Android: HTTP thread error after sdk4.0.3 is used. Android: HTTP

Today, I suddenly found a problem.Org. Apache. HTTPWhen loading data, an error is reported suddenly. After a long time, it turns out to be an SDK problem. For more information about HTTP operations, see Android: HTTP. After testing, an error is

Android: must override a superclass Method

Android often has this problem during the eclipse import project. Many statements about the @ override mark error are as follows: "Eclipse uses Java 1.5 for compilation by default when no settings are made.Code, So this problem often occurs.

Android startup Interface

When starting an app, you often have a startup interface. You can simply set the lunch image in IOS. However, to achieve this effect in AndroidCodeSet manually. The idea is also very simple. There is only one figure to start the view, so that it can

Android: Get the resource ID with getidentifier ()

A problem occurs in the project. After obtaining the image name, call the image. Directly use R. drawable .? Cannot be called. Solution: There are two main methods. I suggest the second method.1. Save the image in a SRC package instead of

Implementation of the tutorial function when Android first uses the app

As the title says, the first installation is required.ProgramThen, the guideline for the first run guides you to use the features of the program. In fact, it is nothing more than making a judgment on the homepage and judging the corresponding logo

MVP on Android

Model View presenter Model Data Class View class presenter processing logic processing class Note that there is usually an interface between presenter and view.   View (activity) Package Com. examples; Import Com. Examples.

Android: Unit dip, PX, PT, SP

Dip: Device Independent pixels (device independent pixel ). different devices have different display effects, which are related to the hardware of the device. We recommend that you use this function to support WVGA, hvga, and qvga without pixels.

Android: how to set the default value after data is filled in by the spinner [Android]

For details about the basic functions of the spinner, refer to androidgui03: common skills of the spinner.   Update: The project has an interface that uses the choice of the spinner and then automatically reload the listview. At the beginning,

Android: Landscape | portrait switchover

You canConfigure screen discovery in androidmanifest. xml. Add this line to Android: screenorientation = "Landscape/portrait"   In Android, the activity is restarted when the screen is switched. You can save the status of the current activity

Android: Make tabwidget at the bottom

XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8" ?> Tabhost Xmlns: Android = "Http://" Android: ID = "@ Android: ID/tabhost" Android: layout_width = "Fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "Fill_parent" >

Android: universal: Text and image and screen adaptation

ArticleDirectory String Image   Related content: Android: Unit: dip, PX, PT, SP Android: style and theme Android: Landscape | portrait switchover String     Values-ZH // Chinese   string name = "

Android cannot install apidemos

  Re-installation failed due to different application signatures. You must perform a full uninstall of the application. Warning: This will remove the Application Data! Please execute 'adb uninstall com. example. Android. APIs 'in a shell.

Android: ddms view threadsddms view threads status

From: ddms view threads status SometimesProgramRunning deadlocks or freezing of semaphores is a tough issue.CodeIt is difficult to analyze and locate the problem. At this time, you can use ddms to view the running status of threads. Connect the

Android: tabhost without tabactivity

The tabactivity class has expired. To use tab, you can directly inherit the activity, but you must modify it accordingly. Tabhost = gettabhost (); changed Tabhost = (tabhost) findviewbyid (Android. R. Id. tabhost );   Add  

Android: menu. xml

XMLVersion="1.0"Encoding="UTF-8"?> LinearlayoutXmlns: Android=Http://" Android: layout_width="Fill_parent" Android: layout_height="110dip" Android: Orientation="Horizontal" Android: padding="10dip"

Android. content. urimatcher

The document has been well understood: Utility Class to aid in matching URIs in content providers. To use this class, build up a treeUrimatcherObjects. For example: Private

Android: onkeydown

The android project's return key is sometimes difficult to handle. When listening for the physical key, you can use the onkeydown method. The activity already has the keyevent. Callback interface, because the project uses fragment and fragment

Android fragments Loader

Http:// /? S = Fragment   Https:// Launcher = false & fcscontent = true & pbmode = normal   // List Fragment String [] Locations = getresources (). getstringarray (R. array.

Android: videoview

OnlineCodeMost of them are similar: Private Static Progressdialog; Public String video_url; Private Mediacontroller; @ override Protected Void Oncreate (bundle savedinstancestate ){ // Todo auto-generated method stub Super .

Unit Testing in Android Development

1. The test class must be extends androidtestcase. 2. the test method must start with test and throw an exception. 3. Create a new class to be tested in the test method, and then test its function. (Often usedAssert. assertequals (A, B );)

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