Communication Groups for Android Development

Android BusWe decided to establish communication groups in various regions to facilitate offline communication, work recommendations, and technical exchanges in the same city. When appropriate, we will sponsor the sub-site management moderators to

Android Development Group

Android bus Guangzhou Group 252743081Android Bus: Guangzhou super group 218251417Android Bus Nanjing group 220818530Android bus Shanghai Group 252742977Android bus in Shenzhen group 252742753 (full)Android bus Shenzhen group 2 260134856Android bus

Development of Renren client on Android Client

I am also the author of the Forum moderator. Android-basedRenrenApplication Development Process Android-basedRenrenDevelopment Process-oauth 2.0 application in the Mobile Field Renren Application Development Article 1: mobile Web applications on

Salary Survey of Android Developers

    Salary Survey of Android Developers You can leave a message and add your own service life !!! Background: Don't be discouraged. I'm glad to see that there are many other brothers who say that they are engaged

Android bus invites moderators. We hope you will join us!

I. Android bus invites moderators. I hope you will join us!Http:// 2, reply to get 50000 Yuan application Dream Fund and several thousand yuan exquisite books public gift

Android learning starts with imitation-imitating UI navigation posts

Learning from imitation-imitating UI navigation posts   Currently, apps in the Android Market are rich and colorful, and UI design also has its own characteristics (although most of them are still being imitated). When we see the good UI

Android user interface button Tutorial example

Basic introduction and use of buttons in Android 1. Android basic button Http:// 2. Android basic interface-button control Http:// Advanced use of the button

Achieve book flip through android

1.Implementation of book paging in Android-principles Http://  2.Implementation of book paging in Android ---- source codeHttp:// 3.Implementation of book paging in Android -

Summary of checkbox tutorial instances on the android user interface

I. Summary of checkbox tutorials1.Checkbox in AndroidHttp:// game development system control-checkboxHttp:// --- UI --- checkbox (select multiple

Overview of widget tutorial instances on the android user interface

1. Basic widget tutorials 1.Android Desktop component Widgets   Http://   2.Android GUI widget visualization Guide Http://   3.Android widget development Template 

Content improvement for Android

  1. Mediaplayer for Android Http:// Android improves the basic usage of surfaceview in Article 2 Http:// Android improves surfaceview and multithreading in

Examples of the gridview tutorial on the android user interface

1. Basic gridview knowledge 1.Display All pictures on the SD card on the gridview  Http:// 2.Grid (gridview) + image (imageview) + text (textview)  Http:// 3.Android API

Android Developers (required by developers)

Today, mobile development is in full swing,AndroidThe development market is broad and is currently the most popular smartphone operating system. This document contains a large number of high-quality Android development materials, with numerous and

Plan to establish communication substations in various regions of Android buses

  Plan to establish communication substations in various regions of Android busesAndroid bus decided to establish communication groups in various regions to facilitate offline communication, work recommendations, and technical exchanges

Examples of alarmmanager tutorials on the android user interface

Alarmmanager tutorial 1. How to Use the alarmmanager mechanism to start an activity after a certain period of time Http:// 2. Deep Learning Android Alarmmanager Http://

Overview of Menu tutorial instances on the android user interface

I. Basic Introduction to Menu1.Menu Options for Android from scratchHttp:// features on the Android InterfaceHttp:// menu in Android

Overview of Notification tutorial instances on the android user interface

1. Basic Notification tutorial1. Notification displays system memory information in real timeHttp:// Android NotificationHttp:// Detailed description of Notification usage

Summary of differences between all Android versions

Android 1.0 first commercial operating systemAndroid 1.1 has updated Some APIs, added some features, fixed some errors, and added the com. google. android. maps package.For Android 1.5Smart virtual keyboardDesktop personalization using widgetsLive

Android development Note (Android mobile phone concept)

This article is from the android bus Development Network New concepts of Android phonesOperating System Selection-customization and long tail# Refactoring�� MVC and Web APP ArchitectureAndroid development backgroundThe development of computing and

Eight open-source Android game engines

Many new Android game developers tend to be confused, and they often do not know where to start. Whenever they encounter problems that they cannot solve, and often will envy iPhone under a free game engine such as Cocos2d-iphone available, while

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