Android research-Gui framework-simple view rendering process for Android

A gui system has several major functions to do: input (event), GDI (output, such as skia Library), widget (Basic Control + Container Control + layout Control) window (containing widgets and providing the place for drawing). With the above basic

Android OpenGL ES

It seems that there are not many development materials on opengles for Android. I have seen a foreigner write on a foreign website. It is very well written and clear, I will share with you the following six parts: 1. settingup view:

Customize the titlebar layout of the android title bar

Customize the titlebar layout of the android title bar Many users find that their androidProgramThe titlebar area of the title bar is monotonous. If you want to personalize the title bar, you can use the following method for the title of your

[Reprinted] Four Data Storage Methods on the Android platform

Most of what we are familiar Software They all have a typical feature, and the existing data can be used to obtain the corresponding results based on different needs. For example, office software such as officeword, Excel, and PowerPoint are

Use strictmode in Android 2.3

The ANR window is generated for a variety of reasons.ProgramThe main thread is blocked because of Io read/write or network congestion, external storage devices are monopolized, or the system load is too high (that is, it is not a problem of

Android Learning View and Composite Application

One composite mode Combine objects into a tree structure to represent the "part-whole" hierarchy. Composite makes the use of operations on a single object and the combined object consistent. This involves the operation of a single object

Android boot process from power on

Statement: Original address:, thisArticleIt is based on the translation of this article. The translation is not good, please smile -):   1. Power on and boot Rom Code

Concepts and understanding of apjplication for Android

Android Application I. Overview The frameworks used earlier: VC-based MFC and MTK platform development; the similarities between the two platforms are: Application-based development; MFC is an application-based document/view method, and each

Out of memory error in Android-Part 1

In the previous article, we didn't talk about it in too much detail. Here we will talk about it in detail:   1. What is outofmemoryerror: Official reference:Thrown when a request for memory is made that can not be satisfied using the available

Android memory usage

As we all knowProgramOOM is easy to appear, and most of the time is triggered by bitmap Decode: Error/androidruntime (16350): Java. Lang. outofmemoryerror: bitmap size exceeds VM budget We know that the memory of the android program is generally

Android audio system [pretty good zz]

Address:   0. Special terms 1. Physical Structure 2. System Architecture   This article uses the Freescale IMX platform codec alc5625 as an example. 0. Special terms

About Android audio architecture [zz]

Address: The rapid rise of Android system, surpassing iOS and Symbian, has become the largest smart device operating system. Its share is also expanding rapidly, and a large number of multimedia devices will

Asynctask in Android

Android asynctask InProgramProcessing will inevitably encounter time-consuming operations, such as accessing the network, downloading data, and accessing the database,How can time-consuming operations exist? The interface display interaction

Animation learning in Android

Animation in Android: Tween animation: A gradient animation is generated by constantly performing image transformations (translation, scaling, and rotation) on objects in the scenario; Frame Animation: it is an animation for converting

Android learns key event monitoring and command mode

Android learns key event monitoring and command mode   1. Command mode Intent: Encapsulate a request as an object so that you can parameterize the customer with different requests; Queue or record request logs for requests and support

Android Startup Process

In this topic you will learn some information about android process management. First let's take a look at the launched processes during Android booting. User PID ppid vsize RSS wchan PC name Root 1 0 264 176 c00acc6c unzip c36c S/init Root 28

[Reprint] Use bundle to transmit messages between Android activities

ProgramThe effect is that activity a redirects to B and sends a string while Activity B reads the string. Define a new activity in androidmanifest. XML, target: XML Code XML Version="1.0" Encoding="UTF-8"?> Manifest Xmlns:

[Reprinted] The Listener is canceled after the program is disabled in Android.

The listener that receives text messages will always be in the background, even if Program The listener will always exist and activate the main program when receiving the message. In general design, this is not the case because it is a waste of

Android learning-Application of activitymanager and proxy Modes

  Android learning-Application of activitymanager and proxy Modes One proxy Mode Intent: Provides a proxy for other objects to control access to this object. Applicability: L remote proxy: provides a local representation of an object in

Understanding and Application of Adapter and Bridge modes in Android

Understanding and Application of Adapter and Bridge modes in Android  One Adapter Mode Intent: Converts an interface of a class to another interface that the customer wants. The Adapter mode allows the classes that cannot work together due to the

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