Some common android command prompt (CMD) commands

I have introduced how to configure environment variables for the android SDK in "android basics using eclipse to build an android development environment and create the first Android Project". Now it is useful, we can use these Android commands

Android sends XML data to the server over HTTP

You can load or read an XML file to obtain its data, and then treat the obtained data as an entity, and send it to the server using the output stream through the HTTP protocol, on the server side, you can obtain the relevant data by obtaining the

Analysis of Android: installlocation

Android: installlocation is introduced in froyo (Android 2.2, API level: 8). By setting this attribute, developers and users can decideProgramInstallation location. Android: installlocation is affiliated with the manifest node in androidmanifest.

Call the Contacts Database in Android (froyo) to add, delete, modify, and query contacts and groups. The effect diagram and source code are provided.

Note: ThisProgramBased on froyo. The program contains some froyo built-in contacts source code. The project code is UTF-8, based on 2.2 Main content: 1. add, delete, modify, and query contacts: Quickcontactbadge is used when all contacts are

Android-like Xiaomi notes

Statement: ThisProgramIt is not used for commercial purposes and is only used for technical learning. Around the world, Xiaomi notes feature powerful interface appearance, called the android most powerful notes program. With a learning attitude,

Warning: No instrumentation runner found for the launch, using Android. Test. instrumentationtestrunne

Androidmanifest. xml Android: Name = "android. Test. instrumentationtestrunner" Android: targetpackage = "com. MyApp. Tests" Android: Label = "myapptests"/> 1. inherit from the androidtestcase class. 2. The assert Class determines whether the

45 sets of exquisite (Android, iPhone, and iPad) mobile phone interface design materials and line diagram design tools

ArticleDirectory Android 2.2 Gui Big Block UI Stencel Kit Flex 3 stencel Browser form elements PSD Samsung i9000 Galaxy S. PSD Motorola Droid 2 Illustrator template for iPhone Small GUI pack Keynote wireframe

Android uses http get/post to submit data to the server

1. Get Method Method: add the corresponding data after the URL, such as http: // 8080/videonews/getinfoservlet? Title = Hobbit & timelength = 100; Disadvantage: the data submitted in get mode can only send less than 2 K of data,

Android activity jump Methods

1. display the call method intent = new intent (this, otheractivity. Class); // method 1 intent intent2 = new intent (); intent2.setclass (this, otheractivity. Class); // method 2

Four startup modes of Android Activity

When the application runs, a thread is enabled, and a job stack is run in the thread.ActivityAfter the instance is created, it is placed in the task stack.Activity startupThe mode is set inAndroidmanifest.XMLFile, through the

Android basics: Associate SDK source code with es and view SDK source code

During Android Application Development, we sometimes need to view the source code of a class or interface to learn how to use a class or implement an interface, viewing the source code helps us to learn how the underlying layer of an encapsulated

Android request HTTP Basic Authentication MVC web API implements a restful implementation based on HTTP Basic Authentication authentication. The authorizeattribute is implemented as follows: 1 Public Class Httpbasicauthorizeattribute: system. Web. http. authorizeattribute 2

Android Bluetooth communication.

Here we useRFCOMM is a simple serial linear simulation protocol that provides RS232 control and status signals. That is, a serial port (COM) transmission protocol with a baud rate of BITs and 8 bits. Therefore, mobile phone Bluetooth can

Android-based project Structure Analysis

In "android basics using eclipse to build an android development environment and create the first Android Project", we used the Eclipse plug-in ADT to create our first Android project and used tools to develop the android project, we need to be

Android development: environment construction and problem solving

1. install Java SDK : Http:// Install the latest version: Java SE 7170. After installation, configure the environment: Choose my computer> Properties> advanced> environment

How to encapsulate HTML5 into an Android app APK File

Recently, I want to encapsulate my mobile website into APK. I found this article.Article, Refer:   As the next-generation Web page language, HTML5 has many new features that have long been expected. One of the advantages of HTML5 is its ability

Android development: full screen and exit full screen

XMLCode: Button Android: ID= "@ + ID/button5"Android: layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android: layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android: Text= "@ String/fullscreen"Android: onclick= "Changescreen"/>   Java code: Private Static Boolean Isfull =

Android development: Put the mobile version website into APK

This . Requestwindowfeature (window. feature_no_title); Super. oncreate (savedinstancestate); setcontentview (R. layout. activity_m2); webview = New Webview ( This ); Webview. getsettings (). setusewideviewport ( True ); Webview. getsettings ().

Android development: exit the program (dialog box, two return keys Exit)

PostCode: Public Void Exitclick (view) {alertdialog. Builder AA = New Alertdialog. Builder ( This ); AA. settitle ( "Message prompt" ); AA. setmessage ( "Are you sure you want to exit? " ); AA. seticon (R. drawable. Icon); AA.

Ant compilation android Project

Prerequisites: jdk + ant1.8 + android-sdk must be installed first. 1. In the \ android-sdk \ tools directory. Android. bat list targets This command can list the IDs used for the following-t parameters. Create a project: Android create project-k com.

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