Error exception handling disabled during Android ndk compilation, use-fexceptions to enable

Symptom C ++ exception mechanism is used during Android development using C ++, which causes ndk compilation to fail and throw an error: Exception Handling disabled, use-fexceptions to enableCause This problem occurs when the exception capture of

Android sets the installation location of the program

In Android and later versions, Android applications can customize the installation path. Androidmanifest. xmlThe followingThe manifest node has the following attributes: Android: installlocation.ProgramInstallation pathAttribute values include:Auto

21 mining and design-level iPhone and Android Application websites

ArticleDirectory IPhone The well-designed interface can bring us a good mood for reading and viewing, especially for some mobile phone applications.ProgramThe effective way for designers to improve their levels is to watch other people's

Developing flash for Android

The project has finally reached the target entity Performance Test and preparation stage. The selected entity is the Android tablet. This tablet uses the turbo 2 chip and 1 GB memory. It supports 4-touch and meets our requirements. The first step

Android painting grid Image

Public static bitmap drawbackground (INT cellsize, int height, int widht) {Bitmap bitmap = bitmap. createbitmap (widht, height, config. argb_8888); canvas CV = new canvas (Bitmap); paint background = new paint (); background. setcolor

My views on Google's chromium and Android Development

Recently, chromebook has arrived. Lu Bin, the android leader, has been transferred. The owner of Chrome browser is the owner. Chromebook has been suspended for two or three years. The last chromeos was launched using WebKit as the shell, which

Analysis of Android Application Program Running Mechanism

In standard Windows and Linux desktop operating systems, you can run multiple applications in different Windows. Each time only one application is in the current focus state, however, other applications are equal. You can switch each application at

Principle of ArcGIS for Android offline data editing

ArcGIS for Android offline data editing principles 0 rating/11 read 2012-04-19CSDN Implementation principle of ArcGIS for Android offline data editing To edit offline data on ArcGIS for Android, follow these steps: I. Environment preparation 1.

[Android Study Notes] Learning JNI Programming

Since I have been engaged in C ++ development, it is inevitable to use the JNI mode for development when I transfer to the Android platform. My ndk version is r5b. The directory contains a hello-JNI sample program, which breaks the cost of importing

Solution not found by ADB in Android SDK in Linux

When you configure the Android SDK development environment on the Linux platform, the following error occurs in Eclipse: Unexpected exception 'cannot run program "/home/ubuntu/adt/sdk/platform-tools/adb ": error = 2 No such file or directory 'while

Solve the problem that applications developed on Android tablets cannot be displayed in full screen.

When developing apps (game programs) on an Android tablet with an 8-inch screen, the app cannot be displayed in full screen or configured in the first place. Originally, the LCD should be 800*600, but always get the result of 600*600. After several

Android Application Form display status operation (Application of requestwindowfeature)

Turn: During development, full screen display, custom titles (using buttons and other controls), and other requirements are often required. Today we will talk about how to control the form

Android project structure, how it runs.

To help me understand, I decided to upload a project first. This is a small job I have done in 3 or 4 hours. It is worth nothing, and it is a poor job, here is a template for everyone. I divide a project into six parts, as shown in the picture on

Android custom personalized button controls

[Note: The blog for a long time, so attached to the download link of this project: Consumer id = 81046 & uk = 1158065893 if you are interested, please download it] Since the app is used, the interface is too

Android renderscript, more info' and an example application

Here's a few more snippets of information I 've managed to uncover on android renderscript: Compiled on the device Uses acc compiler No required tural support issues. No external libraries You cannot # include No allocation allowed Safe

The window garbled problem in the simplicity of Android adb push

ADB readdir is read as GBK in Windows (simplified), while Android uses UTF-8 encoding, resulting in ADB push incoming machine garbled. 1. Install mingw32Sudo apt-Get install mingw32 2. Modify ADB source codeFile_sync_client.c 1 diff --git

Android can adapt layout)

I. Different layoutThe screen sizes of Android mobile phones vary by 480x320,640x360,800 x. How can an App automatically adapt to different screens?In fact, it is very simple, just need to create different layout folder under the res directory, such

Android adaptive screen size

Android has been widely sought after since its launch. Due to its open features, the market has emerged immediately. Different Versions of Android machines, different Android OS, and different OEMs, of course there will be a lot of inexplicable

Android app real machine debugging

1. Set the android phone to USB debugging mode. Step: menu ---> Settings ---> application ---> development, select USB debugging] 2. Use USB to connect your phone and computer, and make sure the connection is successful. Step: Run c:/adb devices in

Permission for Android

Author: houfengSource:Http:// The copyright of this article is shared by the author and the blog. Please keep this statement without the consent of the author.   Allow read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin

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