Android Process Communication, ibinder Model

Inter-process transmission of class objects, more efficient is the use of parcel; then combined with ibinder to form a communication model, more timely and efficient than broadcast, and more secure. What is ibinder? First, you must understand that

About android game resolutions

I use HTC G7 with a resolution of 480x800, but only 320x480. Because my game is a map grid of 40x40. It is reasonable to say that 12x20 grids can be displayed, but only 8x10 grids can be displayed. The same is true in the wvg800 simulator. This

Properly configure product_locales for Android to reduce your system load

The product_locales parameter is used to control the specified package resource file.Reasonable configuration of this parameter can reduce the size of the compiled APK file, thus saving system space. Product_locales is specific to

Android edittext input listening, dynamic acquisition of input characters

Sometimes we may use the constant listening for the edittext input characters, the number of listening characters, and some regular expression processing. The following methods can be implemented: What I do is synchronize the data input by

Android view system overview

The android view system defines the entire process from user input to message processing. For example, after a user generates an input message through an input device such as a touch screen or a hard keyboard, the message is first processed by the

Compile Android program with ant

This article mainly involves creating Android projects, updating existing projects, and ant compilation projects. I. Prepare ant Download from ANT Official WebsiteHttp:// environment Configuration:1. Decompress the ant package

Recording-boot. img for android

Create boot. img ---- original by jacklce (This method is suitable for android Developers. For more information, see the source) 1. Copy the packaging tool from out \ host \ linux-x86 \ bin: mkbootfs, mkbootimg 2. Copy the source file ramdisk.

Two-day Summary of Android

On weekends, you can modify bugs and add features for the last software release. 1. Added multi-language support. Add the values-zh-rCN directory corresponding to values. The internal xml file is the same as the values file, but the file name is

What you don't know about android (1) sudden death of the android Program

  This window is very depressing for a beginner of android.     For any language, the biggest possible cause of this problem is the reference of a null resource, which contains an empty image, a blank form, a null pointer, or reference.   I. Error

Relationship between Android screen Density (Density) and resolution

Android has the following screens: QVGA and WQVGA screens density = 120; HVGA screen density = 160; WVGA screen density = 240; The following uses 240 dip * 800dip WVGA (density =) as an example to list the screen resolution information of

Android modifies XML files

XML needs to be used to record data in recent projects. There are few articles on the Internet. DOM /*** Append content to the XML document * @ param instructions * @ throws ParserConfigurationException * @ throws SAXException * @ throws

Android APK file signature-keytool and jarsigner

1. Generate a keystoreLocate the location in the JDK binfile and enter the following name line: keytool-genkey-alias changebackgroundwidGet. keystore-keyalg RSA-validity 20000-keystore changebackgroundwidget. keystore (do not wrap in the middle),

Android custom access permission

Due to the relatively open design principles of Android, you may use intent or packagemanager to parse and process sub-classes that call other applications. Therefore, more security processing is required for some applications, ensures internal

Android Application Security-signature mechanism

Pay attention to android Application Security and pay attention to the android signature mechanism. We usually use eclipse to directly sign and do not understand the signature process mechanism. Let's get to know about it today. Android signatures

Android selects TextView text

I read a post on the Internet to learn how to freely select TextView text. I want to analyze the source code, but the network speed is not good. I can't open it online after I download the source code. I will post the implementation code, basically

Android program Security suggestions

If you want to ensure that your programs are more secure, you can use the following measures to improve program security: 1. Do not store sensitive data on external storage devices, such as memory cards. Store the user name and password in the

How to improve the user experience of Android programs

1. Do not lose the data being operated. Especially in activity. 2. do not provide raw data and use the content provider for access by other programs. 3. Do not interrupt your operations. Do not enable the activity in the broadcast receiver or

Android traceview performance analysis and performance optimization

My article on TraceView performance analysis is translated from the official website. The translation address is on the eoe board wiki: Http:// Performance Optimization should begin

Android image tiled implementation

The implementation of the android screen allows the same picture to be arranged in order into an entire large image. How can this problem be achieved? Take a look at the three implementation methods. We recommend that you use the second

Best practices-android program Security

Self-articles are mainly translated articles on the official website, and I have also added my own understanding. If there is any inaccuracy, please correct me.Http:// Some virtual machines run

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