Use of shape in Android

In Android, shape is often used to define some Display Properties of the control. Today I have read some shapes and have a general understanding of shape. I would like to make a summary: First look at the followingCode:Android: startcolor = "#

How does Android enable automatic service or app startup upon startup?

Step 1: Create a broadcast receiver and reconstruct its abstract method onreceive (context, intent) to start the service or app you want to start. Import Android. content. broadcastreceiver;Import Android. content. context;Import Android. content.

MVC mode for Android

MVC (Model-View-Controller): m Refers to the logical model, V refers to the view model, and C refers to the Controller. A logical model can be used for multiple view models. For example, you can use a column chart or pie chart to represent a batch

Unit test learning for Android

1. unit test concept Unit testing (also known as Module Testing) is used to test the correctness of program modules (the smallest unit of software design ).ProgramA section written by a memberCode. For object-oriented programming, the smallest

Android handler usage

Hello everyone, this section describes how to use Android handler. before talking about handler, let's raise a small question: how to make Program Update the title in five seconds. First, let's take a look at the programs that are used to Java

Android message push

1.Introduction Message pushing means sending a connection from the server to the mobile terminal and transmitting certain information. For example, some news clients receive one or more notifications at intervals, which is the push messages sent

Setcontentview and layoutinflater for Android

Setcontentview: 1. Common constructor: 1) setcontentview (IntLayoutresid)2) setcontentview (view)3) setcontentview (view, viewgroup. layoutparams Params) 2. Usage 1) setcontentview (R. layout. Main );2) layoutinflater Inflater =

Android menu Summary

In Android, menus are divided into three types: optionsmenu, contextmenu, and submenu ). 1. optionsmenu Common methods to be overwritten in an activity: Public Boolean oncreateoptionsmenu (menu): use this method to create optionsmenu. This

Android-based extension of videoview and video playback View

1. Concepts and extensions Videoview is a media playback display and Control control provided by the Android system. Its structure is as follows: Prototype: videoview extendsSurfaceview ImplementsMediacontroller.Mediaplayercontrol Class

Android GC Memory leakage

1. Android Memory leakage Concept Many people think that JavaProgramBecause there is a garbage collection mechanism, there should be no memory leakage. In fact, if we no longer use an object in a program, but because there are still references

Android handler usage Summary

Method 1: (Java is used to because it does not work during Android development because it violates the single-thread model) When I first started to use Android Thread Programming, I used to be like Java and tried to use the followingCodeSolve the

Android interface refresh

Both Android invalidate and postinvalidate are used to refresh the interface. The usage difference is as follows: 1) invalidate ():Instantiate a handler object and rewrite the handlemessage method to call invalidate () to refresh the interface.

Introduction to Android asynctask

Comparison between asynctask and handler 1) asynctask implementation principle, and applicable advantages and disadvantages Asynctask is a lightweight asynchronous class provided by Android. It can inherit asynctask directly and implement

Android advanced learning and IOC

1. To become an android player is generally divided into six phases: Stage 1: proficient in Java SE, especially for its internal classes, threads, concurrency, and network programming, which requires in-depth research; proficient in HTTP-based

Android widget learning Summary

1. widget design stepsThree XML files need to be modified, one class: 1) The first XML is the layout XML file (for example, Main. XML), which belongs to this widget. Generally, if you use this part to display the time, it is okay to declare a

About Dalvik of Android Virtual Machine

One of the primary differences between Dalvik and the standard Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Is that Dalvik is based on registers while JVM is based on stacks. Some people have been guessing that the register-based method is chosen because it provides

Android uses http get, post, and httpclient to submit text data to the service.

/**  * Http request  * @ Author kesenhoo  *  */ Public ClassHttprequest { Public Static BooleanSendxml (string path, string XML)ThrowsException { Byte[] DATA = xml. getbytes (); URL url =NewURL (PATH ); Httpurlconnection conn = (

Full recording of Android Application Development-How familiar are you with listview? Use getview to override inflate

Today, we will bring you some information about listview and adatper in "full process of Android Application Development. Including basic usage of listview and optimization of listview. We often useProgramSo it is necessary to learn listview well.

Unit and resolution in Android Layout

First copy Px: The pixel of the screen. In: inches MM: mm PT: LB, 1/72 inch DP: an abstract unit based on density. If a screen of DPI is displayed, 1dp = 1px. Dip: equivalent to DP SP: similar to DP, but it also scales according to the

Mobile platform front-end development Summary (for iPhone, Android, and other mobile phones)

Mobile platform front-end development is a site adaptation for high-end smartphones (such as iPhone and Android), that is, webapp, not for general mobile phones, so read this articleArticleIn the past, you needed to have a certain understanding of

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