Android project references another android Project (zz)

Now we have an android Project. We want to expand the function of a, but do not want to develop on the basis of a, So we created another android Project B and wanted to reference A in B.   One idea is to make project a pure jar package so that

Android malware Genome Project

Sharing Android platform maliciousProgramSamples and analysis results are designed to develop better detection tools.   Yajin Zhou and xuxian Jiang, two researchers from the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University,

Start with the Android tablet experience

The iPad is very popular, indicating that a portable terminal is quite necessary. But I have always held a rational attitude towards Apple, and the world is chasing it. Is it true that Apple is so good? Steve Jobs is paranoid, saying that flash is a

How to perform Android real machine joint debugging in Ubuntu

First, open your Android device, connect to your computer, and enable the USB debugging function in the developer options in the settings. Then, according to the android developer website ( to do some

[Reprinted] Use android to access a local site-(localhost, must be different

Reprinted:   Do you want to try using the android simulator to access your own web site? Next I will explain how to implement it. Step 1: I use Tomcat as the local server. In the webapps

Android app-personal application development [Android environment setup and description]

Build an Android system environment 1. What content does the android Environment contain? Android SDK (software development kit) SDKIt includes the Android operating system, the simulator, the eclipse integrated environment, and the android

How Android applications report crash (zz)

Why do we need feedback on the crash report?   Android applicationsProgramTo avoid crash. Although zero-crash is the ultimate goal pursued by programmers, the reality is that programmers can only minimize the occurrence of crash, and it is

Android message push Based on mqtt (2)

An mqtt-based Android message push example is provided for Android clients.CodeAndroidpushnotificationsdemo There is a mosquitto website that implements server/broker and can be used as a testing website. The sample code for sending messages

Simulate the effect of pressing the Home Key in Android Application Development (zz)

In Android Application Development, we do not want users to directly press the back key to exit the activity, but hide the application to the background, similar to pressing the Home Key.   Provided belowCodeFor more information, see. Public

Android post transmission over HTTP)

Http:// Android post transmission over HTTP is as follows: Method 1: httppost (import org. Apache. http. Client. Methods. httppost) The Code is as follows: Private button button1, button2, button3;Private textview

Android ndk Problems

Index:   Ndk compiles and uses static and dynamic libraries JNI header file generation Use Android log in nactive code of ndk   Analyze the stack information of ndk crash Ndk-GDB debugging method   Ndk compiles and uses static and dynamic

Android ndk compilation and use of static and dynamic libraries

    Ndk compiles and uses static and dynamic libraries Case 1: Compile the static library Case 2: Compile the dynamic library Case 3: Compile the dynamic library + static library Scenario 4: existing third-party static libraries (dynamic libraries),

Android development uses sensors to shake WeChat (zz)

Nowadays, many applications use the function of shaking the mobile phone to change the content, for example, the "Shake" function. To implement this function two days ago, let's take a look at the sensor content.There are several types of

Location-aware-instant: Development of Real-time location-aware Android client (zz)

I. Review Before sharing this project, let's review the previous three articles: Location Awareness Service Based on instant messaging and LBS technology (I): Proposing Problems and Solutions (Internet address) In the first article, we raised the

Implementation of automatic upgrade and update modules for Android applications (zz)

We can see that many Android applications have the automatic update function. You can update the software with one click. Thanks to the software package management and installation mechanism of the Android system, this function is quite simple to

In Android, how does one enable the service automatically after it is disabled (zz)

First, users may regard this practice as a rogue software. Most of the time, programmers do not want to turn the software into rogue software. No way, the leaders have the say.   When using some Android applications, we may find that some services

Android asmack registration login chat multi-person chat room File Transfer (zz)

XMPP Protocol Introduction The XMPP protocol (Extensible messaging and presenceprotocol) is an XML-based protocol designed to address timely communication standards, it was first implemented on jabber. It inherits the flexible development in the XML

How to Use assembly language in Android

Because the android environment is very complex and the framework uses Java, many configurations are required to use C/C ++. More work is required to use assembly. I am using the latest development tool android4.0, and ndk also supports 4.0. This

Android httpclient setting timeout

Private httpclient;Private httppost;Private httpparams httpparameters;Private int timeoutconnections = 3000;Private int timeoutsocket = 5000;Public widsetshttpclient (){Httpparameters = new basichttpparams (); // set the timeout in milliseconds

WiFi analyzer (# Android # mobile phone version ))

Http:// analyzer (# Android # mobile phone version) posted on 2011/03/13 by delxu Original delxu document. For more information, see the source. Thank you! A new HTC

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