An app in android can be compiled separately.

An application in AndroidProgramYou can compile it separately. After compilation, You need to regenerate system. IMG and execute. Build in the source code directory. / Envsetup. Sh (. is followed by a space), there are more commands: - Croot:

Flight Mode settings for Android 4.2 and later versions

Problem: some software such as optimization master, Kingsoft battery doctor and other shortcut switch can not open off airplan ( Answer: some settings.

Download Android source code under XP

Use msysgit in Windows to download the android source code. For example, to download the base: Git clone android-4.0.4_r1.1 Git clone

How to create folders and files in Android

To create a function in the past few days, you need to create a folder on your mobile phone and store some files in it. First, you must consider whether the user has sdcard. If yes, you need to create a specified folder on the sdcard, if not, create

Android learning excerpt -- Experience of custom Adapter

In listview, gridview .... Adapter adapter is often used, but the adapter provided by anroid is only a few types of frameworks. If we need it, we need to customize the adapter based on our own needs. Android provides three types of adapters:

Soundrecorder in Android

1. Recorder class Introduction The recorder class is responsible for implementing all functions of soundrecorder. It contains a mediarecorder member and a mediaplayer member, and encapsulates the operations related to these two members. This class

Android real-time display of system time

We know that system. currenttimemillis () can be used to obtain the current system time. We can start a thread and send messages through handler to update the system time displayed on textview in real time. We start a thread and the thread sends a

Android message mechanism (handler, logoff, messagequeue, message)

Android message processing has three core classes: logoff, handler, and message. There is also a message queue, but MQ is encapsulated into logoff, handler plays the role of adding and processing messages to MQ (only processing messages sent by

Android mediaplayer state machine

The control of playing audio/video files and streams is managed by a state machine. Displays the lifecycle and status of a mediaplayer object that supports playback control operations. An ellipse represents the State in which the mediaplayer object

Toast in Android

Toast notification is a short small message popped up on the window surface. It only fills in the space required by the message, and the user's current activity remains visible and interactive. This notification automatically fades in and out and

Download the android source code, and sort and summarize the source code from android2.2.2 to 4.2.2.

  Android-2.2.2_r1.tar.bz2Thunder downloadAndroid-2.2.2_r1-20121015.tar.bz2Thunder

Start the android development journey

Today, I set up the android development environment. I had a little knowledge about Java basics and JDK and eclipse tools, so the installation process was still smooth. I will not detail the tutorials that have been built in many environments on the

Install the Android phone Simulator

With the prevalence of mobile tablet computers, more and more management systems need to support a variety of mobile devices. Most mobile phones and tablets support touch and low resolution. Therefore, they are different from PC interface input

IPhone and Android, who are more attractive to developers?

The Android platform is developing fast. Now there are already many mobile devices using this smartphone operating system, and the number of people who develop applications for this platform is also growing. Compared with the iPhone iOS platform,

Drilling king of Android + WM dual-system running in jizhai weiwu [reprinted]

I have heard of Dual-computer systems, and have you ever seen dual-system mobile phones? Recently, another diamond king has caused a lot of repercussions in the market. This time, the diamond king is not winning by the hd LCD screen, in the history

[Video] Firefox for Android preview released

According to foreign media reports, the news last week that Firefox gave up WM system development and invested in development of other platform versions was released,This week, Firefox's Android preview version has been released and downloaded on

Google says we will not transfer the advertising revenue produced by Android to mobile phone manufacturers and operators.

Moconews published an article in March 25 saying that the reason why so many operators and mobile phone manufacturers are willing to launch Android devices is that Google will return part of the advertising revenue generated by these devices to

Teach you how to build an android SVN Environment

1. If the svn plug-in is not installed in eclipse, You need to download and install it as follows: Help-> soft ware updates   2. Eclipse Update site URL: 3. * ********************* download tortoisesvn ****

How to correctly add third-party jar packages to Android Projects

Adding a third-party jar package in the android project is not a complicated problem, but it does bring great troubles to many developers. I have encountered a situation where calss not found exception, error inflating class, and other third-party

Problems with using sharp in layout for Android Development

I recently learned how to use the sharp element in Android. I am puzzled by the corners attribute. Here I will record my problem solving experience for reference!   Find an article on the Internet to explain the sharp, I think that write a very

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