[Summary and backup] Android uses GPS or network to obtain the longitude and latitude of the current location

Today, in the android project, you need to implement a GPS or network function to obtain the longitude and latitude of the current mobile terminal device. To implement this function, you must use the locationmanager class in the android framework.

Android folder structure

Android folder structure The Core System \ app mainly stores applications that are routinely downloaded. You can see that all files end with the APK format. The program in this folder is the default component of the system. The installed software

Android core analysis-IPC framework analysis Binder, Service, Service manager

IPC framework analysis Binder, Service, Service manager First, I will look at the Binder, Service, and Service Manager from a macro perspective and describe their respective concepts. In the concept space of Linux, the Android design Activity is

Android core analysis-Basic Principles of Android GWES

 Android GWES framework   The term GWES here is actually transplanted from Microsoft's Window. GWES is used to indicate that the Android Window Event System is not so accurate. In Android, Window is a relaxed concept, it is more manifested in the

Android core analysis-Android phone system-Overview

Android phone system overview First, let alone all the concepts of Android to study the most basic descriptions of the telephone system. Our mobile phone was first used for phone calls, followed by a phone book, followed by PIM, followed by network

Android: Activity switching Animation

Friends of the attribute ApiDemo should know that in android2.0, we can easily implement the animation switching effect between activities.After startActivity, you can call overridePendingTransition (int enterAnim, int exitAnim) to implement

What is Android NDK developed?

Introduction: Android SDK is a set of tools that allow Android Application developers to compile and embed application packages in the local source code using C or C ++ source files. Important: Android NDK can only be used for android 1.5 or later

Use SoftReference to cache image objects in Android

SoftReference in JavaSoft reference of an object. If an object has soft references and the memory space is sufficient, the garbage collector will not recycle it. If the memory space is insufficient, the memory of these objects will be recycled. The

Android Memory Management Analysis

  Many developers come from j2-based or j2ee and do not have a good understanding of memory usage. The Android Development Network provides some architectural guidance for you, prevent the occurrence of the bean curd residue project. Android, as an

Android uses ratingbar to set game difficulty and save

Recently I have been studying game development. In games, it is often necessary to set the difficulty of the game. In Android, we can use RatingBar. For details, refer to the following code: As follows: Package com.cloay.pt. ui; import java. io.

Use of android ExpandableListView

ExpandableListView, as its name implies, is a scalable ListView. It can be used to implement menu settings and other functions. The project was used some time ago. Now I want to share with you the implementation method of ExpandableListView. First:

Using listview for Android to implement multi-menu functions

We know that many software products have an interface for setting menu items, such as moji weather. When there are many options in the settings, we can choose to use listview. The layout file is as follows: Simple: Only one listview Item layout:

Android slidingdrawer achieves drawer Effect

Usually we need to display more information on the user's screen, but the user's screen size is limited. How can we use limited space to display more information? Android provides us with the SlidingDrawer class to help us easily achieve the desired

[Summary and backup] Android Activity switching animation Summary

1. Fade-in and fade-out effect OverridePendingTransition (R. anim. fade, R. anim. hold );2. Zoom in and fade outOverridePendingTransition (R. anim. my_scale_action, R. anim. my_alpha_action );3. Rotation fade-out effectOverridePendingTransition (R.

Android reads address book

Private arraylist getallcontacts (){Arraylist arraylist = new arraylist (); Phonemap = new hashmap ();// Obtain the local contactCursor cur = getcontentresolver (). Query (Contactscontract. Contacts. content_uri,Null,Null,Null,Contactscontract.

Obfuscation of Android code

2.3sdk has two new features: 1. when I first installed 2.3, I checked the SDK directory and found that a folder "proguard" was added under \ tools, as shown in, I was wondering if Google had finally taken proguard into consideration. Theoretically,

Implementation of Automatic app update for android

If all applications have version updates, how can they be updated? Today, we will introduce the entire process of automatic application updates. The procedure for automatically updating a program is roughly as follows: Program startup --> timely

Implementation of Menu in android Control

Today, it is relatively simple to learn the menu control, and you can directly access the code. First, layout files: The main program code is as follows: Package com. cloay; import android. app. activity; import android. app. alertDialog;

Android Advanced Training)

Address: http://developer.android.com/training/advanced.html Advanced Training contains a variety of classes that teach you best practices in Android development. These classes simplify the steps required to enhance your app with powerful platform

ANDROID development-BOUNCELISTVIEW similar to IPHONE Elasticity

I continued to look into Android's new Overscroll functionality introduced in Gingerbread and discovered some more interesting things. the functionality to make a view scroll beyond its limits and then bounce back (almost exactly like iOS) is sort

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