Dell is coming to join us and will release the android mini 3I in just a few months.

According to TechCrunch, an American technology blog website, sources said on Tuesday that Dell will sell its mini 3I smartphone in the U.S. market in the coming months to share HTC) samsung and Motorola compete for the market for similar Android

Open Android Alliance was established

a customized Android firmware is provided several days after Google takes action against the cyanogenmod project. A group of Android Developers have established the Development Android alliance. According to the project's website, this alliance is

Google released Android patch to fix two DoS Vulnerabilities

On August 18, October 10, according to foreign media reports, Google launched a new version of the android open-source mobile phone platform to fix two security vulnerabilities that may cause DoS attacks. According to ocert, an organization that

Use of Chinese-funded Android source files

I. Format of reference for resource files between XML files: attribute = "@ [packagename:] resourcetype/resourceidentifier" example: strings available. XML, color. XML, dimen. XML file, using the parameters 2. Use the system resources to use the

Install the APK file to the android Simulator

1. Start Android simulator 2. Set *. copy the APK file to the toolsdirectory of Android sdk(click to download the android123.apk file), use the CD command of CMD to locate it in the android simulator directory tools, and execute ADB install *. APK

Hide the title bar and status bar in Android

1. Hide the title bar // hide the title bar this. requestwindowfeature (window. feature_no_title); 2. Hide the status bar // hide the status bar this. getwindow (). setflags (windowmanager. layoutparams. flag_fullscreen, windowmanager. layoutparams.

Use FFMPEG to setup streaming server on Android

FFmpeg is a powerful media library. It provides ffserver tool that can be used to setup a streaming server.Here is how to compile FFMPEG for Android, using codesourcery's cross compiler. 1. Download and extract FFMPEG source code.2. Use below

Android detects whether the current network is available

In Android Program The first step is to check whether the current network is available. If no network is available, exit the program if (isconnect (this) = false) {New alertdialog. builder (this ). settitle ("network error "). setmessage ("network

Android uses global variables

At first, I used static for global operations. Later, I saw a good way for foreigners to use public class MyApp extends application {private integer [] State; public integer [] getstate () {return state;} public void setstate (integer [] State)

Android webview Summary

1. add permissions: The permission "android. Permission. Internet" must be used in androidmanifest. xml. Otherwise, the web page not available error may occur. In androidmanifest. add 2. Generate a webview component in the activity: webview = new

Common code snippets for Android Development

1. Set the window format to translucent getwindow (). setformat (pixelformat. translucent); 2. Different Methods for updating the view in a non-UI thread in Android: * activity. runonuithread (runnable) * view. post (runnable) * view. postdelayed

HTTP request using JSON in Android

I have to say that the JSON format is indeed very beautiful, fast, and simplified a lot of operations. In Android, the android SDK has encapsulated the entire JSON-related operation for us, the following is the implementation process of a standard

Simple Android reads and writes files

Environment: 1. system: version: 2.23.eclipse3.5.2 (Galileo) I. Basic flowchart (writing files) II. simulator running interface 1. main Interface 2. save (non-conforming) 3. save normally 4. read files 5. editor 3, Code 1. save the

Android webview usage

A simple example of webview. Pay attention to the following points during development: 1. In androidmanifest. XML, the license "android. Permission. Internet" must be used; otherwise, the web page not available error may occur. 2. If the accessed

Android development specifications (beginning)

First, let's talk about coding specification 1 and Java of Android development specifications. Code No Chinese characters appear in. Chinese characters can appear in the comments at most, and Chinese characters are written in strings. XML; 2. Local

Solution to Android horizontal and vertical screen Switching

During Game Development, some games can only be played on a horizontal screen. Therefore, when mobile phones are erected and placed, the game screen must be kept on a horizontal screen. To do this, you can simply configure it in androidmanifest. xml.

How does Android crack the compatibility dilemma?

The latest news shows that the sales volume of Android mobile phones exceeds that of the iPhone. Although it is still inferior to competitors in the overall market share, it has already become an outstanding player.ArticleIt is also predicted that

Initial impressions of Android Application Development

Some time ago, I finally won the long-awaited HTC G2 Tim and installed various software on my mobile phone. In general, Android applications are relatively less, and there are not many playable games. Among them, jewels is quite playable. In time

Android flash memo


Android1.6 on G2 magic has been used for a long time and has not been flushed until this morning. I have read a lot of tutorials and precautions on the Internet before I click it. I feel very complicated. I followed it step by step and found that it

Android game development-nancyglines Design

Today, we migrated the previous Python-implemented nancyglines game to Android. Although it is still a rough version, the interface is ugly and its functions are not complete enough, the entire framework has been established, in addition, the basic

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