Knowledge Summary of main components of Android applications

In the Android system, several main components are used for flexible organization to facilitate developers, without losing its dazzling effect. It is worth further understanding and learning, the figure below is a summary of the knowledge about

Summary of common data storage methods for Android applications

  Any SoftwareProgramIn essence, it exists to process data. In the Android system, four methods are often used for different situations, such as important data programs, data features, and read/write frequencies: Preference File SQLite

Android data sharing-content provider learning Summary

Content provider as an Android ApplicationProgramOne of the four main components is to achieve data sharing among applications and enhance application reuse. For example, You Need To Obtain Address Book information on your mobile phone during

Test the Android app with happy phone

Some time ago, I started a new happy phone. At that time, I came with the leos1.0 version (corresponding to android1.6 version). Last night, I refreshed Lenovo's official leos2.0 system with great anxiety, with this day, I feel like I have improved

Android sets different formats for the same string

Use the spannablestringbuilder object to save the string and use its setspan method to set different formats. Int start = 0;Txtcontent((textview1_findviewbyid( content_help );Spannablestringbuilder mspannable = new spannablestringbuilder ();

Network Management for Android

/**  * Test connectivitymanager  * Connectivitymanager manages network connection-related operations.  * Telephonymanager manages information related to mobile phones and carriers, and wifimanager manages information related to wifi.  *

Android asynchronous Processing

Original article to: Asynctask It seems that the changed connect () method is available, but this method is anonymous.ThreadThere are defects: first, the thread overhead is large. If

Android video playback and progress bar Synchronization

First, get the video playback length to set the max and videobbar of seekbar. setmax (mediaplayer. getduration (), and then obtain the video playing time in real time through the thread to update seekbar and videobbar. setprogress (mediaplayer. the

Android system architecture

The Android system uses a layered architecture that consists of four layers: application layer, framework layer, system Runtime Library, and Linux kernel. The application layer is mainly used to run Android applications.ProgramIncluding system

Download the Android system source code

I. Overview As we all know, the Android mobile operating system is launched to all corners of the world on the premise that Google has spent a lot of financial, material, and manpower to openSource code(Of course, it is not completely open to all),

Baseadapter for Android basic classes

Baseadapter for Android applications Program It is a commonly used basic data adapter. It is mainly used to transmit a set of data to UI display components such as listview, spinner, gallery, and gridview. It inherits from the interface adapter, 1.

Use shape to beautify the android Control

In addition to using images such as drawable, we can talk about the custom image shape method today. The following attributes such as shape, gradient, stroke, and corners are supported for the button control android. Let's take the selector of

Create and delete Desktop shortcuts for Android

Some users reported that after creating a shortcut, they cannot start it after clicking the shortcut.ProgramOr prompt "not installed", it seems that the New rom has been modified in the shortcut section (because this article was issued in May, it is

Broadcast Processing Mechanism of Android system

Broadcast in Android is widely used.ProgramCommunication is similar to the event processing mechanism. The difference is that broadcast processing is a system-level event processing process (generally event processing is a control-level process ).

Android sensor usage

Public class sensortest extends activity implements sensoreventlistener {sensormanager = NULL; // For each values textview outputx; textview outputy; textview outputz; // for orientation values textview outputx2; textview outputy2; textview outputz2;

Measure the test taker's understanding about the inter-process communication principles of the Android system. (1) -- the proxy mode in RPC

Process Communication in the Android system uses a lightweight RPC (Remote Procedure Call remote process call) and aidl (Android interface definination language) specification to generate two processes that can access each other. Code . RPC is

Resource Access knowledge in Android applications

Android, as a new mobile operating system, has many advantages for us to learn and understand. Here we mainly summarize the android applications.ProgramManagement and access to various resources in the development process can also be understood from

Android x86 experience

Android is currently the most promising operating system in the mobile Internet field. If you are shy or more convenient to experience this operating system, you can install an x86 version through a virtual machine, currently, the latest version is

Source code analysis of gears Android WiFi/base station positioning

ArticleSource: information of the author: Li xianjing BronchoA1 does not support the location of base stations and WiFi. In the old version of Android, networklocationprovider is available, which enables the

Android bitmap memory limit

Compile androidProgramWe will always encounter an OOM error. How did this error come from? Let's take a look at this exception: 08-14 05:15:04. 764: Error/dalvikvm-heap (264): 3528000-byte external allocation too large for this process.08-14 05:1

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