Sooner or later, Apple IOS surpassed android.

Although Apple has achieved great success since its launch, Apple's closed attitude and nearly rigorous review system will eventually destroy IOS's good performance in the market. Maybe iOS will eventually face the same market share as OS X.  

The Firefox 4 Android test version was launched, and the download test was in progress.

Let's see what Firefox is doing.   APP tiger xiaobian just received an email from Mozilla-androidFirefox 4Beta 1 is now available for download.In the browser war, everyone has their own preferences. Now PC is no longer the only battlefield.

Debug Android programs through WiFi

See some onlineProgramThe writing is very complicated, and basically requires root. For licensed machines, the root may lose the warranty. Therefore, do not use root as much as possible. If you have root, you can select adbwireless, which is very

[Translation] Android Application basics> job stacks and kinship (activities and tasks)

In Android, an activity component can activate another activity component (which may belong to another application ).Program). If the new activated Activity component belongs to another application, the activity component runs in the Process of

[Translation] Android Application basics> application components)

Android applicationsProgramIt is mainly written in Java. Android provides a tool named aapt to package compiled Java binary files (. Class) and required data and resources into an APK package. You can install this APK package on Android devices. An

Android shares multiple activity processes by sharing user IDs.

Implement multiple applications by sharing user IDsProgramUsing the same process can also make these applications share memory. 1. Process status verification when multiple activities in the same package in the same APK are called [1] Create a

What is Android)

What is Android? Android is a software stack for mobile devices. It includes operating systems, middleware, and key applications. Android SDK providesProgramming LanguageDevelop applicationsProgramNecessary tools and APIs. Features * The

Translated official Android documents

Performance Design Android applicationsProgramMobile devices are limited by their computing capabilities, storage space, and battery life. Therefore, it must be efficient. Battery life may be a reason for your optimization, even if it seems to be

Android study notes 50: Use the webview control to browse webpages

In Android, you can use the webview control to browse webpages. By using this control, we can make a simple browser, as shown in figure 1. Figure 1 Running Effect   1. webview When using the webview control, you must first define a

Android is about to share an air tour with you

After Android intrude your smartphone, TV, or even household appliances, you may want to ask, "What is the next goal of this Android operating system ?" I am sure to answer you, "airplane ". Thales and Panasonic are both planning to implement

Android SDK 2.2 Development Environment Installation

This document describes the installation process of the android SDK, including: Android SDK 2.2, eclipse 3.5.2 (Galileo), and andoid development tools (ADT) plugin. One premise is that you have installed JDK 6.0 or JDK. The path contains the JDK

Android web development Quick Start

This article from: In general, it is to develop web pages for mobile devices. With the advent of the 3G era and the continuous advancement of browser technology, more and more people begin to leave the

The Android version of Skype accelerates the end of the traditional communication age

Skype has finally released its Android version. If you only have Android phones, you would have to be jealous of those Android phones with iPhones or Verizon, because these phones can run Skype, you can make international long-distance calls for

Release of jquery mobile-Support for iOS, BlackBerry, and Android platforms

The jquery development team officially released the jquery mobile Project (Jquery mobileProject. This is indeed a pleasure for developers of iOS, Android, and other mobile operating system platforms.   According to jquery mobile project's

Sony considers making Android full seats

It was reported that Sony was not satisfiedAndroidWe are working on a few cell phones, televisions, and Blu-ray players. We are considering making an android player. In the end, at least a series of powerful Android platforms will be used to consume

Rejected by jobs, Adobe entered android with grief

The relationship between adobe and apple is very interesting. Adobe seems to have a deep passion for Apple and has repeatedly expressed its affection for Apple's iOS platform. However, Apple did not accept the situation, and Steve Jobs repeatedly

Asus began to favor the Android Market

As one of the world's leading manufacturers, Asus acknowledges that it is focusing on Android devices, although it is also developing Windows Phone 7 devices.At present, many other companies are watching to see which OS in the mobile operating

Use a simple method to compare Android mobile phones

We have already said 1 million times: Everything Android offers you is a choice. Thanks to the openness of the platform, Google's operating system has developed rapidly. Every month, new Android devices are surging, And neither sales nor user data

Android PK Windows Mobile-in fact, WM is much better than imagined

Android is currently the most popular mobile operating system. With the support behind Google and excellent network application experience, it takes only a short time to occupy the market. On the other hand, Windows Mobile, as you can see, Microsoft

Cocos2d-x for Android & iOS Development Environment configuration best practices

This article is the continuation of my previous article. You can read it first. These days have been studying the development of Cocos2d-x at the same time in Android and iOS, there are a few points of experience and inconvenience, Development

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