Differences between Android image resources drawable (hdpi, ldpi, mdpi)

In versions earlier than 2.1, there is only one drawable. In version 2.1, there are three types: drawable-mdpi, drawable-ldpi, and drawable-hdpi. These three types are mainly used to support multi-resolution. Differences between drawable-hdpi,

Android: Android. content. res. resources $ notfoundexception: string resource ID #..

Friends who develop Android applications sometimes encounter such bugs ,, Android. content. res. resources $ notfoundexception: string resource ID #0x0 cannot find the resource file ID #0x0 Cause analysis: In this case, it is very likely that the

Android rounded border

[From]: http://iaiai.iteye.com/blog/1102958 To set border rounded corners, you can define an XML file in the drawable-mdpi directory: Java Code "1.0"Encoding ="UTF-8"?> Http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android"> "#000000"/>

Android: intent flags

I. Relationship between activity and task (stack)Task is like a container, and activity is equivalent to filling in the container. The first thing (activity) will be at the bottom, and the last added thing (activity) it will be at the lowest end.

Android: implements a foldable list using baseexpandablelistadapter

Baseexpandablelistadapter can be used to implement a so-called foldable list, such as the function of grouping friends in QQ. The basic principles of baseexpandablelistadapter and baseadapter are the same, except that two groups are required when

Parse JSON in Android

This is a common method in Java, the example is as follows, copied from: http://www.oschina.net/code/snippet_176897_7317   Package Com. Practice. JSON; Import Org. JSON. jsonarray; Import Org. JSON. jsonexception; Import Org. JSON.

[Android] principle of getview in listview + how to place multiple items in listview

Basics of listview and adapter Working principle: For each item in the list, listview requires the adapter to "give me a view" (getview ). A New View is returned and displayed. What if we want to display hundreds of millions of

[IPhone/Android] What should I do if the database size of the import program is different from that of the original database?

I recently made an iPhoneProgram, You need to use the database, so you are too lazy to learn core data, so you simply use the SQLite database. I used Lita (http://www.dehats.com/drupal? Q = node/58) Create a database, and then use nsfilemanager to

[Android] How to import existing external databases

the android database operations we usually see are generally to create an empty database at the beginning of the Program , and then perform related operations. What if we need to use an existing database? we all know that databases in the Android

[Android] Add the pressed animation to imagebutton to make it brighter or darker.

If imagebutton is used in Android,ProgramWhen you press the imagebutton file, you cannot see any effect. There are two classic solutions on the Internet, one is to use XML, the other is to writeCode.   Here I would like to introduce another

[Android] obtain the unique identifier of an Android device | device ID | serial number | UUID

  How to obtain a sequence number that uniquely identifies each Android device? There are many answers to this question, but most of them are valid only in some cases. Based on tests: all devices can return a telephonymanager.

Mvvm mode MVP on Android

About the design pattern, MVC is used in iPhone development, while MVP (check: MVP on Android) is used in Android ). Mvvm: Mvvm: M: model, data model, can be simply understood as a traditional data entity, but in fact the model will be

[Android] the animation effect is displayed when you click the button to enter the next activity.

The animation effect is written in XML, In the onclicklistener of the button   @ Override public void onclick (view v) {animation hang_fall = animationutils. loadanimation (curriculum. this, R. anim. hang_fall); V. startanimation (hang_fall);

Android: Load imageview through URL

IPhoneThe above implementation is very simple, one lineCode: Imageview.Image=[UiimageImagewithcontentsofurl:Theurl];Android: Two methods: Bitmap bimage = Getbitmapfromurl (bannerpath); image. setimagebitmap (bimage ); Public Static Bitmap

[Android] How should context be written?

If you want to bring up an alertdialog, write the followingCode Alertdialog. Builder Alert = new alertdialog. Builder (this); alert. settitle ("warning"); alert. setmessage ("wrong time! "); Alert. Show ();   The prototype of the constructor

Android: getview principle in listview [Android] principle of getview in listview + how to place multiple items in listview

In fact, the reuse technology here is very common in the list, tableview in the iPhone also has related technologies, cell Reuse Working principle: For each item in the list, listview requires the adapter to "give me a view" (getview ).

Android: HTTP

Use org. Apache. HTTP // Generate a request object Httpget = New Httpget ("http://www.baidu.com" ); // Generate an HTTP client object Httpclient = New Defaulthttpclient (); // Send request object using HTTP client Inputstream = Null ; Try {

Android: Set the layout parameter layoutparams

When you set layout parameters for the view in getview of the adapter, use the following method: Layoutparams Params =NewLayoutparams (layoutparams. fill_parent ,(Int) (Metrics. heightpixels * 0.23f + 0.5f); Convertview. setlayoutparams (Params );

Android: listview: convertview. settag () to set data

Void Android. View. View. settag (Object Tag) Public void Settag (Object Tag) Since: API Level 1 Sets the tag associated with this view. A tag can be used to mark a view in its hierarchy and does not have to be unique within the hierarchy.

Android: parse JSON using gon

Android provides JSON parsing, but its jsonreader SDK is available after 3.0. Its resolution method can refer to the http://developer.android.com/reference/android/util/JsonReader.html   For earlier versions, we can use some additional

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