The latest version of Android Development Environment (so easy !)

OldArticle"Android development journey: Environment setup and helloworld" is a step-by-step process. The steps are as follows: 1. Follow the article to install JDK and set environment variables. 2. You do not need to download eclipse separately.

Android developer website

Some websites may not be able to read the previously collected information (I forgot to copy it from that book. Android star developer ZoneHttp:// bus developerHttp:// developer

How to correctly add third-party jar packages to Android Projects

Adding a third-party jar package in the android project is not a complicated problem, but it does bring great troubles to many developers. I have encountered a situation where calss not found exception, error inflating class, and other third-party

Problems with using sharp in layout for Android Development

I recently learned how to use the sharp element in Android. I am puzzled by the corners attribute. Here I will record my problem solving experience for reference!   Find an article on the Internet to explain the sharp, I think that write a very

Android game guidance (1. Create an OpenGL Project)

Android game guidance (1. Create an OpenGL project) Table of Contents 1. Build an environment 2. Create an android Project 3. Establish an OpenGL program framework 1. Build an environment My environment is Mac. In view of the many tutorials

Android game guidance (2. Basic game settings)

Android game guidance (2. Basic game settings) The previous section has learned a basic OpenGL framework. Today, we will further set up 2D game-related things. I love 2D games more than 3D games. I believe most people do the same.Table of contents

Android game guidance (3. Model Management of the graphic engine)

Android game guidance (3. Model Management of the graphic engine) In the previous section, we built a world of our own scenarios. Some basic elements can be drawn internally. I would like to talk about Paster in this section. Let's take a break and

Android game guidance (4. Simple texture textures)

  Android game guidance (4. Simple texture textures) This section describes OpenGL's texture technology and involves simple texture knowledge. I am busy with annual leave. Download source code: Click meTable of contents 1 texture 1.1 texture

Android system Package Description

Android. app: provides high-level program models and basic runtime Environments Android. Content: contains various classes for accessing and publishing device data. Android. Database: browses and operates databases through content providers Android.

Android Development @ override compilation error Solution

From: A long time ago my own android game project, today with eclipse re-open reported a bunch of errors, are related to @ override, Google find a solution (

Precautions for Android asynctask

This series of articles "index of Android asynchronous processing series" on csdn gives a clear explanation of asynctask, especially some of the examples. Recently, I am working on an Android Application Development. asynctask is used to complete

Android Desktop component app widget development in three steps

The Desktop component app widget is a practical function of Android. Although the development process is not very difficult, there are many steps and a little trouble. The following key steps are summarized to facilitate future use. The project is

Chinese Android developer community and Forum in China

Links to several developer communities and forums are collected here for backup.   1 devdiv Android developer community Devdiv is a comprehensive mobile developer community, including the iOS, Windows Phone, and Android developer communities. The

Android selector cannot be a null Node

An example is available: If it is changed to the following: Once used, the activity may not start!

Android thread message Loop Mechanism

Android. OS. logoff: logoff is used to encapsulate the message loop in the android thread. By default, the next thread does not have a message loop. You need to call logoff. prepare () to create a message loop for the thread and call logoff. loop ()

Activity of Android 4 components

1. Activities Quickview Activity is a component that provides users with an interactive interface. This interface is usually full screen, but it can also be a small window floating above other windows. An android application is usually composed of

[Edit] Android layoutinflater

In actual development, the layoutinflater class is very useful, and its function is similar to findviewbyid (). The difference is that layoutinflater is used to find and instantiate XML layout files under Res/layout/, while findviewbyid () is to

Eight open-source android game engines you may not know

[Reprinted from]Http:// Many new android game developers tend to be confused. They often don't know where to start and envy each time they encounter problems they cannot solve.There are free

Android styles and themes

I, Style can be applied to view and activity or application. Application on view: Style = "", application on activity and application: Android: theme = "". When a view is set with a style, but the attributes in this style are not applicable to this

Saving Android activity variables

1. Call Sequence of callback functions of two activities when one activity AA starts another activity AB: 1. The onpause () of AA is called;2. The oncreate (), onstart (), and onresume () calls of AB are called sequentially. At this time, AB obtains

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