Android getting started tutorial (14) --- application of listview)

Hello everyone, now I can write a blog again. I have prepared Japanese for some time ago and now I am finished. What we want to talk about today isAndroidMediumListviewThe implementation is divided into four steps. I will explain them one by one:  

Android getting started tutorial (3) -- import existing Android engineering

Enable Android Project In the eclipse environment, select [file-> New-> project] from the menu in the upper left corner. The [new project] dialog box is displayed. eclipse is a common editing environment that supports the creation of many

Android getting started tutorial (22) -- tabhost, tabwidget)

This article from, reference must indicate the source! This time we will introduce the tab control of Android. The tab control can achieve the paging effect, so that the content of a screen can be as rich as possible.

Android getting started tutorial (18)-listview (2 ))

This article from   Listview is a commonly used control. Each item in the listview can be a string or a combination control. First, let's talk about the implementation of listview: 1. PrepareData ; 2. with

Android getting started tutorial (7) Five layout objects-framelayout, linearlayout, absolutelayout, relativelayout, tablelayout)

Hello everyone, let's talk about the five layout objects used by Android in this section. They are respectively framelayout (Framework layout: I don't know if they are translated in this way), linearlayout (linear layout ), absolutelayout (absolute

Getting started with Android (10)-menu function menu design

Hello everyone, today we are talking about the design of the android function menu, Program Two menu items are defined, one is "about" and the other is "exit". When you click "about", a new one is created. Toast Prompt: When you click "exit", we

Getting started with Android (9) -- getting the phone screen size displaymetrics

Hello everyone, This section describes how Android gets the screen size of a mobile phone. This section mainly uses three objects. Textview , Button , And Displaymetrics , Where Displaymetrics Is the Key class for getting the phone screen size.

Android getting started tutorial (8) -- Application of a simple button Event Response comprehensive prompt control toast

Hello everyone, in this section, we will combine the simple button Event Response to display the application of the toast control. In the previous section, we have learned. the button object is defined in XML. Today we will learn how to implement

(Original) Android getting started tutorial (6)-use the android SDK help documentation (English) to download the Chinese SDK help documentation (Chinese)

Just as DOTNET development requires msdn and Java development requires JDK documentation, it is best to have corresponding help documentation before Android development. In fact, the android SDK itself contains a lot of development help

Android getting started tutorial (17)-gridview self-

Both the gridview and listview are commonly used multi-control la S, and the gridview is the first choice to implement the jiugong diagram! This article describes how to use the gridview to implement the jiugong diagram. The most widely used method

Getting started with Android (5) -- Use of textview label to change and display text labels

We wroteHelloandroidAfter that, I always felt that I had not written half a row.CodeSorry, so in this section, we willHelloandroidAndTextviewThe first contact of the text label. In this exampleLayoutCreateTextviewObject, and learn to

Android getting started tutorial (16)-use intent to pass data

I. Intent Functions Intent is frequently used in Android. Whether it is page transfer, data transfer, or external callProgramIntent is required for all system functions. Android has three basic components: Activity, service, and

Android getting started tutorial (13th)-custom drop-down menu mode-Application of spinner and setdropdownviewresource)

Hello everyone, let's take a look at the drop-down menu spinner under android in this section, just like the swing ComboBox and HTML . Due to limited mobile phone images, to select a project within a limited range, the drop-down menu is a good

Ten exciting reasons for the Android 2.3 System

Android 2.3 or android 3.0? No matter what kind of code Google gives it, Android Gingerbread (ginger pie) is coming soon. According to insiders, the ginger pie will be released on December 1, December 6. Are you still indifferent to the new Android

Android getting started tutorial (12) imitation of Baidu Google search automatic prompt box -- autocompletetextview Application)

Now we almost all use Baidu or Google to search for information on the Internet. When we enter one or two words in the input box, we will automatically prompt the information we want.AndroidHow is it implemented? In

Android getting started tutorial (11)-comprehensive application of single option box radiogroup

Hello everyone, what we want to introduce today isRadiogroupGroup events.RadiogroupDifferentRadiobutton, Set to the sameRadioButton group, the sameRadiogroupThe buttons in the group can only make a single choice (single answer ). First,

Android getting started tutorial (25) -- Drawing)

This article comes fromHttp://, The reference must indicate the source! There are a lot of commonly used Widgets. Now I want to talk about the commonly used widgets in mobile phone development. To understand how to draw

Android Boot Image/text/animation Modification

Three images are displayed at the android startup:A. When the Linux system is started, the Linux penguin screen (reboot) appears );B. The Android platform starts initialization and displays the text "a n d r I O D;C. The upper-layer Graphics System

Android getting started tutorial (23) -- Gallery)

This article comes fromHttp://, The reference must indicate the source! The gallery control of Android is a Good Graph Display Control, which greatly reduces developers' development of the Image view function and provides a

In Android, viewgroup. removeview is called in the onanimationend method, and a solution for nullpointerexception is reported.

Original translated from: After implementing the fade-out effect in Android development, the viewgroup is called in the onanimationend method when an image control is removed from the interface. removeview: It took

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