Memory Analysis of Android applications

1: Memory profiling tool: Profiling tools 2: Memory leakage problem 3: Memory tools: 2 main profiling tools memory usage allocation tracker and heap dumps 1) allocation tracker is useful, especially when you want ProgramMemory Allocation in a

Android development: Using createfromstream to load images and find images become smaller

We often need to load SD cards or network images as drawable during the development process. Many people use drawable. createfromstream (stream, "src") for convenience "). However, there is a problem with this method: the same image is configured

During Android compilation, 'unable to resolve target 'android-5' appears ′

Error message:AndroidOccurs during compilation'Unable to resolve target 'android-5' Solution: Most of these errors areSDKIf the version is inconsistentEcpliseThis error occurs when you import a project to a workspace. the following error

Nokia CEO: Lumia won't push cheap models like android

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said in a recent interview that although the hardware configuration of Asha 501 is not high, it has a good experience and similar concepts as Lumia. Nokia launched Asha 501 to bring high-end experience to low-end hardware and

Screenshots for Android

Use this method below in android4.0:   Private void cutscreen () {view v = getlayoutinflater (). inflate (R. layout. activity_main, null); // enable image cache v. setdrawingcacheenabled (true); // v. builddrawingcache (); // measure the View

Android-Binder Mechanism-binder framework Summary

  The following articlesArticleIs a more in-depth analysis of the binder mechanism. Directory   1.Android-Binder Mechanism-servicemanager 2. Android-Binder Mechanism-General Service Registration 3. Android-Binder Mechanism-get common

Android app exits the program by pressing the return key twice

  // ExitProgramPrivate Static Boolean isexit = false; // time trigger Private Static timer texit = NULL;       Public Boolean onkeyup (INT keycode, keyevent event) {If (keycode = keyevent. keycode_back) {If (isexit = false) {isexit = true; If (

Android-Binder Mechanism-interaction between client and common service

The following articlesArticleIs a more in-depth analysis of the binder mechanism. Directory   1.Android-Binder Mechanism-servicemanager 2. Android-Binder Mechanism-General Service Registration 3. Android-Binder Mechanism-get common service

Android Kernel Analysis Reading Notes Chapter 1 Android compilation system

the core of the android compilation system is the make introduced at the end of Chapter 1st. Based on this, a compilation framework suitable for Android is established. MK files, shell scripts, and Python scripts are combined. The system modules of

Android: Custom title bar

Because only the application name is displayed in the default title bar, if you want to add some buttons or change the style on the title bar, you have to change it.CodeThe procedure is as follows:   Add several lines of code to the oncreate

Duplicate position call in getview () of Android listview (repeated position call)

In the rewritten listview adapter, when printing a statement in the getview () method, the same position is printed multiple times. The modification method is as follows: Change the height of the listview in the layout file to "fill_parent"

Custom Android imagebutton with images and text

Preface to custom Android buttons with images Now, the buttons on mobile devices are designed with big icons and small text. I hope that users can see what the buttons are for as soon as they see them, but they need necessary text prompts, the most

Android listener WiFi Summary

Function implementation: control the WiFi switch and connect to a specific wifi. First, let's start with a WiFi tool class. This class is reposted to one person on the Internet, and the source is unknown.   Package rodar. RGS. conference. utils;

Multi-Version Management for Android Projects

Multi-Version Management for Android Projects   Based on git's powerful branch capabilities, the android project can generate multiple versions of different UIS from one basic version, and synchronize the main logic code to achieve different

[Android test] the entire process of parsing captured packets in Android

Author: Bi Xiaopeng Blog:  Reason In Android development, socket programming makes it impossible to see from the log what is the packet sent and returned by the socket that communicates with it. Here is a tool, the tcpdump

New Features of Android 4.3 Bluetooth

Rumors about the new features of Android 4.3 refer to two new Bluetooth-related features, which are worth noting. 1. Bluetooth Low Energy (low-power Bluetooth Technology) Features: The peak energy consumption is only half of that of traditional

Android: Custom listview

The listview provided by Android cannot meet our presentation requirements in many cases. Here I use a library list as an example to implement custom listview. First, let's take a look at the effect to be achieved. The picture is displayed on the

Summary on setting up an android compiling environment in Ubuntu

Android source code: officially downloadedAndroid compiled version: platform_version = 4.2.2OS Operating System Platform: Linux Carson-PC 3.0.0-12-generic # 20-ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux (ubuntu11.04 64bit)

Build an android development environment in Windows XP

There are two ways to build an environment: The first type is as follows: 1. Configure Java environment variables. My computer-right-click Properties-advanced-environment variables-System Variables Java_home D: \ Java \ jdk1.6.0 _ 05 Classpath %

Example: How to Use listpreference in Android

First, it is shown as follows:   The project code is as follows:   Package com. My. listpreference; Import Android. OS. Bundle;Import Android. Preference. listpreference;Import Android. Preference. preference;Import Android. Preference. Preference.

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