RORO Android development video tutorial (Android common layout introduction) 5 sets

(Introduction to common layout of Android) Introduction to common layout attributes of AndroidHttp:// (Introduction to common android la s) Introduction to Android linear la sHttp://

Three sets of Android Development Video tutorials (Android parsing XML files)

Lao LuoAndroid DevelopmentThree sets of video tutorials (Android parsing XML files) RORO Android development video tutorial (Android parsing XML files) episode 1 (Android parsing XML files)Http:// RORO Android

Share the android test source code

I. High-quality video tutorials1.RORO Android development video tutorial(More typical tutorials are being created)Http:// 2.Video tutorial on Mars Android Development(More typical tutorials are being

Activity layout and instances in Android

  1. How to Use linearlayoutSome unfamiliar component parameters:/** Center vertically */Android: gravity = "center_vertical"Note: The Dip format has nothing to do with screen resolution and is applicable to various screens./** Set single

Network programming error in Android

Download on Android 2.3Program, Run on Android 4.0Android. OS. networkonmainthreadexceptionException. In 4.0, the access network cannot be performed in the main program. There are two solutions. One is to add in the main program: // For details,

Android layout XML Summary

Common attributes: JavaCodeAssociate the control with btn1 Android: Id = "@ + ID/btn1"   Widget width Android: layout_width = "80px" // "80dip" or "80dp" Android: layout_width = "wrap_content" Android: layout_width = "match_parent"  

Uri usage in Android intent

IntentIt should be something special in Android. You can specifyProgramThe action to be executed (such as view, edit, dial), andMaterials. After all settings are specified, you only need to call startactivity (), AndroidSystemWill automatically find

Learning about Android threads

When the applicationProgramAt startup, the system creates a process for it, and also creates a thread named main, creating all its components, and processing system events, the system callback and other application-related tasks run in the main

A large collection of views for Android Study Notes (personal notes)

Make a small sign-inProgram, Fill in the sign-in information in the first activity. Then it is displayed in the second activity. As you can see, this program involves textview, edittext, spinner, radiogroup, radiobutton, button, and listview

The android development environment is finally ready!

The android development environment is still relatively safe. After reading the previous tutorials on the Internet, the home network speed is too slow. After waiting for a long time, I finally installed the environment. First, take a few pictures:

Responsive Design of Android applications

Source Address: $ {Android-SDK-Windows}/docs/GUIDE/practices/design/responsiveness.html You wroteCode It may be able to pass all the performance tests in the world, but users may go crazy when using your application. Because your application

Share the source code of 45 Android instances, which is very powerful. Add to favorites !!!

Andriod alarm clockSource codeHttp:// Android source code sharingProgramHttp:// Gravity sensing test program andriod SourceCodeHttp://

10 classic open-source Android applications

Android development will bring about a new wave of popularity. Many developers have invested in this wave and created many excellent applications. Many developers provide open-source applications and contribute their wisdom and creativity. Learning

Android Development NOTE 1 (Open Mobile Alliance-Open Handset Alliance)

(This article is from the android bus Development Network) What is the Open Mobile Alliance?Open Handset Alliance: A Global connection between Google and Google in the United States announced in November 5, 2007.Alliance organization. This

Android developer video tutorial (Android parses JSON data) 4 sets

Lao LuoAndroid DevelopmentVideo tutorial (Android parses JSON data) 4 sets RORO Android development video tutorial (Android parses JSON data) first set Android parses JSON dataHttp:// RORO Android development

Android development originality set

Content: 1, Teach you how to implement youdao cloud note (1) 2, Teach you how to implement youdao cloud note (2) 3, Teach you how to implement youdao cloud

Android development tutorial Summary

I. Latest activities1. Android bus invites moderators Http:// point mall gift exchange Http:// Id = auction3. Sina guanbo's Ticket delivery event

25 sets of Android Development Video tutorials (commonly used Android UI programming)

(Android common UI programming) how to display rich texts in textviewHttp:// (Commonly used Android UI programming) The second set of textview displays emoticon images and textHttp://

Eight open-source Android game engines

Many new Android game developers tend to be confused, and they often do not know where to start. Whenever they encounter problems that they cannot solve, and often will envy iPhone under a free game engine such as Cocos2d-iphone available, while

Use of Android TabHost

There are two ways to implement the tab View in android. One is to define the label in the layout page, and the other is to inherit tabactivity. however, I prefer the second method. It should be because if the page is complex, your XML file will be

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