Android: Several scaletype values

Center/centerCentered by the original size of the image. When the length/width of the image exceeds the length/width of the view, the center part of the screenshot is displayed. Center_crop/centercropScale up the image size in the center so that

Use of shape in Android

2011-03-21 20:08:19Tags: Android shape Original Work in mobile development, which can be reproduced. During reprinting, be sure to mark it as a hyperlinkArticleOriginal source, author information, and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will

Android touch event

There are three events related to touch events in Android:Public Boolean dispatchtouchevent (motionevent eV): transmits the touch event to the target view (which can be your own ).Public Boolean onintercepttouchevent (motionevent eV): defined in

Android animation learning notes-android Animation

Android 3.0 and later versions support two animation modes: tween animation and Frame Animation. In android3.0, a new animation system is introduced: Property animation, these three animation modes are called property animation, view animation, and

Contacts API-contactscontract after Android 2.0

Storage Structure of contact information: Since Android 2.0 (API Level 5), the Android platform provides an improved contacts API to meet the needs of a contact who can have multiple accounts, such as mobile phone address book and Gmail address

Use "reprint" for Android shape

In Android, shape is often used to define some Display Properties of the control. Today I have read some shapes and have a general understanding of shape. I would like to make a summary: First look at the followingCode: Copy to clipboard

Android roboguice notes

Roboguice 2.0.jar has three dependent packages: guice-3.0-no_aop.jar, javax. inject-1.jar, jsr305-1.3.9.jarRoboguice 1. *. Jar has a dependency package: guice-2.0-no_aop.jar 2.0 to 1. * advantages:Improved StabilityFragment supportedSimpler and

Android OpenGL ES cube

DrawCubeThe principle of the body is very simple, that is, by drawing a triangle, of course, you can also draw a line to complete. Below is the coreCode: Public class cuberender implements Renderer { Cube CB;Float ratio;@

Android camera achieves 3D Effects

The image is displayed using imageview. Below 50 is actually a text box Deformation: click the button to rotate the image to the specified angle in the text box along the Y axis.   ImplementedCodeSimple: Public class base3dimp extends

How to check whether Google map add-on is available on the android real machine [reprinted] How to check whether Google map add-on exists on the android real machine

How can I check whether Google map add-on exists on the android real machine? Not all android real machines contain Google map add-on. To build Google map add-on, you need to discuss it with Google. However, if we develop an android application

Android OpenGL ES

First: Render: Package com. example. OpenGL. Render; Import javax. microedition. khronos. EGL. eglconfig;Import javax. microedition. khronos. opengles. gl10; Import com.example.opengl.doc ument. cylinder; Import Android. OpenGL.

Android OpenGL ES

First: Go directlyCodeNow: The first is an activity: Package com. example. OpenGL; Import Android. App. activity;Import Android. OpenGL. glsurfaceview;Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. View. window; Import com. example.

How to import an external database file larger than 1 MB for Android

Import Java. Io. file; Import Java. Io. fileoutputstream; Import Java. Io. ioexception; Import Java. Io. inputstream; Import Java. Io. outputstream; Import Android. content. context; Import Android. database. SQLite. sqlitedatabase;

Android: Processes and threads

Process and thread. 1. process. The default value is 1.ProgramA process. You can configure a program to use multiple processes and one process for multiple programs. 2. A process has some shared resources that can be used by multiple threads in

How to transmit object data in Android

In Android application development, if we need to transmit data between different modules (such as between different activities), there are usually two methods: 1. Use the intent object to carry data By querying the API documentation of

Android keyboard and touch event processing

Both the android keyboard and the touch event processing activity and view can receive the touch and button. If you want to respond to an event, you only need to re-write the event function in the inheritance class. However, for a view, if we do

[Translation] Android Application basics> processes and threads)

When an applicationProgramWhen the first component needs to be run, the android system starts a Linux Process with only one main thread to run the component. By default, all components of the application are running in this main thread. However,

How can I check whether Google map add-on exists on the android real machine?

Not all android real machines contain Google map add-on. To build Google map add-on, you need to discuss it with Google. However, if we develop an android application that uses Google map add-onProgram(That is), You will find that this program

Parse XML files in Assets using APIs in Android

/*** Use the API in Android to parse the XML file in Assets. This is required. It doesn't work if it comes with Java, as if it was compiled .....** @ Param fileName: the name of the xml file to be opened must be in the assets folder. Example:

Environment class of android, record it

String MEDIA_BAD_REMOVAL The storage media has been removed before being mounted. String MEDIA_CHECKING Checking storage media. String MEDIA_MOUNTED The storage media has been mounted and the mount point is

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