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Preface I have been studying Android for a while. In order to further understand how Android applications are designed and developed, I decided to study several open-source Android applications in detail. From some open-source applications to absorb

Android FLASH application-Alpha 2.0

Preface Two months have passed since the last release of Alpha, and applications have not been developed in the middle of the last month. Therefore, Alpha is released this time. Major updates In the previous version, only the most basic flash list

Problems encountered during Android JNI development.

1. undefined reference to '_ cxa_end_cleanup' $ (Ndk_home)/sources/cxx-STL/gnu-libstdc ++/libs/armeabi/libsupc ++. Add to the end of local_ldlibs   2. you can create "OBJ/local/armeabi/objs/P2P/*** without rules /***. O "desired

Double-click a view on Android

Android does not have double-click events by default. I don't know why ~~.. Not to mention, go directlyCode. First, add a double-click event interface: Public interface ondoubleclicklistener {public void onsingleclick (view V); Public void

Android: No launcher activity found!

[15:02:58-hqtdvr] Android launch![2011-12-09 15:02:58-hqtdvr] ADB is running normally.[2011-12-09 15:02:58-hqtdvr]No launcher activity found![2011-12-09 15:02:58-hqtdvr]The launch will only sync the application package on the device![2011-12-09 15:02

Android: Getting camera frame data Decoding

Because the camera Preview Data in android can only be in the imageformat. nv21 format, decoding should go through a twists and turns.   Camera mcamera = camera. open (); camera. parameters P = mcamera. getparameters (); p. setpreviewformat

FFmpeg 1.2 for Android dynamic library Compilation

It took two days to finally compile it! Now, riwater provides the configured files for you to download. We hope to save you some time. Latest FFMPEG version 1.2,If your version is different, modify the configuration file accordingly! Compiling

Create an android Activity

1First, create a project     2And fill in the properties of the project   3CreateActivityClass.EclipseUseAlt +/The shortcut key can automatically complete the parent class   4InREC/LayoutCreate a layout in the folderXMLPageNew-> others-

Android learning notes

1. The oncreate () method in the activity is mainly used to create an activity to complete initialization. Tools_text=(Textview) findviewbyid (R. Id. textview01 );Tools_button=(Button) findviewbyid (R. Id. tools_ OK

Basic tutorial for Android Program Development (2)

UseXMLOrchestration   What you just completed"Hello, world"The example is called"ProgramInformatization". This means that you can directly build your application interface.Source code. If you have already completed many interface programs, you

Basic tutorial for Android Program Development (3)

Debug your project   This is usedEclipseInAndroidPlug-inEclipseThe debugger in also has excellent compatibility. To demonstrate this, let's createBugInCode, Change yourHelloandroidSource codeAs follows:   Public class helloandroid extends

[Essential for Android Development] Summary of the android developer community

1. official Android Development website (occasionally walled, requiring a ladder) android The developer's official homepage is occasionally walled and has a large amount of information, but it is basically in English

Android simulator cannot be started

After eclipse and Android are configured according to the instructions on the internet, Use the command line Android create AVD-N []-T []. After creating AVD, use the run button of eclipse to start the simulator, then press run. The following

Android custom view-general view definition

Android applicationsProgramView and viewgroup are used to construct user interfaces. They all inherit from view classes (or their subclasses), such as button, textview, and edittext. Styles and animation can be combined with various views to build a

Common android music player operations

/* Variable Declaration */private ImageButton playBtn = null; // play and pause private ImageButton latestBtn = null; // The last private ImageButton nextButton = null; // The next private ImageButton forwardBtn = null; // fast forward to private

Multimedia files in android sdcard operations (1)-music list creation

Recently I made an android music player. I personally felt that the most difficult part was "playing back" and "playing list", but I finally found the implementation method. Different people may implement different methods. Here I will share some of

Multimedia files in android sdcard operations (2)-updating the music list

In the previous article, I introduced how to query the multimedia files in the sdcard in the program and display them in the playlist. However, if you delete or add some multimedia files in the sdcard, how can I update the playlist? Here I will

Android resolution support

For Android resolution support, please refer to the official documents for free time during the World Cup and translate the official documents. Resolution issues are of great interest to everyone (720 × 480 will be a tragedy), and the official

Android music player-download songs through webview

Recently, I added a function for downloading online songs to my own music player. Although I haven't done the downloading function yet, I finally started it. The downloading is done, not far from the target. The android player supports "download and

Achieve Android image rounded corners

Here we will introduce a major method, which is also found on the internet and sorted out here... For emergency purposes public static Bitmap toRoundCorner(Bitmap bitmap, int pixels) { Bitmap output = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap.getWidth(),

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