Android message push

1.Introduction Message pushing means sending a connection from the server to the mobile terminal and transmitting certain information. For example, some news clients receive one or more notifications at intervals, which is the push messages sent

Setcontentview and layoutinflater for Android

Setcontentview: 1. Common constructor: 1) setcontentview (IntLayoutresid)2) setcontentview (view)3) setcontentview (view, viewgroup. layoutparams Params) 2. Usage 1) setcontentview (R. layout. Main );2) layoutinflater Inflater =

Android activity and service communication

1. When acitivity and service are in the same application and process, they are implemented by inheriting the binder class. WhenActivityBind toServiceIt is responsible for maintenanceServiceInstance reference, allowing youServiceCall some

Sharedpreferences permission for Android

Import Android. App. activity; Import Android. content. sharedpreferences; Import Android. OS. Bundle; Public Class Permissionactivity Extends Activity { Private Final Int [] Modes = New Int [] {Activity. mode_private, // The default

Android surfaceview usage Summary

1. Concept Surfaceview is a subclass of the View class. It is a very important drawing view to obtain image data directly from memory or DMA and other hardware interfaces. Its feature is that it can be drawn to the screen outside the main thread.

Android File Operation Summary

The method for reading/writing files in Android is the same as that in Java I/O. openfileinput () and openfileoutput () methods are provided to read files on the device. However, by default, files cannot be different.ProgramShared between the two

Main issues of Android system Transplantation

The Android system is transplanted to run the Android system on specific hardware. In the process of transplantation, it is important to grasp the key points and reduce the workload. From the perspective of work, the common method is to first

Android project compilation process

Nowadays, many people want to automate the compilation and packaging of Android projects, such as building a daily system and generating release files automatically. We need to have an in-depth understanding of the compilation and packaging of the

Android simple data storage sharedpreferences

Sharedpreferences is a tool class for storing simple data in Android. As you can imagine, it is a small cookie. It stores simple data types (Boolean, Int, float, long, and string) in the application by using key-value pairs.ProgramIn the private

Android menu Summary

In Android, menus are divided into three types: optionsmenu, contextmenu, and submenu ). 1. optionsmenu Common methods to be overwritten in an activity: Public Boolean oncreateoptionsmenu (menu): use this method to create optionsmenu. This

Android GC Memory leakage

1. Android Memory leakage Concept Many people think that JavaProgramBecause there is a garbage collection mechanism, there should be no memory leakage. In fact, if we no longer use an object in a program, but because there are still references

Android handler usage Summary

Method 1: (Java is used to because it does not work during Android development because it violates the single-thread model) When I first started to use Android Thread Programming, I used to be like Java and tried to use the followingCodeSolve the

Android view and surfaceview

In Android games, only the control class is the display Class View. Surfaceview is a display class derived from the view base class.Three commonly used views in android game development are view, surfaceview, and glsurfaceview. View: display view,

Android contentprovider Summary

1. Applicable scenarios 1) contentprovider provides a unified interface for data storage and reading. 2) use contentprovider to applyProgramData sharing 3) Many of the android built-in data is in the contentprovider format for developers to

Traceview of Android debugging tools

Traceview is a good performance analysis tool on the Android platform. It allows us to understand what we want to track in a graphical way.ProgramAnd can be specific to the method. Traceview version restrictions For Android 1.5 And the following

Android Data Format Parsing object JSON usage

  1. JSON concept: A lightweight data exchange format with good readability and ease of writing, allowing data exchange between different platforms. JSON adopts a highly compatible text format and has behaviors similar to the C language system.

Android simulator ADB command Introduction

The tools folder of the SDK contains the android simulator operation's Important Command ADB. ADB is called Android debug bridge, which is the role of the debugging bridge. The tools folder of the SDK contains the android simulator operation's

Android ADB Tool

The tools folder of the SDK contains the android simulator operation's Important Command ADB. ADB is called Android debug Bridge, which serves as the debugging bridge. With this tool, you can manage the status of a device or mobile phone simulator

Httpurlconnection for Android

1. httpurlconnectionConnectionURL1) create a URL object URL url = new URL ( ); 2) use the httpurlconnection object to obtain webpage data from the network Httpurlconnection conn = (httpurlconnection) URL. openconnection ();

TabHost layout for Android

1.Concept The container that holds the Tab is TabHost. There are two ways to implement TabHost: The first method inherits TabActivity and obtains TabHost from TabActivity using the getTabHost () method. The content of each Tab can be defined in the

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