View the MAC address of Android

You need to know the MAC address when activating the WiFi permission of the test machine. Generally, you can use the following method: "In settings-wireless and network-WLAN settings, click the menu key-advanced to seeMAC addressNow".  

Android the connection to ADB is down, and a severe error has occured.

[A basket of meals very rare original, reprint please indicate from] The connection to ADB is down, and a severe error has occured.Solution: 1. ADB kill-server in cmd, and then

Android contact Storage Structure

The Database Design of Android 2.x and 1.x contacts is very different. When developing contacts, you must first determine the system version. Boolean mandroid2 = Android. OS. Build. version. Release. startswith ("2 ."); This article describes

Android screenshot-capture ContentView-capture and save the specified View

  Intercepting ContentView 1 getWindow().getDecorView().setDrawingCacheEnabled(true); 2 try { 3 File myCaptureFile = new File("/mnt/sdcard/" 4 + System.currentTimeMillis() + ".jpg"); 5

Use meizu mx to debug android programs in ubuntu

Http:// 1. MX enables usb debugging and connects to ubuntu.2. Input lsusb in Terminal to obtain:Bus 002 Device 005: ID 18d1: 0005 Google Inc.3. Run sudo vim/etc/udev/rules. d/51-android.rules and enter

Android startup interface Switch

[A basket of Rice rare original, reproduced please indicate the source of]    First, create the respective files in src and layout respectively.E.g.Src \ fantsy. androidtest \ main.

Android accesses local HTML

[A basket of meals is very rare and original. For more information, see]1. Set SDCard Size and Hardware SDCard Support in AVD simulator: yes 2. After AVD is started, find the mnt \

Android exits completely

[A basket of meals is very rare and original. For more information, see] Solved the problem of returning to the previous page after exiting! 1. in Common. java Public class Common

Android listens to wifi

[A basket of meals is very rare and original. For more information, see] 1. Register a broadcast receiver to listen to the network status 1 private void Start()2 {3

SearchManager in the search box of Android SearchBar

The use of the floating search box is not difficult, but because its configuration is very cumbersome. It is mainly used to facilitate developers to better design the UI when there is a search service in the program. Follow these steps to use

Android Learning (1)-androidmanifest. XML parsing (Translation)

Androidmanifest. XML is a required file in every android program. It is located in the root directory of the application and describes global data in the package, including components exposed in the package (activities, services, and so on), their

Android push (1): SMS push

In order to save power and network traffic, a mobile terminal no longer collects data by means of a training server, but notifies the terminal when the server has data to be sent to the terminal. We call this mechanism push ). The terminal receives

Asynchronous storage of Android cookies

Android cookies are saved to the database asynchronously. CookieSyncManager inherits WebSyncManager,Is responsible for cookie from memory to persistent StorageCookie synchronization can be divided into automatic synchronization and forced

Android component animation (1)-ball Entry Effect

First, let's look at the effect:   // Width and height Private IntLength = 100; Private IntHeight = 100; In fact, the reason for obtaining the screen width is to adapt to the changes of multiple Android screens. Although we can often use dip

Android component animation (2)-textview image flushing and image Flushing

  First, let's look at the effect:   /// Project Layout //// Attrs. xml custom attribute, which controls the animation playback time   //// Main. xml android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fill_parent"

Prepare for android Game Development

This article serves as the translation of your own learning materials. It may not be accurate in some places, so you can take a look at it. It would be better to learn things. Address:

Android APK signature (why verification)

Android apk signature (why verification) This article is based on your own questions and then combined with multiple articles. Reference: Http:// Http://

Android image superposition effect-two methods

: First: Second:   The first is the effect drawn through canvas: Public void first (View v) {// prevents Immutable bitmap passed to Canvas constructor errors Bitmap bitmap1 = BitmapFactory. decodeResource (getResources (), R. drawable. apple ).

Examples and summary of Android onInterceptTouchEvent () and onTouchEvent () -- Preparations for Launcher

If you have read some of the following articles and are familiar with them, you don't have to think about them. I have intercepted ^ 0 ^, And then I have made up some details to facilitate understanding. (Note: The following is a combination of two

Analysis of SMS receiving process for android-Preparing for better text message interception

Observe the text message interception of 360 and the text message interception of QQ manager, and find that the installed text message can be intercepted first, and then the broadcast is interrupted. Then no one can get the text message. Here, we

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