Android implements text links in textview

Android implements text links in textview There are many ways to implement text links in textview in Android.In summary, there are four types:1. when the URL, email, and phone number appear in the text, you can set the Android: autolink attribute

Precautions for the loaddata method of Android webview

The HTML data in loaddata () cannot contain '#', '% ','\','? '4th special character. If this character is displayed, A parsing error occurs, indicating that some HTML characters are not found on the webpage.Code. What should I do? We need to encode

Android help, about, author, help, and other prompt pages

In Android, the help, about, and author prompt pages are frequently used. Pages like this: This page can be designed through the alertdialog dialog box. Design an aboutdialog class to inherit from alertdialog Public class aboutdialog

Android mediaplayer usage

1) how to obtain a mediaplayer instance: You can use the new method directly: Mediaplayer MP = new mediaplayer (); You can also use the Create method, such: Mediaplayer MP = mediaplayer. Create (this, R. Raw. Test); // you do not need to

Android unable to resolve target 'android-x'

Import an android example todayProgramThe error "unable to resolve target 'android-8'" is returned. At first, I thought it was not a package or phonegap was not configured. But after a long time, I still reported an error. Finally, Google discovered

Use microlog4android to write logs from Android to SD card files

Recently, when working on the andoird project, we often encounter different machine models on the client side, resulting inProgramThere is a bug problem, and we cannot locate the exact location of this bug (because there is no log file ). So I

Android adaptive screen size and Layout

I. Different LayoutThe screen sizes of Android mobile phones vary from 480X320,640x360,800x480,854 X. How can an app automatically adapt to different screens? In fact, it is very simple, just need to create different layout folder under the res

Android horizontal and vertical screen Switching

During Android development, the onconfigurationchanged event is triggered when the screen changes from Portrait evaluation to landscape evaluation by default. By default, the screen is reloaded and the screen is the same as the landscape evaluation,

Android table effect-the row-changing feature of listview

First, inherit simpleadapter Package util; import Java. util. list; import Java. util. map; import android. content. context; import android. graphics. color; import android. view. view; import android. view. viewgroup; import android.

Android's gridview and gallery combined with demo

Demo Introduction: the home page is a gridview loaded image. Three pictures are displayed on the vertical screen, and four pictures are displayed on the horizontal screen. The image size is limited and the gray border is added. Clicking an image

Android boot auto-Start Program

Background: when Android is started, it sends out a system broadcast with the content action_boot_completed.The constant of the string is Android. Intent. Action. boot_completed. As longProgramAnd then startYou can. Remember, the android framework

Android learning-layout tablelayout table layout

Table layout contains a series of tablerow objects for defining rows (you can also use other sub-objects, which will be explained later ). The table layout does not display table lines for its rows, columns, and cells. Each row can contain more than

Android learning-detailed explanation of Android data transmission (serialization, parcelable, parcel, intent, bundle)

This article is from the network... For your reference, the data transmission methods between the first and fourth components are as follows: the four main components are started through the intent object. The intent function includes the four major

Android learning-how to disable all activities

Activity declaration cycleMethod 1We know that the window class of Android provides a historical stack, and we can implement it skillfully through the stack principle. Here we add the intent icon directly to window a when window a opens window B.

Comparison between iPhone and Android

Reprinted: Framework IPhone CocoaFoundation (Mac OS XCommon) Uikit Android JavaSDK AndroidFramework MVC IPhone Model

Android Memory leakage and debugging

Reprinted: I. Android memory mechanism Android Program It is written in Java, so the memory management of Android is similar to that of Java. The programmer allocates memory for the object through new,

Android edittext interception and listening for input events

Http:// 1. Method 1: UseSetonkeylistener ()However, this method can only listen to hard Keyboard Events. 1 edittext. setonkeylistener ( New View. onkeylistener () { 2 @ override 3 Public

How to build an android development environment in Windows

Android SDK 2.2 Development Environment setup (1) installation is required. (The following are the necessary software and tools for Android development) 1.1 install JDK. Android currently supports the following JDK versions: Jdk1.5, jdk1.6 If not

Hide and display popupwindow in Android (showatlocation/showasdropdown)

reprint: the previous article details the usage of popupwindow (Position, animation, and focus). For details, see the usage of popupwindow in Android (Position, animation, and

Android string-array data source is easy to use

In Android, string-array is a simple method for extracting XML resource file data. Example: Put the corresponding data in the arrays. xml file in the values folder. Xiamen Fuzhou Quanzhou zhangzhou City Longyan city Then, directly

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