Google engineers parse Android system architecture

Sans serif, a Google Engineer, recently published a blog post describing the Android system architecture. Huang Xiaoqing, President of China Mobile Communications Research Institute, recommended this article on Sina Weibo, I think the introduction

Android Series Lectures (1): Notification and status bar Information

This article is original. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the author and the source. Thank you! NotificationAndToastNotifications and reminders. However, their implementation principles and forms are completely different.ToastIn

Android/ophone development handout (8): What should I do when I receive a text message?

Ben And The content of roid/ophone development handout is serialized. Reprinted please indicate the source SMS is a service that is frequently used in mobile phones. However, when a mobile phone receives a text message, it also sends a

Differences between Android 1.5 and Android 2.1 in relative layout (relativelayout)

This article is original. If you need to reprint it, please indicate the author and the source. Thank you! I am working onProgram, You need to dynamically expand each list item in the listview. You can set the Android: visibility attribute of some

Solution to the failure of Google market (Android Market)

In the last few days, the mobile phone suddenly failed to go To the Android Market, even Gmail has network problems (via GPRS, 3G, and WiFi ). At first, I thought it was a problem with the mobile phone. After several reboots, I had to brush the

Set up the android development environment in eclipse3.7

1. Download eclipse3.7 and log on.Http:// eclipse classic 3.7: 2. Install the ADT plug-in: Download eclipse and decompress it. Run eclipse. The first time you run the plug-in, you will be prompted to set the

Android learning materials

I recently sorted out some learning materials about Android and shared them with you. Forum: 1.   2.   3.   4.

Android calls the camera and stores the photo on the SD card.

In Android, there are two ways to take photos. One is to call the camera that comes with the system and then use the photo data it returns. Another method is to use the camera class and other related classes to implement camera functions. This

Android File Reading (assets)

Assets folder Resource Access All files in the assets folder are in the original file format. You need to use assetmanager to read files in the form of byte streams. 1. Call in activity firstGetassets ()To obtain the assetmanager reference. 2.

Android am command line to start a program

In AndroidProgramIn addition, you can also start the program from the command line, using the command line tool AM. The start method is Wangwei @ wwg41d3 :~ $ ADB Shell$ Su # Am start-N {package name}/{package name}. {activity name} The

Summary of Android horizontal and vertical screen Switching

Android horizontal and vertical screens have two problems to solve: I. layout problems Ii. Reload 1. layout Problem: if you do not want to allow the software to switch between the horizontal and vertical screens, the simplest way is in the

Android decompilation and prevention of Decompilation

Android is based on Java, and Java decompilation tools are powerful, so it applies to normal APK applications.ProgramIt can basically achieve 100% decompilation and restoration. Therefore, if developers do not prepare their own open-source

Embedded rice advertisement on Android Interface

After a hard time and a busy afternoon, I finally figured out how to embed advertisements on the Android software interface. Below I will take the embedded rice advertisement as an example to summarize: Step 1 download the meter ad SDK and import

Shortcut cut in Android)

Today I learned how to create and delete shortcuts. We can create shortcuts in two ways. (1 ):Use an activity and click menu> Add> select shortcut> select created application on the home page.ProgramShortcutSee the following results: The

Android learning materials sharing (continuously updated)

I recently sorted out some learning materials about Android and shared them with you. Forum: 1.   2.   3.   4.

Onintercepttouchevent and ontouchevent in Android

Onintercepttouchevent: Onintercepttouchevent is defined in viewgroup. The layout class in Android generally inherits this class. Onintercepttouchevent is used to intercept gesture events. Each gesture event first calls onintercepttouchevent.

Differences between the use of raw files in Android source files assets and res

when creating a project, the assets file is created by default, of course, we can also create raw folders under the res file, which can store some images, audio or text information, it can be used in Program , but there are also differences between

Use SDcard in Android to read files

We usually need to store large files such as audio and video on our mobile phones. We have learned how to store files (using File Operations) before. Considering the small storage space of mobile phones, at this time, we need to store the files in

[Android] GPS start process and data flow direction analysis (based on 2.3.5)

GPS start process and data flow direction analysis: First, in the system init stage, many services will be added through ServiceManager addService, which includes the LocationService.The code is in SystemServer. java:Try { Slog. I (TAG, "Location

Android/OPhone development handout (7): Using SharedPreferences to access complex data

This article is serialized in the book "complete handouts for Android/OPhone development. Reprinted please indicate the source We know that SharedPreferences can only store simple types of data, such as String and int. If you want to use

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