What should I do if there is confusion when multiple maps are used in the same Android program ?!

In the project, maps are used on multiple pages. The map sizes are different. After the map is displayed on a small page, the map is displayed on a large page. Finally, I found a foreign website and added Android: process to the activity with

Android JSON Parsing

Json reference Json specification rfc4627: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4627.txtIntroduction to http://www.json.org/json-zh.htmlJson entry reference: http://www.cnblogs.com/Truly/archive/2006/12/31/608896.html Json parsing class provided by android2.3 

Android Speech Recognition Technology

I accidentally saw it online. So I wrote an example based on the online example. It is easy to implement speech recognition. Later TTS was not done. Directly paste codeView Code /*** Speech Recognition *** @ author sy **/public class

Android Activity Summary

Document directory What is Activity?   Activity Please refer to the following link for more information: Content Overview • Inheritance relationship of Activity • Context in Android• How Acitivy is actually instantiated• Activity Lifecycle•

Why is the Android system more powerful than the previous mobile phone system?

Document directory 1. Libraries Layer 2. Dalvik Virtual Machine 3. Open source code for Android 4. Android Application Development Some netizens mentioned this issue by sending private messages. They have made many mobile platforms, such as

Android time and date controls can be used in either of the following ways:

First: Date Control DatePicker. java package com.example.dataPicker;import android.app.Activity;import android.app.DatePickerDialog;import android.app.Dialog;import android.os.Bundle;import android.view.View;import

Android built-in Search dialog box (floating search) Example

First: Steps: (1) configure the search bar and create a searchable. xml configuration file under res/xml. (2) In manifest. xml configuration, there are two scenarios for the Activity to be processed by the search result. One is to open an

Android applications and Application Management

AndroidManifest. xml AndroidManifest. xml is the description file of an Android application. It describes information about the application, including the following elements. Package name(Package) Specifies the package name of the main java package

Secondary Development notes for Bar Code Recognition Using ZXing on Android

1,CaptureActivity extends Activity implements SurfaceHolder. Callback CaptureActivity is the first Activity to be started. 2, Public void surfaceCreated (SurfaceHolder holder ){If (! HasSurface ){HasSurface = true;InitCamera (holder );}} Call

Why iOS attracts developers more than Android

1. iOS development is easier to make money than Android Development 1.1 apps and games on Appstore are of higher quality than Android play store Now, the Android Market is changed to the Android play store. The App Store is about 0.6 million

Use ZXing on Android to identify barcode/QR code

More and more mobile phones are equipped with auto-focus shooting functions, which also means these mobile phones can have bar code scanning functions .......The mobile phone has the bar code scanning function, which can optimize the shopping

Android Map Api usage and Development (3) floating search box, get latitude and longitude and detailed address by address name and locate

Next article:Android Map Api usage and development (2) Positioning my location, Map pop-up bubble, get the address through latitude and longitude In this floating search box, you can use the address name to obtain the longitude, latitude, and

Secondary Development notes for Bar Code Recognition Using ZXing on Android (2)

1. Methods in the CaptureActivityHandler class:   Public void handleMessage (Message message)   Receives the decoded image result. If the interface is successful, go to the following branch. Case R. id. decode_succeeded: Log. d (TAG, "Got decode

Establish an android https connection

Https is similar to Http, except that Https Generally requests the server through post, but Https is different from http in that Https is connected to the server session. Http will disconnect the connection after the request is sent.Post Request

On Android, PhoneGap packages local and online websites

Thank you @ gangzi for providing such a community communication platform, and I am especially grateful to gangzi for providing the upload permission. Haha, I am also sending a simple Demo today to contribute a little bit to the community.Recently, I

Avoid ANR in Android Development

ANRs ("Application Not Responding"), which means "Application has no response". Android reports an ANR error in the following cases: -The main thread ("event processing thread"/"UI thread") does not respond to the input event within 5

Android compilation ffmpeg + x264

Compile x264:Download the latest version x264Ftp://ftp.videolan.org/pub/videolan/x264/snapshots/1. decompress the package to the specified directory.2. Switch the current directory to this directory3. Create a shell script build_x264.sh with the

Android NDK compilation problems

The NDK compiles C ++ and prompts that the header file cannot be found. Error: fstream: No such file or directoryError: set: No such file or directoryError: string: No such file or directorySolution:In the directory, create the Application. mk file

Port udt to android

First, install and configure the NDK to download the UDT source code. The following describes how to create a jni directory. 1Create a jni Directory, which can be any xxxxxx/jni2Move or copy the udt source code to the jni

Android WebView garbled characters when loading local pages

Android itself comes with a WebView control, which is used to display webpage content in the application during development. The web content or local content can be displayed, however, when a local page is displayed, the WebView does not know the

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