Android core analysis

A good article!AndroidCore analytics If you haven't seen it, you may want to see it, but it's a bit complicated. Why do we need to study android? Because it is huge enough and complicated enough, he stirred me up asProgramMember's innerDesire,

Several suggestions for learning Android development well -- it is important to select teaching materials.

Hello everyone, I am the webmaster of the android bus and also an android development enthusiast. I should say that I am an android development enthusiast and then the webmaster of the android bus. I learned about Android for the first time when I

Android client-based Renren open platform development series (with source code)

  Description of Android-based Renren open platform developmentHttp://   Android-basedRenrenApplication Development Process Http://  

Android learning notes series tutorials

AndroidStudy Notes Series Android Application Development Notes (1): Call and send SMS, receive SMS interface, send email (call, dial, smsmanager, broadcast, email) Android Application Development Notes (2): Read the contact information

Android OpenGL ES development tutorial Summary

  Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (1): IntroductionAndroid OpenGL ES development tutorial (2): About OpenGL ESAndroid OpenGL ES development tutorial (3): OpenGL ES pipeline (pipeline)Android OpenGL ES development tutorial (4): OpenGL es api

Electronic piano source code for Android Development

This example mainly uses the knowledge of Android gesture and mediaplayer. there is no problem with the gesture part. We can use the Event code defined in motionevent to determine the status of the current gesture (press or release)

Android learning and development path ~~ Series tutorials

Android Learning and Development Path 1 --: helloworld exampleAndroid Learning and Development 2-dynamic generation Interface Android learning and development 3-custom View Android 4-Image Display imageview Android Learning and Development

Android development entry 14th

Android Entry 1 Http:// Introduction to Android: linearlayout and absolutelayoutHttp:// Introduction to Android: relativelayout and

Android can basically achieve coverflow through pseudo 3D Transformation

Anyone who has used Android's own gallery component knows that the effect of gallery is to drag and browse a group of images, which is obviously inferior to coverflow used to drag and browse images on the iPhone. In fact, you can extend gallery and

Android Development Project outsourcing, a total of three orders

Seek a developer: andriod ApplicationProgramDevelopmentRequirements: 1. Shenzhen local2. Connect special devices to the application control program of mid (Android platform ).3. Individual engineersHttp://

Overview of tabhost tutorial instances on the android user interface

1. Basic tabhost tutorial 1. The most comprehensive Android tab and tabhost Http:// Tabhost and tabwidget in Chapter 11th of Android beginners Http:// Android --- UI ---

Teach you how to write an android Project @ Phase I project-ID card query innovation (project summary)

My first project tutorial was successfully completed. This article will share ideas and some of my experiences with you. During the study period, do not just relax yourself after completing the project during the improvement phase. Make sure to

Android Learning Guide

I sorted out the contents of this android Learning Guide. Directory Lecture 1: setting up the android Development Environment Lecture 2: Architecture Analysis of the Android system and application directory structure analysis Lecture 3: Use of

21 Android development tutorials (strongly recommended, almost every one is an excellent tutorial)

RecommendationHellogv's 21 Android development tutorials are the essence of almost every article, which deserves the reference of many developers! Http:// Mediaplayer for Android

Develop an outsourcing project for Android development. We welcome the outsourcing team to harass us.

I want to doAndroidPassword verification in the environmentProgram, The detailed requirements are as follows:1. One end of the mobile phone data line is connected to the mobile phone, and the other end is connected to a chip.2. Open the application,

The collection of small Android projects (Classic tutorial) contains 15 Android development Application Instances

  A small Android project-the calculator uses the same event listener to complete addition, subtraction, and multiplication A small Android project --- checkbox calculator (with source code) How to install the SDK on a mobile phone Android

Android development from entry-level to proficient

Note: All the articles listed in this topic are written by internationally renowned scholars, professors, senior engineers from well-known companies such as IBM Google. If any reference is provided, indicate the source. Thank you. Android is a

SeekBar tutorial instance summary on the android user interface

  I. SeekBar tutorial1. SeekBar-drag progress bar control in Android Http:// Example of the Android progress bar (ProgressBar) drag bar (SeekBar) Star slider (RatingBar) Http://

Android bus developer salon Shanghai session. We invite you to join us.

The theme of the first phase of the android bus salon is: exploring opportunities for grassroots developers in the mobile Internet era. We invited Dong boying, founder of the alert clock, Wang Jun, CEO of testin, and Xu Yu, China Technical Director

Overview of WebView tutorial instances on the android user interface

1. WebView tutorial1. Android --- UI --- WebView (network view)Http:// webview learning recordsHttp:// Use WebView, WebChromeClient, and WebViewClient in Android to load

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