How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone

I'm swype, slideit, and other brains from high-end Android input keyboards, but today I want to talk about solid keyboards consisting of various touch keys. Yes, it's the kind of physical keyboard. We used these bulky things before, and knocked out

Implementation of the Android phone call program

Layout and film Code Strings. XML Parser ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ day01_msm Settings Hello world! enter the mobile phone number enter the content send     Bytes --

Welcome to Android Development

First, you must write the XML file, which is also the most important. Then, add a thread to the activity with a latency of 2 seconds to jump to the main interface. Thread in ActivityCodeAs follows: (check whether the network is enabled by

Android development using phonegap

Open eclipse and create an android project ......) Create two new folders under the project root directory: /Libs /Assets/WWW Copy phonegap. js from the downloaded phonegap package to/assets/WWW Copy phonegap. jar from the

DMR implementation based on Platinum Library (Android)

Next blog: dlna Development (Android) based on the cybergarage Library) This article describes the DMP implementation using the cybergarage library. Some kids shoes want to know How DMR works. No Android code is displayed on the Internet. Click it

Android bind service learning notes

Bind service can bind application components to local services, or bind services of other applications. In Android, each application runs on In your own virtual machine, each virtual machine corresponds to a process in the Linux kernel. Therefore,

Qt example joke for Android (make for my honey)

This is a small gift made for my girlfriend's birthday. My girlfriend is clamoring every day to tell a joke to her. Now, let's make a joke software for her. However, women, emotional animals, still like what you say! Bytes ---------------------------

[Android development and learning 45] Google speech recognition engine (Google Speech API)

In recent projects, we need to study the speech recognition function. It is very interesting to find a lot of materials to learn. This article is recorded by referring to an article on the Internet, google speech recognition engine is primarily used

Android logoff, handler, message, and messagequeue

I,Overview Communication between Android threads is actually a very important issue, so we must have a clear understanding of it. The question is not complete. We should add thread and runnable. Next we will introduce them

Summary of Android development performance optimization

It's time for me to update it! 1. Android-related 1. Use hardware acceleration to add Android: hardwareaccelerated = "true" to the application in androidmanifest. xml ". However, this can be used only in Android 3.0. This option is enabled by

Android development-square rounded listview

I wrote this article and was inspired by the blog post published by kiritor's column on Android UI controls to achieve the rounded Corner Effect of listview. First look: First, you have to write a class named cornerlistview.   /*** Rounded listview

Based on libevent, libuv and Android logoff, socket programming continues to evolve

In my recent work on websocket porting, we need to implement the underlying socket read and write. I have written a set based on synchronous read, libevent, libuv, and Android logoff, and I have learned a lot from it. 1) Synchronous read/write

Android logoff, handler, message, and messagequeue applications

  Introduction The previous article introduced Android thread interaction content such as handler, message, and messagequeue, and Android's understanding of logoff, handler, message, and messagequeue. Next, we will start to learn how to use and

Android basics-Widgets

Let's take a look. This is a widget like a Samsung FM radio. 1. Create a layout file in the Widget: layout/widget. xml. 2. Create XML/radioinfo. XML in XML:   Attribute explanation: Android: initiallayout = "@ layout/widget": Specifies the layout

Solve the problem that android photos are not displayed in the system album.

We may all know that when we save the album to the Android mobile phone, we can open the system image library and cannot find the image we want, because the picture we inserted has not been updated yet, let's first explain how to insert a system

Android softap support (1)

Softap literally means to use software to implement the AP function, so that your mobile devices can act as a route and link other sites. In fact, the city needs hardware and driver support to truly implement this function. Section 1 softap open

[Pin to top] popupwindow of common android UI controls

Today we will learn how to implement the popupwindow bubble window. The effect is similar to that of the pop-up menu, but the implementation method is completely different. The following is a case of this scenario: I. Case code 1. androidmanifest.

Android analog clock (simple + beautiful)-hour hands, minute hands, second hands

Preface Not long ago, I saw the simulated clock implemented by android on the Internet. It was very interesting. Here is the address: Http:// MoD = viewthread & tid = 58324 unfortunately this method does not

Android learning notes: Event Processing Mechanism

Android provides a powerful event processing mechanism, including two sets of event processing mechanisms: Listener-based event processing Callback-based event processing For listener-based event processing, the main approach is to bind a

Android's third application-text message sender

I, II, Because the application needs to use the text message service of the mobile phone, you must add the text message service permission to the androidmanifest. xml file in the list file: Package = "cn. itcast. SMS"Android: versioncode =

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