Black background when dragging listview in Android

Today, we encountered the problem of black background when dragging the listview, which made the user experience extremely poor. Then we only need to add an attribute to the listview, which is simple. Nocolor = "#00000000"; // The legendary

When you create an android project, use the project from existing source to import an existing project and report the androidmanifest. xml file missing error solution.

Error To view the classic examples of Android under the /platforms//samples/folder, import the examples to the eclipse workspace, the "no projects found to import" error is reported when the project is imported to eclipse using the import function

Getting started with Android Development

I. installation and configuration of the android Environment 1. First install Java JDK, For Java Development, you must first install JDK. After JDK is installed, you must configure environment variables: (1) download JDK

Colors. XML in Android

# ffffff # fffff0 # ffffe0 # FFFF00 # fffafa # fffaf0 # fffacd # fff8dc # fff5ee # fff0f5 # ffefd5 # ffebcd # ffe4e1 # ffe4c4 # ffe4b5 # ffdead # ffdab9 # ffd700 # ffc0cb # ffb6c1 # ffa500

Android NFC Development

Android NFC 1. Check whether NFC is available   Nfcmanager manager = (nfcmanager) Context. getsystemservice (context. nfc_service); nfcadapter adapter = manager. getdefaadapter adapter (); If (adapter! = NULL & adapter. isenabled () {// adapter

10 suggestions from experts for Android app developers

With the development of mobile platforms and the continuous improvement of their applications, quality becomes the key to success or failure. Users require them to choose the installed applications with fast response and good performance. If an

Compiling libjpeg for Android

Previously, YUV needs to be converted to JPG images. Check that libjpeg-Turbo is 2-3 times faster than libjpeg on the Internet, but it takes 40-60 ms to practice it on Android phones, although this is much better than the previous ms, but still can

Android Game Development Learning route

To smooth the development of Android games, we have the following suggestions: 1. Read thinking in Java, that is, Java programming ideology, practice it repeatedly, thoroughly understand Java language features, and lay a solid foundation for Java.

USB for Android phones

USB for Android phones Android phones seldom use the USB Host function, but many tablets do. In fact, the android USB Host function is relatively simple, the driver is the Program that drives the USB controller and port. We mainly discuss the USB

Content implementation Android shared action content implementation

My friendsArticleThis article introduces how to implement content change. The address of the associated article In android4.0 (API leverl 14), The actionprovider can easily implement a user friend in the actionbar and efficiently share the action.

[Android development and learning 35] gl_triangle_strip texture map

I. Basic Knowledge:   Gl_triangle_strip100% ~ Faster than gl_trianlges ~ 200%. Suggestion: Try to useGl_triangle_stripReplace gl_triangles.       Ii. Usage:   1. Start with the framework. We generally draw a 3D image on Android, and

Android mediaplayer subtitle Synchronization

Sorry for the logic of writing a blog for the first time ~ Android updates subtitle tracking support from api16. The following methods are used. Added in API level 16Public void addtimedtextsource (context, Uri, string mimetype) Public void

Multiple textview lawn lights developed by Android

The marquee is that textview cannot accommodate content and must be displayed in the form of a playback animation. 1, usually, many people only need to implement a textview of the horse, just need to add the following section in the textview

Android-music player

      The pictures and custom seekbar made by yourself are a little ugly. You will take a look. Recently, this player is busy. I have never added many features. If you are interested, please download them and check out some suggestions and

Google breakpad 7th, concise usage of the Android platform

Google breakpad:Breakpad is a cross-platform C ++ crash processing system.Including the DMP generation module, upload module, server storage module, and parsing DMP module. In the initial stage, only the DMP generation module can be used, coupled

A. networkonmainthreadexception exception occurs when accessing the network in a later version of Android.

I. Problems Before Android 2.3, we had no problem performing network operations in mainthread. However, after Android 2.3 (that is, 3.0, etc.), A. networkonmainthreadexception occurs. For example, if we want to display a network image and use the

Attribute settings and textview attributes of Android textappearance

Textappearance attribute settings Android: textappearance = "? Android: ATTR/textappearancesmall"Android: textappearance = "? Android: ATTR/textappearancemedium" Android: textappearance = "? Android: ATTR/textappearancelarge" Android: textappearance

[Pin to top] cocos2d-x 2. X version Win32 window transplantation Android environment with only ndk super detailed Android environment

Welcome to repost: Please keep the source of the original article. Thank you. Step 1: Integrate the android Development Environment   Here I will only introduce myeclipse eclipse.   Myeclipse 9.0 help -- myeclipse configuration center -- software --

Android thread handler Learning

The android UI is single-threaded. To avoid dragging the GUI, some time-consuming objects should be handed over to independent threads for execution. If the background thread executes the UI object, Android sends an error message

How does Android. mk introduce third-party jar packages?

Using eclipse should be free of pressure on import jar, but many (for example, I) are used to compiling Android APK in Linux, in Linux, how does one compile an app with a third-party jar package? The key lies in how to modify Android. mk. Here

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