Nexus One: upgrade to Android 2.2.1 frozen yogurt-download Guide

Lucky to use the oil of Nexus One. Now app Tiger has just received a message, and Nexus One can be upgraded to Android 2.2.1 frozen yogurt. According to redmondpie, Google did not disclose the specific update because it was only a small update.

Eight functions to be upgraded for Android

Android has made remarkable achievements in the market. Especially this summer, Google released the Android 2.2 froyo update, which brings a qualitative leap to Android. However, Android is not perfect for users. The app tiger below summarizes the

Android getting started tutorial (22) -- tabhost, tabwidget)

This article from, reference must indicate the source! This time we will introduce the tab control of Android. The tab control can achieve the paging effect, so that the content of a screen can be as rich as possible.

Some open-source projects that are often used in Android Development

Advanced UI controls 1. listview that can be pulled down and refreshed Https:// Https:// 2. Indexed listview

Android getting started tutorial (18)-listview (2 ))

This article from   Listview is a commonly used control. Each item in the listview can be a string or a combination control. First, let's talk about the implementation of listview: 1. PrepareData ; 2. with

How to upgrade Motorola backflip Android 2.1

  Motorola has sent the backflip Android 2.1 upgrade test version to some users ,. However, you don't need to worry about it if you don't receive it. app tiger provides you with the download URL and manual upgrade tips. First, make sure your

It is said that 1/3 of Android users are eager to own an iPhone

  Although the Verizon iPhone may be released tomorrow spring, some people are not optimistic about it, and there are too many competitors, such as Apple's ownGSM iPhoneOf course, we cannot forget android. Of course, some people think that the

Android-like WeChat-like activity smooth horizontal switching Animation

I can see that overridependingtransition (Android. R. anim. slide_in_left, Android. R. anim. slide_out_right) is used in many podcasts on the Internet, However, the method should be written in this way after startactivity and before finish; The

Android supports asynchronous image loading in multiple ways

Remember that the Android app was earlier than Version 2.2. If time-consuming operations, such as HTTP and socket, were performed in the UI thread Will generateAndroid. OS. networkonmainthreadexception If the network image is asynchronously

Layoutinflater usage and progressdialog usage in Android

In actual developmentLayoutinflaterThis class is very useful, and its function is similar to findviewbyid (). The difference is that layoutinflater is used to find and instantiate XML layout files under Res/layout/, while findviewbyid () is to find

Android getting started tutorial (7) Five layout objects-framelayout, linearlayout, absolutelayout, relativelayout, tablelayout)

Hello everyone, let's talk about the five layout objects used by Android in this section. They are respectively framelayout (Framework layout: I don't know if they are translated in this way), linearlayout (linear layout ), absolutelayout (absolute

Design your own prompt Dialog for Android Custom Controls

When you need to design your own dialog box dialog and customize it according to your own requirements, such as the most common operation prompt, the operation is successful, and the corresponding prompt is displayed when the operation fails.

Solemnly declare: "Understanding Android volume I in depth" is a true original book

Many readers have recently responded to the Editor: A lot of content in this book can be searched online. 2 binder chapter can be found from a foreign website in English (Http://

Simple Android music player

After the basic Android training is complete, you can create a simple music player. For the first small Android project, baseline the picture ~~~~ The UI is inspired by the fact that thunder looks at the player and plays the mediaplayer class

Watch out for apps on your mobile phone secretly scanning your privacy-Android mobile phone security

Some time ago, I posted such a paragraph on Weibo: I had a habit of registering a website. When I asked for a photo name, I entered yuan Sina when I registered Sina, And I called Yuan yahoo when I registered Yahoo, when registering Baidu, I will

(Original) Android getting started tutorial () -- achieve full selection of mobile phone contacts

Android applications are often used to develop Android mobile phone contacts. In Android, listview is usually used to present mobile phone contacts. If you want to achieve full selection using checkbox, the default listview does not seem to solve

Comprehensive Evaluation of 8 Android stores at Home and Abroad

In the past, app tigers introduced three major Chinese Android markets. This time we will introduce the eight most representativeAndroid store. In fact, these eight applications have their own characteristics and shortcomings. The Android store

Getting started with Android (27th) -- style and theme)

This article comes fromHttp://, The reference must indicate the source! More and more Internet enterprises are deploying their clients on the Android platform. To improve user experience, these clients are well-organized and

Android getting started tutorial (25) -- Drawing)

This article comes fromHttp://, The reference must indicate the source! There are a lot of commonly used Widgets. Now I want to talk about the commonly used widgets in mobile phone development. To understand how to draw

Android getting started tutorial (23) -- Gallery)

This article comes fromHttp://, The reference must indicate the source! The gallery control of Android is a Good Graph Display Control, which greatly reduces developers' development of the Image view function and provides a

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