Android learning notes, first known as Android .. DVM and JVM

Android is an open-source Linux-based operating system. One of the core content of Android is DVM, which is the Dalvik virtual machine. It differs from the traditional JVM: 1. Architecture differences: the former is based on Reg (in CPU), and the

[Based Android] Android sensor introduction (3) how to obtain the user's mobile direction and the principle of the compass

Good evening ~ Today, I will continue to share with you the second important sensor. In fact, it is very easy to get the direction.ArticleA type_orientation keyword indicates that the device's moving direction can be directly obtained. However, the

[Based Android] Android sensor introduction (2) refresh the UI in the thread to create an android Dynamometer

PreviousArticleBytes. One problem we mentioned is that the sensor refresh frequency is too fast. If we need to draw a moving arrow Based on the direction data in a UI, We need to refresh the drawing interface too frequently, it consumes a lot of

How to Set full screen mode for Android

You can set the full screen mode for Android in either of the following ways:ProgramCodeThe other is to configure the manifest. xml file. The second method is recommended. The and labels in the manifest. xml file contain the Android: Theme

Solve Android error: Unknown option '-No-crunch'

Recently, the official website of Android developer provides the ADT 14 upgrade package. Many of you have chosen to upgrade the package. Then, during development, the following error message appears in the compilation project: Android

10 classic Android open-source projects (with source code package)

I recently took the time to study Android system development and I am also interested in Android learning. At the beginning, I tried to find several project source codes on the Internet, the following lists the android project source code. I hope it

Vcastr3.swf free open-source Android flvplayer details

I. Features of The FLV Video Player open-source version of vcastr 3.0 flash:Use as3.0 to re-write the playerThe player size is reduced to about 20 + K.You can configure the player using XML.You can play multiple videos and have a list of movies.You

Android Program Development Learning notes series-basics (with source code)

With the increasing popularity of Android and the continuous launch of various applications, I also coincidentally sent a telecom Android system custom machine during the broadband renewal in March, which prompted me to advance the learning plan

Android Design Pattern series (10)-SDK source code prototype

The CV family should easily understand the principles of the prototype, copy and paste it, and check whether the actual situation is modified. In fact, this is the prototype.From the Java perspective, the prototype mode has an obvious feature,

Android Design Pattern series (12)-SDK source code generator pattern (builder pattern)

The builder mode separates the constructor and representation, and produces a corresponding object based on the customer's needs.Originally, we implemented different specific concretebuilder Based on the builder interface to produce different

Android Design Pattern series (9)-SDK source code adapter Pattern

For Android Developers, the adapter mode is quite familiar. Many applications use the adapter mode, such as listview, directly or indirectly every day.Listview is used to display list data. However, as a list dataset, there are many forms, including

Android Design Pattern series (8)-factory method pattern of SDK source code

The factory method mode is often the beginner's Entry Mode of the design mode. Indeed, some people call it the most typical and most enlightening mode.There are too many factory classes in Android, which use the factory method mode. Of course, many

Android Design Pattern series (7)-SDK source code Command pattern

Command mode. In. net, the Java platform uses a lot of event mechanisms and deals with them almost every day.What impressed me most in Android is the multi-threaded Multi-process environment. Therefore, runbable and thread must be used in a large

Android Design Pattern series (6)-SDK source code-enjoy the metadata Pattern

The metadata mode gives me the feeling that an object pool is a cache singleton object.In Java, the most classic example of the enjoy meta mode is the string class, and the most easy to understand is the word document character sharing example,

Android Design Pattern series (5)-Memorandum pattern of SDK source code

Memorandum mode, at workCodeIn, or frequently used.For example,ProgramMembers like to write code, coding, and coding. At this time, the status is very high, but they always need to go to the toilet at intervals. The status is to relax and relax,

Android Design Pattern series (4)-template method pattern of SDK source code

The template method and Singleton mode are the simplest two modes in my opinion in gof 23.However, I personally admire the classic idea of the template method. Although the template method is not recommended in the case of a large logarithm, This

Android Design Pattern series (3)-SDK source code Singleton pattern

Singleton mode is the simplest of the 23 gof design modes.This mode is relatively independent from other modes. It is very interesting to control the number of Instantiation instances (instead of considering the instances generated for users, it is

Android Design Pattern series (2)-Observer Pattern of SDK source code

The observer pattern is a very common design pattern that can be seen everywhere in many systems, especially when the data status changes and needs to be notified.This article uses abstractcursor as an example to expand the analysis.The observer

Android Learning Series (34)-release of various advertisement platforms for apps

There are many Android advertising platforms and different markets have different levels of acceptance for each platform. Android Developers should consider the following two issues if they want to integrate advertising:(1) What advertisements are

Android Design Pattern series (11)-policy pattern of SDK source code

The rule mode is actually very simple (Do you feel relaxed when you hear this sentence ?).For example, the official team will tell you that there is an ISort sort () method for sorting, and then the folks will do their best to achieve this sort

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