports the development of applications that can send and receive SMS messages. Program . Currently, the android simulator we use in the development process does not support sending SMS, but it can receive SMS. Now let's explore

How Android browses and selects images, audio, and videos

In the past few days, I have been studying and developing images for Android to browse audio and video. This is the first Android system (Java won't) having encountered many problems, it took me several days to browse and select images, audios, and

How does Android prevent the APK program from being decompiled?

As an Android app developer, you have to face an embarrassing situation: applications that have worked hard to develop can be decompiled easily by others. Google also seems to have discovered this problem. From sdk2.3, we can see that the proguard

Code Implementation of the Android app automatic update function

Due to the open-source Android project, N more Android software markets have emerged on the market. To allow more users to use the software we developed, we need to release it to N multi-market. After the software upgrade, we must also update it on

Android Custom Controls

Today I will share with you the usage of the combined controls. In many cases, android custom controls cannot meet requirements. How can this problem be solved? Many methods can be drawn by yourself. Some links can be rewritten by inheriting the

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