Android development: Using createfromstream to load images and find images become smaller

We often need to load SD cards or network images as drawable during the development process. Many people use drawable. createfromstream (stream, "src") for convenience "). However, there is a problem with this method: the same image is configured

Solution in the pop-up window of Android Service

Problem: When using the service, we often encounter such a situation, such as using a service for download. At this time, the service is not necessarily at the frontend, but may be other activities.After the download is complete, how can I bring up

Crawling the Android marketplace

1. Download the app When you need information about some apps, you can use a browser to obtain information from the official website. Someone has analyzed the Protocol buffer format used by Google market and provided Java implementation. To

Android Game Development Notes (1) -- drawing and input response (A played mouse)

Original Piano String JerryArticleReprinted, please keep the original article link Original article:Http:// Based on the principle of practice and practice

Android push notification guide and c2dm mechanism Introduction

Developing Android and iPhone applicationsProgramWe often need to push all kinds of notifications to the mobile client from the server. Message notification There are two solutions: 1 round robin (poll) Applications should be connected to the

Spyeye on Android

    Spyeye is a type of maliciousCode, Which can bring great harm to users. For more information, see references 3) The following figure shows the evolution of man in the mobile attacks (mitmo/zitmo:   The following is the analysis of

Getting started with Android SDK (1)

Install JDK Download Android SDK for Windows and install it Run SDK manager, download some library files, and create an android Virtual Device (AVD) Download ADT for eclpise and add c: \ Program Files \ Android-SDK-Windows \ tools; C: \ Program

Build an android development environment in Linux


Why should we build a development environment in Linux? The android virtual machine runs faster in Linux and has more stable performance. My Linux environment isUbuntu-10.10-desktop-i386. Software to be prepared before installation: 1. JDK (jdk-6

Experience android on PC)

The Android system brings a storm to the world, but not everyone buys a mobile phone of the Android operating system. Fortunately, there is a simple way to run Android on your windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Google provides an android simulator in

Android entry (1) Installation and hello World

Android entry (1) Installation and hello World 1. Download and install JDK + eclipse + ADT + android_sdk, see the Compile helloworld, refer to

Android SDK Configuration

Tools \ Android. Bat update SDK ADB kill-ServerADB start-ServerADB Devices Or directly ADB Shell Set android_sdk_home = E: \ test \ Android-SDK-Windows \ platforms \ Android-2.0.1Path I: \ TMP \ j2sdk1.4.2 _ 17 \ JRE \ bin; % PATH %; E: \

Install Android APK on SD card

Android 2.2 software can be installed on SD for support, ADB commands have also been improved, for Android 2.2 firmware PM command support installation option parameters, the setinstalllocation parameter is added here. Here we can use ADB to execute

Android automatically runs the program upon startup

Sometimes, the application needs to run automatically when it is started, for example, a background service that automatically updates content from the Internet. How can I enable applications that run automatically upon startup? At the time of

Android 4/imx6 System Development notes

A year ago, I made an Android 2.3, using the feisikar imx5 system, After a few days, the pigs and dogs are not as good as each other .. Finally. With the previous experience, this time imx6 is used as the android 4 platform, which is much

Android APK decompilation (with image)

During this time, I was learning about Android Application Development. I was thinking that since it was developed in Java, it should be a good decompilation to getSource codeGoogle, it is really simple. The following is my practice process. I

Turn: Android listview has several special attributes

Turn: Android listview has several special attributes   As listview is being made in the past two days, some attributes that I personally think are special are sorted out. By setting these attributes, you can make a more beautiful list.

Bitmap, drawable, and byte [] conversion in Android

1. drawable-> bitmap Resources res = getresources ();Bitmap BMP = bitmapfactory. decoderesource (Res, R. drawable. sample_0 ); 2. Bitmap ----> drawable Drawable = new bitmapdrawable (BMP ); In addition, I searched the internet and I don't know who

Enable GPRS in the screen lock status for Android

My Android phone uses slide to unlock the lock, but the number of attempts seems to be only 30. My cell phone was taken by a classmate a few days ago. As a result, he didn't know the password, so he kept trying. As a result, he tried too many

Build an android 4.0 SDK environment (Windows 7 Ultimate)

The android 4.0 SDK has been available for some time. I have long been trying to see how this version works. I haven't done Android development for a long time. I used Android for development before. It looks like ice cream, so it's funny to call it

Analyzing Android malware

The Android platform is evolving. As more users of a product increase, malicious code writers write malicious code for the new platform. There have been many reports on Android malware recently. In reverse engineering, we use the following two

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